5 Tips on How To Use Supermetrics To Make Incredible PPC Ad Campaigns

Affiliate marketing is at an all-time popularity high. With all the new affiliates flooding the market the competition is getting tough. Affiliates focus on gaining any possible advantage and standing out from the competition. This is where services like Supermetrics come in handy. But what exactly is Supermetrics? How can this platform help your career? How can you use it for affiliate marketing with PPC ads? Keep reading and find out! 


Why Is Affiliate Marketing Gaining In Popularity?

To understand the influx of new affiliates. It is important to know what affiliate marketing even is. Affiliate marketing is an advertising model. In it, advertisers (affiliates) get paid by the product owners for accomplished tasks. These tasks can vary a lot. Sometimes affiliates can get paid for successful clicks, signups, registers, or other actions. Most of the time, though, they get paid after they helped create a sale. [1]

For affiliates, this system is great, as they don’t have as much to do with the product. They don’t have any stock, they don’t have to worry about customer support, shipping, or returns. All they need to worry about is creating the best advertising campaigns they can. 

Affiliates aren’t the only ones that love this system. The product owners love the system as well. They don’t have to pay for expensive ad campaigns that don’t work. They only pay if their goals are met. So in short, it’s a win-win situation!

The global pandemic kept everyone home. People started exploring ways of making money online. Of course, affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to do it, so a lot of people are giving it a try. Every day there are more and more people entering the market. Luckily most of them are complete amateurs and stand no chance against the pros. But there are always some that are more talented than others. These new affiliates take a part of the market and thus lower your earnings.  This is why affiliates need every advantage they can get in this cutthroat market. 

What Are PPC Ads

PPC stands for Pay-per-click. This is a marketing model where affiliates are paid each time their ads get clicked on. Because of this, PPC incentivizes visits instead of straight-up purchases. It is used to “buy” visits to your website instead of earning them organically. This is also useful for collecting data about your audience. The data can later be used to improve your targeting. 

Pay-per-click affiliate marketing also comes with some challenges. Knowing what they are and how to solve them is important. Platforms like Supermetrics can help affiliates overcome these challenges more easily. [3]

What Are The Challenges of PPC?

Supermetrics ppc challenges
5 tips on how to use supermetrics to make incredible ppc ad campaigns 3

Unlike SEO optimizations, PPC gives you instant feedback on your performance. If you set up your campaigns correctly, you should be able to track in real-time how they are performing. Parameters like targeting, scheduling, and budgeting can all be adjusted. These optimizations can be made on the fly. Pay-per-click campaigns can get your ads to appear at the top of page results. You can be on top of the search page without spending days on optimizing SEO. But on the other hand, people tend to prefer clicking on organic links, instead of the advertised ones. This can lower your CTR and thus hinder you from making a profit. 

PPC also has the bad trait of adding an extra step to the funnel. This can make users harder to convert as they need to trust your ad in the first place. Creating more aggressive ads can bring you in conflict with ad policies. Violations of Ad policies can leave you with disabled ads or even bans. 

The main challenges of PPC are:

  • Low profitability at times
  • Limited and hard tracking
  • Low CTR and CR
  • Policy violations
  • Difficult scaling

To combat these disadvantages and increase profits, affiliates combine SEO and PPC. This combination aids them in their marketing efforts. They build audience trust first through organic growth and SEO. Then affiliates use PPC to promote their ads further. Diversification of your strategies is key. Marketing tools like Supermetrics can help you achieve this. 

What Is Supermetrics?

Supermetrics is a marketing tool that collects marketing data. It analyzes, reports, and stores them and helps you manage the data. It manages to fetch data from many accounts and combines them. It has automated systems that manage all these accounts without the need for user input. Supermetrics has specialized tools that can export all this data to varying formats. It also helps visualize and analyze the data in proper ways. It is used by thousands of affiliate marketers all over the world. It is incredible for single marketers, agencies, business owners, and corporations. This tool allows people to save time, money, and organize their data better. 

Supermetrics offers a lot of products that can help in the marketing business. Their product stack consists of the following tools. Supermetrics for: 

  • Data Studio
  • Google Sheets
  • Excel
  • Big Query
  • Snowflake
  • Azure Synapse
  • Amazon S3
  • Azure Storage
  • Google Cloud Storage

As well as tools like: 

  • Supermetrics Uploader
  • Supermetrics API

This incredible toolset can enable affiliate marketers to optimize and improve their campaigns. 

How Can Supermetrics Help Our PPC Campaigns?

Supermetrics helping
5 tips on how to use supermetrics to make incredible ppc ad campaigns 4

Affiliates who want the best chances of success use PPC and SEO within their campaigns. The combination of these two is much more powerful than each of them alone. Through the use of Supermetrics, affiliates can improve their SEO and PPC campaigns. They can analyze the data that comes from these campaigns as well. Supermetrics helps affiliates to improve their PPC and SEO campaigns. It does this by enabling a slew of strategies.  [4]

Tracking Affiliate Sales and Analyzing the Data

The most important thing that affiliates need to do is track their sales. The data collected through this tracking can help optimize current and future campaigns. To grow your business and scale it, you need to analyze the conversions and track them. 

Driving Quality Traffic

Driving quality traffic is very important. If you drive a lot of paid traffic, but they are all low quality, you will make no profit at all and probably even lose money. This is why improving your traffic quality is so important. 

You can do this by doing the following things:

  • Keyword research
  • Keyword organization
  • Optimizing for searcher intent
  • Optimizing your copy
  • Optimizing your creatives
  • Making better Landing pages
  • Adding negative keywords

Luckily most of these things have detailed data inside of Supermetrics and its tools. 

Time of Day PPC

Most beginner affiliate marketers don’t realize how much the time of day matters for paid traffic. For each niche you advertise, there is a daily peak, falloff, low point, and ramp-up. Supermetrics allows you to follow this in real-time. You can use this data to optimize your campaigns and run them at peak efficiency. Some research shows that it can increase conversions by over 300%!

Combining it with SEO and content creation, your PPC efforts can easily double their performance. This will net you incredible results right away.

Budget Tracking

Supermetrics tracks the budgeting of all your campaigns. It creates detailed reports of them. You can track your spending and earnings with those reports. This makes spotting which campaigns are under or overperforming easy. You can track daily reports which are automatically created. This helps you see short-term and long-term trend analysis that Supermetrics determine. 

Testing Made Easy

Due to the incredible data that Supermetrics collects, analyzes, and reports on, testing is much more simple. You can easily split tests and compare your campaigns and optimize them on the go. This shows how powerful the data analysis from Supermetrics is. 

Final Thoughts

Supermetrics is a handy tool that can collect a lot of data, analyze it and build detailed reports. With proper usage of the tool, you can get valuable data. This data can help you make informed decisions and improve your campaigns. With the detailed reports, you can pinpoint areas of improvement in your campaigns. This additional knowledge can help you decide quickly in which direction to go. 

Beginners and pros that want to improve their campaigns should look at Supermetrics and its incredible tools. Those who master the tool fully will consider Supermetrics their best marketing friend. Spending hours organizing, collecting data, and analyzing it can become a thing of the past. 

Have you used Supermetrics or other tools for your PPC ad campaigns? How did they improve your campaigns?


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