How to find winning products for your Shopify/Woocommerce Store

Are you interested in getting into ecom but don’t have an idea where to start? You are going to love this, because I am going to share a premium method with you for free that we use with my team to find products that sell!

This method is going to cost you nothing more than time, and some creative energy. It will also work best if you already have a niche you are passionate about, or one that you would really like to get into. For me, this is quad copters and that is what I am going to use in this guide today as a keyword niche reference.

Okay first things first, you need to open your browser and type in

At the google search page you will want to type in the following syntax: “keyword”

so for me, it will be “quadcopter”

The results are going to bring up a lot of shopify sites, the next thing we’ll want to do is click to visit them all. CMD+CLICK or CTRL+CLICK works best to open them in new windows/tabs.

Then on each site, we want to find the best selling product. Many shopify owners hide this function so their competitors can’t see what the best selling products are, but there’s a cool ‘hack’ if you will to find out.

For this to work you must go to the main product display page that shows multiple products, then in the top URL you want to append the following code:


And that’s it, if they didn’t disable this, simply hid it on their theme, you will find the best selling products.

Next, you should make a list of the top 5 products, write down their name and price on site, and save their main images. Chances are they are using images from the wholesaler/factory (the drop shipper), you can go to and search using image to uncover the product on aliexpress. After you located the product, take note on what their price is for product + shipping (if any). Now note these down in your document.

You then take the listed price the shopify store is selling the item for, and minus the product cost + shipping to determine the margin.

When you have the margin, you know if there’s a chance for profit here or not. I prefer to find products that have at least 2x the product cost in margin. Say you find a product for $10 on ali express, and they sell it for $29.95 on a shopify store. That means that you have $10 for product $10 for marketing cost (think facebook ads), and $10 potential profit (of course there’s minor expenses in that, but it’s a good general rule we like to follow)

Have fun finding cool products to sell and make some money!

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