1. Test multiple verticals (dating, crypto, ecom, ed, skin, diet, casino, sweeps, etc)
  2. Test at least 10 different ads from the start (2 different texts, 10 different images)
  3. Split up Campaigns – MOBILE – DESKTOP – TABLET – they perform way differently and cost different prices
  4. USE A TRACKER and track all the dynamic variables available (ask your ZP rep!)
  5. TEST and use SMILEYS and EMOJIS (emojipedia to the rescue!)
  6. IMAGE MATTER THE MOST – when you find a winning ad/image combo, test SIMILAR images to it
  7. TEST the same offer(s) on multiple networks, you never know… I had one network kill it, while going direct to advertiser our CR was shit. Ultra weird I know but it happened.
  8. TEST different landing pages (with different looks/copy/authority images)
  9. Use to get HIGH QUALITY, native translations – else your Conversion ratio/percent will suffer BIG TIME!!
  10. Use Google PageSpeed to get insight into your lander and what causes slowdowns and optimize it.
  11. Check and make sure your landing page looks great on different devices using
  12. Once you find a winner, don’t wait!! Scale it to other traffic sources quickly!
  13. DO NOT tell anyone about your winning campaign, they will find out soon enough, until then reap it for all it’s got!!

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