8 TIPS THAT WORK to increase your conversions right away in Shopify

People always ask, what are the best ways to improve conversions on your shopify product page. Here are 8 ones I knew off that really do work; and they are not even hard to implement. Conversion rate on your ecom store is the easiest way to increase your ROI, Facebook Ads costs always rise but onsite optimization can help compensate for the lack of cheap clicks.

1. Hide the menu on your product listing page, having too many places to click will mean people will start looking around – they need to focus.

2. Add testimonials in your product description of people holding your product, and how happy they are and shit with it. This will increase your conversions.

3. Make sure you add more graphics, order samples and then take shots of the product that is way better than the shit you find on aliexpress or taobao or whatever.

4. Get lifestyle photos made, try and get lifestyle photos made of the audiences that would most likely buy your product and show the product in those situations. Look on fiverr for peeps that can make lifestyle photos.

5. Use a spy tool like magicadz to find profitable Facebook Ads, and the stores. Look at their product listing pages for new ideas. These guys that have like 5000 comments on a product, and insane engagement and the ad has been running for 1-2 months know their shit. Try and model it. Get a FREE trial of magicadz spy tool for 14 days using coupon FREETRIAL50OFF

6. Make sure you put the product details on the product listing page, size, weight, material, any other important info, ie color choices?

7. Experiment with different price points. You can do this by using Facebook’s split test feature, and then create different priced listings of the product on your store. You never know. Monitor CR.

8. Read up on Conversion Copywriting, and test a version of your product page where it follows a writing ‘template’ – problem -> solution/benefits -> customer testimonials


PS: This conversion increasing tips work well for woocommerce, magento, bigcommerce and many more too.

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