Top 50 Affiliate Marketing Tips That Will Help You Make More Money!

Affiliate marketing is very popular nowadays. If you want to improve and see some of the best affiliate marketing tips around the web, you are in the right place! Here’s what’s covered in this article:


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General Affiliate Marketing Tips

  1. Build Trust With Your Audience

If you want to make sure your audience buys from you, you have to build trust. Who would you rather buy from, some shady street shop or a fancy store in the city center? You need to ooze confidence and have good websites and products so that you don’t seem like a scam. 

You can do this through hard and painful work or by getting recommendations from others. Don’t expect your audience to have trust in you over a short period. This is the long game we are talking about here!

  1. Know Your Affiliate Marketing Product

Selling is all about convincing people. So it’s no wonder that one of the best affiliate marketing tips is about knowing your product. You need to explain that your product is the best solution to his problem. This is why you need to know everything there is about your product. How it can help your customer, as well as what could be an issue. You need to be ready to answer any question that might come your way!

  1. Research Your Affiliate Marketing Product

If you want to know what products are good and which suck, get ready to roll up your sleeves. Research is the name of the game. Find out everything you can about said product, as well as the company producing it. The product might be a piece of scrap that nobody in his right mind would buy. Or the product is fine, but the company making/selling it is a pain in the ass. Do your research and you should be fine!

Remember. If you wouldn’t buy the product for yourself, neither would other people!

  1. Show Your Audience Real Results

People love seeing results. You can do this by buying the product yourself and showing them how it managed to help solve your problem. This social proof should be enough to capture even the biggest skeptics and make them buy. 

  1. Teach Your Audience About The Product

The people buying your products need to know what they are buying. Because of this, you will need to help them learn everything there is about the product. How it works, what it can do, what are the upsides, why pick it over others. The more detailed your explanations are the fewer questions your prospects will have. 

  1. Become The Number One Source For Information About That Product

Now that you did your research and wrote about all the features there are of your product. It’s time to become the de-facto place for info about it! You want to make sure that anyone interested in that particular product comes to you first to check it out. This will give you an incredible sales boost that you can’t miss on!

  1. Cloak Your Affiliate Links

Affiliate marketing tips like this one are important to remember. Affiliate links usually look like a mess of gobbled-up words that make no sense whatsoever. They also seem unprofessional. So, what you should do is cloak them and create a better and readable link. You can use third-party services for this. Keep in mind that some affiliate marketing programs don’t allow it. 

  1. Do Warm-Ups and Pre-Sells

Sending your cold traffic straight to the sales page isn’t great. It will most likely make them leave empty-handed. You should try to warm up your audience before asking them to buy anything. 

  1. Look For Affiliate Products With Higher Commissions

You don’t have to be an expert to see that higher commission sales are better than lower ones. Of course, sometimes these higher commission offers are harder to sell. But your initial investment is pretty much the same for both. Your ROI can be much higher with better offers. Generating traffic for anything is difficult. But if you manage to convert roughly the same %, you will get a lot more through bigger commissions. 

  1. Search For Recurring Affiliate Offers

Each sale makes you a commission. So what if your product is something subscription-based. Where users can buy something from you each month. Your single sale can turn into multiple ones, and you don’t need to put in extra effort to do it. Once you have already made the sale, it’s not that difficult to turn your customer into a recurring one. 

  1. Don’t Be Overly Aggressive
Affiliate marketing tips
Top 50 affiliate marketing tips that will help you make more money! 5

Beginners often make mistakes with aggressiveness. Being not aggressive enough in their pitch, or too aggressive is common. Not being aggressive enough has its issues as your sales will slow down. People will need to motivate themselves to buy. But this is a far better solution to being overly aggressive. If you are too aggressive people will think you are trying to scam them. Or that something nefarious is happening behind the scenes. Control your aggression levels and try finding a balance. Try being helpful and friendly to your audience, they will appreciate it. If you are going to remember only one affiliate marketing tip, it should be this one 

  1. Stick To Your Niche

Affiliates try to branch out as soon as they see even the smallest success. This is bad as you will stretch yourself thin, and your audience will lose interest. If you are starting to have incredible success in your niche, first try improving it further. And then slowly try implementing products that are right on the edge of your niche. Spread slowly and methodically so you don’t lose your audience to your ambition.  

