How To Run Successful Sweepstakes Campaigns on ZeroPark Push

In this guide I’m going to show you how to run profitable push campaigns on Zeropark promoting Sweepstakes offers.

The first thing you should do is talking to your CPA network rep, asking them what their best converting sweepstakes offer right now. My rep recommended iPhone 12 sweeps, so that’s what I’m going to run.

Next to find the best performing ads and landing pages, we are going to use a spy tool called Adplexity Push. It is my favorite spy tool, it’s accurate and very easy to work with.

To find the best ads and landers that match our offer, you can simply search for the keyword ’’iPhone 12’’ in Adplexity Push.


How To Run Successful Sweepstakes Campaigns on ZeroPark Push

Then select sweeps as ’’Ad Category’’


Then it will show you the newest iPhone 12 sweepstakes campaigns that are live on push traffic sources.

Another thing you can do is to search for a specific offer that you are going to run, by selecting ’’by advertiser’’ in the top navigation bar, select Search in: ’’all of the above’’ and search for your offer’s final URL.  (Not your offer link, click on the offer link first, and then copy the final url from your browser)


Then sort the ads by receiving the most traffic.


By doing this Adplexity will sort the ads by which ads or campaigns are doing the most volume for them (in other words: earning them the most money)

Once you set all these, click through the first 5-10 ads that are doing the most volume to see what kinds of ad images, texts, and landers they are using.

You can create very similar ads for yourself, because these are already proven to work. You can also download the landing pages directly from Adplexity. To do that go to the landing page details section and click download.

How To Run Successful Sweepstakes Campaigns on ZeroPark Push

If you download landing pages like this, keep in mind, these landers are not cleaned. There might be malicious scripts (click stealers) hidden in the source code of these landers, so if you don’t know how to clean them, I recommend hiring professionals like BannersLanders for example.

Once you have your offer and landing page, it’s time to set up tracking.

Tracking Setup

I use Redtrack for tracking my campaigns, simply because for me it’s the best campaign tracking software out there.

To set up Redtrack you need to add your Offer source, Offer, Landing page, and Traffic source, to create your campaign.

To add the offer source, select offer sources and click +new.


Then select your Affiliate network from the list, and click add.

How To Run Successful Sweepstakes Campaigns on ZeroPark Push

If you can’t find the network you are working with, simply click on create custom, and add it manually.

Next you need to add the Offer. Select Offers and click on +New.


Then you need to type in the offer name, select the offer source, and add your unique affiliate link.


*Don’t forgett to add your  ’’affiliate network parameter’’={clickid} to the URL.

Next you need to add your landing page, so select Landers and click +New.


Then you just need to type in a name for your landing page, and the URL of your lander.


Next is the Traffic source. We are going to run campaigns on Zeropark so that’s our traffic source. Select Traffic sources, click on +new


Find Zeropark in the list, and click on Add.

How To Run Successful Sweepstakes Campaigns on ZeroPark Push

Once you have all this, it’s time to create your first tracking campaign. To do that click on Campaigns and +New.

How To Run Successful Sweepstakes Campaigns on ZeroPark Push

Then type in the name of your campaign and select Zeropark as a traffic source.


Next in the Funnels section you need to add your landing page, and offer. 


You can add multiple offers or landers to A/B test them by clicking on the green buttons.

That’s it! Now copy your campaign click URL by selecting your campaign and clicking on the URL icon.


That’s the final URL you are going to promote on Zeropark.

Campaign Setup on Zeropark

Zeropark is one of my favorite traffic sources when it comes to pop and push campaigns. I’ve been working with them for many many years now and I have run a bunch of successful campaigns with them. That’s why I chose Zeropark for my sweepstakes campaigns too.


To get started with the campaign setup, log in to your account and from the dashboard click on the new campaign, and select PUSH as your traffic type.


Next you can choose from 3 targeting options:

RON – Ron Of Network allows you to buy all the traffic available from your chosen GEO.

TARGET – Use this once you have identified the top performing targets (placements)SOURCE – Use this once you have identified the top performing sources.


I always recommend starting with a RON campaign, and slowly building a whitelist of placements. So once you have your best performing placements, you can create a new TARGET campaign, and target the top placements only.

So now let’s select RON.

Next you need to type in your campaign name, select Push type and your target country.


Then you need to choose your bid, your daily and overall campaign budgets. I recommend starting with the suggested big by the system for your target geo.


Then you need to select the device types you want to target, and the frequency camp. I highly recommend creating a separate campaign for each device you want to target. Now I start with a mobile campaign, and then I will create a new campaign targeting Desktop only.


Next you need to upload your ads. First click on Browse to upload your images, and then you can add your ad texts in the titles and description boxes.


Then you need to add your campaign link from Redtrack as your Destination URL.

How To Run Successful Sweepstakes Campaigns on ZeroPark Push

Then select Redtrack as your conversion tracking solution, copy your postback URL from zeropark

How To Run Successful Sweepstakes Campaigns on ZeroPark Push

And paste it in your Redtrack Campaign S2S Postback box.

How To Run Successful Sweepstakes Campaigns on ZeroPark Push

Click save and done. Now you just need to wait for the approval team to approve your campaign and that’s it.

Optimising campaigns

Once your campaign is approved and live you need to wait 1-2 days (depending on your daily budget) to get enough data for optimisation. Until that you need to monitor your campaigns, and make sure that all the data is coming through the parameters inside Redtrack.

So go to your campaign reports and check all the subs. These are the most important parameters that are crucial for optimising.

-Target ID

-Source ID 

-Creative ID

-Campaign ID

When you have enough data you can start optimizing. Start with the placements (Targets), you need to filter out the bad placements that are spending your money without bringing any results (conversions).

Start by stopping all placements then spend more than the offer payout without getting any conversions. 

To stop a placement, select your campaign on Zeropark, select the Targets tab, find the placement you want to stop and click on the pause button.

How To Run Successful Sweepstakes Campaigns on ZeroPark Push

By doing this on a regular basis you can slowly build a whitelist of good placements.

You also need to monitor the performance of your ads/creatives, and once you see any significant sign that one ad is worse than the others, stop it.

If you are using multiple landing pages, compare them against each other, and once you have enough data to identify the best performing landing page, cut all the other landers. When you are optimizing your landers the two most important factors are the Conversion rate, and the CTR (Click Through Rate).

Auto Optimization Rules

Another great thing about Zeropark is that you can set up and use Auto-Optimization Rules on your campaigns, to make your job easier.

To set up an optimization rule, click on your campaign, and find the Optimization rules section, then click on ’New rule’.

How To Run Successful Sweepstakes Campaigns on ZeroPark Push

Then you can set up optimization rules for targets for example.

Let’s say your offer payout is $12, you can set up a rule that will automatically stop all placements that spend more than $12 and get 0 conversions.

Like this:

How To Run Successful Sweepstakes Campaigns on ZeroPark Push

You can add up to 6 optimization rules per campaign.

Scaling Profitable Campaigns

Once you find your winning campaigns, you need to start working on scaling them. The first thing you can do is launching a new TARGET campaign, and target your best performing placements only.


You can put a bigger daily budget on this campaign since it’s going to target only the best placements that are profitable.

You can keep running your original campaign too, and play with raising the budgets, to see if you can find more profitable placements.

If your offer is available in multiple GEOs as well, you can scale by creating separate campaigns targeting those other countries. For this it’s highly recommended to localize (translate) all your ads and landing pages to match the local languages.

If you want to scale even further, grab your winning ads and landing pages, and launch the same campaign on other traffic types and traffic sources as well.

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