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Almost every family has at least one car in their driveway. Having a car is expensive, you pay for gas, maintenance, and insurance. Those costs can rack up quickly. One way you can save a lot of money is through better insurance offers that are much more affordable than the standard ones. You get the same or even better service while paying only a fraction of the price! 

Most likely you have heard this pitch before. If you follow the affiliate marketing industry trends, you know that car insurance is slowly becoming one of the most profitable verticals for affiliates. It started as a relatively small market, but over the years it has grown immensely. The insurance vertical is a very broad topic that people respond well to, and that can bring in a lot of profits to affiliates marketing it. 

One of the best examples of this vertical is “”. This offer is one of the biggest ones available to affiliates. The offer itself is simple, it aims to lower the cost of car insurance for prospects by signing up through the landing page. The conversion rate, depending on your landing page, can be incredible. As everyone who has a car can use the savings that they get through this insurance. The offer is also very profitable which makes it even more desirable. 

But what is the best way to run and offers similar to it? Well, the best way by far is through Dynu In Media!

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What Is Dynu In Media?

Founded in Vietnam a few years ago, Dynu in Media has established itself as one of the leading CPA networks in South Asia. This Network focuses on CPA, CPC, CPL, and CPI campaigns. 

Even though they started in a small market, Dynu In Media has gained traction in other regions through their dedication and professionalism. Slowly their influence has started to spread globally. The team behind it realized the global potential, and so they started slowly entering the global market. With their unique features, prices, and expertise, they are a worthy contender to become the best Network online in the coming years!

Their work has been crowned by many achievements that the team managed to accomplish. Some of the most impressive ones are:

  • Generating over 20,000 leads daily
  • Bringing over 200 influential clients and advertisers to the platform
  • Attracting over 1000 publishers to the platform
  • Direct CPA, CPL, CPS campaigns
  • Competitive high payouts for offers
  • Exclusive high paying offers
  • Sweepstakes, Surveys, Finance, Insurance, Astrology, Health & Beauty, etc. 
  • GEOs US, UK, CA, AU, NZ, most of EU, some Asian countries
  • Payment methods include PayPal, Payoneer, Wire Transfer, etc

Why Should You Choose Dynu In Media For Your Campaigns?

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Choosing Dynu In Media for your campaigns can be incredibly valuable for your business. Dynu In Media can provide you with exclusive offers and incredible business opportunities that other networks just can’t match. 

Dynu In Media’s unique approach enables much higher payouts than the competition. Currently, the network is trying aggressively to enter the global market, and thus they provide incredible deals so that people join. Working with Dynu In Media can be incredibly profitable and lucrative, especially now when they are in their expansion stage. 

Dynu In Media pays affiliates regularly and in full, there are NET-7, NET-15, NET-25 payment methods. These also determine the minimum payout and frequency. But there are special programs for new affiliates and super affiliates that earn high revenues. With Dynu In Media, everything is flexible and customizable, so contact your dedicated manager. There will always be someone available to talk to with Dynu In Media. 

Even though they have incredible payouts, the offers available on the platform are even better. You can try promoting insurance offers like for incredible profit margins. 

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Some of The Incredibly Profitable Offers On Dynu In Media

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Dynu In Media offers some incredible exclusive offers. These offers are not only incredibly profitable, but they are also stable and easy to run. There are a lot of offers to choose from but by far one of the most incredible ones is the offer. 

Running this offer in the US can get you an incredible $10 CPA ($0.7 EPC). The offer itself is incredibly stable all year round, and it has a high demand in lead volume. The best part is that it’s completely uncapped, so you can make as much money as possible. The conversion requirements are simple, all your prospects need to do is submit a short form. 

Dynu In Media will try to help you with every offer as much as they can. They will provide you with the basics like name, vertical, category, and description. But they will also tell you the best marketing channels to use, best performing GEOs, headlines, quotes, creatives, and much more. 

The best part is that you can always ask your dedicated manager to help you out a bit. They are very friendly, professional, and always ready to help. No matter what kind of question you have, someone at Dynu In Media will be there to answer it 24/7. This commitment is what sets Dynu In Media apart from all other networks on the internet!

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If you want a reliable and great CPA network that is still growing, look no further than Dynu In Media. Affiliates who started using it have a lot of good things to say about the Vietnamese network. Their innovative and fresh approach to the market can make them a market leader in the following few years if they continue doing what they are now. 

The platform itself has a lot of potential, which the professional team behind it is taking full advantage of. We can only imagine this platform growing in the next months, given their existing success in Asia, their objectives, and the team’s passion. 

Try Dynu In Media if you’re looking for one of the most exciting and competent CPA networks. Their experienced and devoted team is ready to work with you to help you expand your campaigns and achieve success. By becoming a member of this network, you will become part of a family of professionals who are ready to support one another.

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3 thoughts on “The Best Way To Promote Insurance Verticals – Dynu In Media”

  1. Hi Attila,

    If I want to start in LeadGen, how much budget do I need per month ?

    This is what am I thinking so far for budget
    hosting $20
    Tracking $100
    Spy tools $100
    Landing Page design approximately $200
    Ads ($10 per day) $300
    Total = $ 720 ish
    Am I correct or am I missing something ?

    • at least $2000

      more like $5000 because traffic is expensive, and you need to buy traffic to collect data, and have information on what to optimize on..

      i dont believe $10 ads per day is enough to go anywhere in 2021… minimum $100 a day…

      you can try with tiny budgets, but it seldom works now-a-days like that

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