  1. Offer People Solutions To Their Problems

Your product is supposed to offer a solution to a problem. Research what your audience needs and try to provide it to them. Advertise how that product can help them. Or even better, show it to them. Social proof is an incredible tool that you should always utilize. 

Things You Should Do and Have When Affiliate Marketing

  1. Have A Personalized Website

Today it’s easy to get a high-quality website. Create one or pay someone to do so. Create it in a way that will help you promote your products and services. It will make a significant difference. You can use website builders like WordPress and others when starting!

  1. Optimize Your Page Load Times

Some affiliate marketing tips don’t stress how important load times are. Your pages need to be snappy and lead fast. This is an important thing. Bad loading speeds will make your audience frustrated. Load times are also an important metric that search engines use to rank your page on their results page. 

  1. Optimize For Mobile

Mobile is everywhere. Most traffic comes from mobile devices like phones and tablets. This trend is only going to continue to grow in the future. Stay ahead of the curve and always optimize for mobile devices first. This will ensure that your users will have a good experience with your site. 

  1. Use CTAs And Links Everywhere

If you want to see good results, you will have to put CTAs and Links everywhere in your copy. It might seem a bit silly but it does work. The more CTAs and Links the higher the chance of someone clicking on them. 

  1. Stay Honest WIth Your Audience

Honesty is incredibly important. The best affiliate marketing tip I got in my career was to stay honest. You need to keep a good relationship with your audience as destroyed trust is hard to gain back. If your links are affiliate ones or sponsored, disclose them. You should say it then hide it and then get revealed as a fraud. 

  1. Make Your Affiliate Links Easy To Spot

Continuing with the honesty part. Make your affiliate links easy to spot. Don’t try to hide or mask them. Be upfront about them and even add disclaimers to your pages to further clarify them. 

But you should also make your links and CTAs pop. They should be easily clickable and distinguishable from the text. If they blend in too much, people will just not click on them. 

  1. Keep Track Of The Metrics

When running something, always keep track of the metrics. You will see what is working and what is not. You can use this knowledge to learn trends and methods that work. It is the only proper way of optimizing your content. You should be making sure everything works as intended. 

  1. Be Creative When Promoting The Products
Affiliate marketing tips
Top 50 affiliate marketing tips that will help you make more money! 6

Don’t do the same thing everyone else is doing. Be creative and try approaches that people usually don’t try. This sounds far simpler than it is. Research what your competition is doing. Filter the best and most unique practices. 

  1. Be Kind To Your Audience

Treat your audience like family. Be kind to them, share your experiences with them. Your kindness will be rewarded by increased sales. Always explain everything you are doing and selling to the best of your ability. The more trustworthy and kind you are, the more sales you will get.

  1. Be Thankful

Audiences love being thanked for doing things. Thank your readers for reading, checking the products out, and buying. This is positive feedback that people love seeing. Tell your audience how much you appreciate them and thank them for supporting you. Don’t go overboard with this as it might sound disingenuous. 

  1. Upsell Your Products

Always try to sell more. If you are selling pens, try selling erasers, papers, and sharpeners as well. You can also try offering a higher quality pen as well. Or try bundling these together. The more you sell the better, and these are great ways of upselling and earning more. 

  1. Have a “Resources” Page

Sometimes your audience members will search for things on your website. Adding a resource page that lists helpful links and products can be a great idea. This affiliate marketing tip can make your audience stay for far longer on your website. This way, people who visit your page can look at other products you might sell and buy more from you!

  1. Tell Stories

When advertising to people, try telling stories. People react much better to stories that sound real and interesting. They connect with them better and are thus more likely to convert. 

Affiliate Marketing Tips For Promoting Your Affiliate Products and Services

  1. Make Great Posts About The Product

If you have a blog or something of the sort, try promoting your product. Make some incredible posts that put the product in the forefront. This will help your customers get to know it better and learn more about it. It will help warm your audience up. 

  1. Make Videos About The Product
Affiliate marketing tips
Top 50 affiliate marketing tips that will help you make more money! 7

Writing isn’t the only way to promote your products and services. As with any affiliate marketing tips list, it’s time to mention videos! Creating videos that focus on your products is incredible for advertising. Use platforms like Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, and Facebook to help spread your videos around. Who knows, maybe it even goes viral!

  1. Create Tutorials For The Product

If your product is a bit more complicated, you should try making tutorials for it. These can be helpful for your audience, as well as potential customers. It will give people new insight into how the product works and functions. You can even become the number one source for tutorials for that product. So you will get more eyes on you in no time. 

  1. Host Webinars

Know what a webinar is? They are live events or workshops that are hosted online. These can attract your audience and help them understand some difficult concepts. It’s a win-win situation for all. 

Present new developments, tips, tricks, new products, and much more. 

  1. Publish Past Webinars

For those who missed out on your live ones, offer them again. You can try asking something for these webinars. Signup or maybe even some payment. They should be worth the price you are asking for though!

  1. Do Giveaways

Giveaways are always popular and great to promote your products. Offer something for free and in turn ask for an email, like, and/or share. This will help you get the word about your products across. Someone in your audience will get the chance to win a valuable product. Don’t overdo it as then you will attract people interested in giveaways and not buying something. This is the affiliate marketing tip that will net you the most new users if you do it correctly.

  1. Make Promotions On Social Media

Affiliate marketing and social media go hand in hand with each other. Promote your products and services on social media sites that fit your audience. You will get new eyes onto your products and it’s not that expensive or hard to do!

  1. Do Promotions Via Email

Email is a great way to promote anything. It is affordable, effective, and not that hard to do. If you have an email list, this is the perfect time to use it. Don’t be overly aggressive as try promoting yourself indirectly. This way your audience will be much more likely to read through your mails and not block you. 

  1. Promote Yourself On External Websites

You should also promote yourself on other websites. You can do this via guest posts, comments, quotes, and other ways. Try staying low-key and not bombarding the foreign audience with links and spam. 

  1. Do Reviews Of Products

You can increase the likelihood of people buying your products by making reviews of them. Their reviews should be real. Don’t weasel around things. If it has bad sides, mention them. And stay real. If you lie, your audience will know. You should make your reviews helpful as they can help you rank better on search results. 

  1. Do Comparisons Of Products

Similar to doing reviews, comparisons of products can be a lucrative thing to do. If you do comparisons of popular products, you can get a bigger audience. People that search for popular products and your products will come to the same place. Your comparison page!

Advanced Affiliate Marketing Tips

  1. Establish Relationships With The Product Producers

You can invite the product producers to your blog to talk about it and promote it further. The producers are the best people to ask all the questions that your audience might want to know. You can invite them to write a blog post, an interview, or maybe a podcast if you host those. This will help build mutual trust and 

  1. Offer Special Deals For Your Audience

Everybody likes being treated well. So, you should try being a great merchant for your audience as well. Offer your readers special discounts that feel personalized to them. You can include coupon codes within your blog articles. Add special links that discount the products and services you are selling. Your audience will love you for it!

  1. Customize Your Links Based On Country
Affiliate marketing tips
Top 50 affiliate marketing tips that will help you make more money! 8

Affiliates make the mistake of not customizing their links to consider the country. This can lead to some potential buyers getting the “Not available in your country” error. Another issue that can emerge is that you link them to stores that are not meant for that country. The shipping expenses greatly increase and make your product a tough sell. This is why you should always try and optimize your links to the countries you are advertising for. Always try using the local currency, local stores, and most affordable shipping. This way your audience will have a bigger incentive to buy something off of you!

  1. Ask For A Landing Page On The Official Site

In most cases you will have to send your audience from your site to the owner’s site. This back and forth can sometimes make people bounce off your offer. So what you need to do is ask for an LP on the owner’s official website. This way, you don’t have to redirect your audience to a completely new page.

This also has the effect of making you a trustworthy seller. People will see that you are selling from the official page. This means that you have the “blessing” of the company whose products you are promoting. Having this LP on official websites is a win-win situation for all parties involved. 

  1. How Do You Benefit Your Audience?

You should always consider the following. What does your audience gain from you? Marketing is simple. If you offer more value to your audience than someone else, you will sell your products. This is why you should always consider why your audience should pick you. Always give them new reasons to pick you instead of your competition. You can do this through great content curation, incredible articles, better prices, etc. 

  1. Make Your Recommendations Count

You need to make sure that your recommendations matter to your audience. You can do this by only recommending incredible products. Don’t recommend something you haven’t tried personally or that you can’t vouch for. If your recommendation promotes a bad product and people buy it. They won’t listen to your recommendations at all anymore. If you recommend bad products regularly, no number of affiliate marketing tips can help you regain that trust!

Your picks should offer incredible value, if they are bad, your business will suffer because of it. People love buying things that are as good as advertised. If you plaster your name on some B-grade products, you will lose their trust. 

  1. Try Different Offers

Finding great offers is a task in itself. But even when you have incredible offers, it doesn’t mean that all of them will convert and work for you. Most affiliates think that whatever works for the majority, must work for you also. This isn’t true. All we have different audiences and interests. Offers that completely fail for you can make me millions and vice-versa. This is why you should always test many offers and optimize your current ones. 

Try new and different offers now and then and see what your audience enjoys. And as you test and optimize for more offers, you will gain knowledge that improves your future work as well. The more you practice the better you become! 

So, if your offer is underperforming, don’t worry and try others instead!

  1. Test Everything

Testing should be your affiliate marketing “bread and butter”. You need to test everything thoroughly as lack of testing can get you subpar results. You should test promotions, offers, placements, audiences, targeting, links, copy, creatives, types of content and ads, the timing of posts, frequency of posts, and a lot of other things. This might seem like a lot, and you are right, it is. But it’s all necessary. The more you test, the fewer issues you will have down the road!

  1. Make Your Own Product

Sometimes, the products you want to advertise are not good enough. Maybe the quality is lacking. Maybe they are products that don’t resonate well with your audience. Whatever it is you should know that you can make the product yourself!

While this isn’t affiliate marketing, it is still useful to know. You will lose some of the advantages that affiliate marketing gives you. (like not having to create the product, ship it, deal with customer service, and others). But you can expect greater profits and a more optimized product for your audience. And if you make it, you can turn it into an affiliate program, so you can have affiliates working for you!

  1. Evergreen Content

Some affiliates focus their business on a trend or fad. This can bring in a lot of money short term, but those sales will dry up completely after a month or two. This is why affiliates have evergreen content that is always available and popular. This gives you a safety net in case your other offers fail. Most affiliate marketing tips focus on this kind of content as it’s great for security.

With this knowledge, you can create evergreen content for products. Clothes, cosmetics, various equipment. With this strategy, you will be more of a long game player. This means that instead of massive spikes and dips, you will have constant sales throughout the years of your work. 

  1. Link To Other Products 

You should always seek out to make the most sales possible. You can do this in a plethora of ways. Bundles, discounts, coupons, and much more. But a simple thing that people often forget, yet it can boost their extra sales by a lot, is to link to other relevant products. This can be done on the checkout page or even on the thank you page. Users who get there are already interested in buying some of your products. Convincing them to buy a bit more is a lot easier. 

  1. Be Patient And Focused

One of the best affiliate marketing tips is being patient. Affiliate marketing has this strange reputation of “get rich quick”. While this was true ten years ago, it’s far from reality nowadays. Today, you have to invest a lot of time and focus into your campaigns for them to become lucrative. The competition is pretty hard so the more you optimize your campaigns the better it is.

Sometimes, things can just click together and you can make heaps of money. But most often it won’t happen this way, and success will only come if you are patient and focused on your work. 

  1. Always Keep Improving

Okay, this is the broadest affiliate marketing tip ever. But it is true. If you ever stop improving and learning it will be hard to get back into the habit. While you are stagnating, others are not. They will surpass you and beat you. New trends and knowledge should be on your daily agenda. You should always check out what is new and how you can improve further. The more you do this the more success you will have long term. Implement these affiliate marketing tips and you should see a drastic improvement in your marketing efforts.

Now that you know all of these affiliate marketing tips, it’s time to start your affiliate marketing journey and work your ass off! Don’t quit, stay persistent and follow these tips and you will see incredible results in no time! 

What kind of tips do you have for affiliate marketers? Do you use any of these in your daily work? What are your best affiliate marketing tips?

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