5 Tips on How to Build Your Business Using LinkedIn Videos

Some still believe in the notion that LinkedIn is just an online CV, for freelancers to find jobs and get employed.

But the truth is, LinkedIn is a social network like any other. Like with others you can sell your products and promote your brand. You can find useful tips about Linkedin on this forum. In this post, I will focus on Linkedin videos.

Linkedin requires a specific approach to video creation. In general, you should create a different type of video for every network. Utilize the platform and find a way to market your business.

Every week there are over 9 billion impressions on Linkedin feed. Only 3 million is sharing updates. This means a lot of eyeballs and not a lot of competition.

What is specific about Linkedin is that is a network for business people. So, your content will be in front of many important eyes that can change your business success overnight.

Posting good content and commenting is important to build your presence on Linkedin. However, videos have an even more significant impact.

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Building Trust

Through your videos you are showing the person behind the brand. Authenticity is the new currency of business dealings. Companies want to know that they are dealing with a real person and that person is very active in his network. In general, you will always trust more and have more confidence in a person (and his business) that are out there and are getting great feedback. They truly are experts in their field. You will pick them over a company that doesn’t have anything beyond a website and some low-quality content on social networks.


  1. Show up in the comments. Your name shoving up as a contributor on the platform is making an impact on the network. People will appreciate you showing interest in their content and giving quality advice, sharing your own experience and such. Linkedin algorithms also love to see an active person, especially if you get replies, likes and such. So, show interest and people will show interest in you.
  2. Upload a video to provide value. You probably already have some community. So, give them some value and share your knowledge. Respond to every comment that your video is getting. Linkedin is not like YouTube, you will not have hundreds of comments. So, you will have time and you have no excuse not to comment.
  3. Optimize your profile. Make optimization for any search terms that you want to be found.
  4. Create a personalized hashtag. This is not just to leave hashtags on comments and posts. With your personal hashtag, people can find your posts. So, when people move around the platform and use your hashtag, you will get tagged not just by your name but your hashtag as well.
  5. Just start making videos. Yes, it sounds obvious but many people are afraid to do it. Prepper good content and start recording. You don’t have to and you won’t be perfect. You have to start somewhere and the sooner you do, the sooner you will start making an impact. Because the audience that will see your content will actually care and it will have the impact. Unlike any other social media.

How can I make my video viral?

Well, at the moment, there is a perfect opportunity that Linkedin is offering to marketers. Linkedin algorithms really like marketing content and you have the opportunity to get a ton of organic promotion with a quality video. This opportunity will not last forever. Use the opportunity right now.
The Linkedin algorithm has a much slower decay than the other networks. This means that your content will last for a much longer time than on social networks. If it’s popular it will stay for weeks in people’s feed.

The LinkedIn algorithm works on velocity. The more content you make, the more you are rewarded. So, treat your Linkedin posting like a longer version of Tweeter. Even better if you use videos for a longer continuation of what you wrote.

While we are there. You need a copywriting hook at the beginning of your post. The first one or two sentences. This is the first thing that people will see in your post. You need to hook them so they will read the rest.

Promote your video on other channels. As general advice, share your Linkedin URL wherever you can. Put it in signature and description of YouTube videos or other networks, on forums…

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The relatable story will always get attention. Something like – How most people are terrible at sending sales messages on Linkedin. Most users have experienced this and will talk about it. You can do even more than others. Because usually, this is all that people will talk about. For additional engagement and content quality, add your tips on how to make a good sale massage or how to approach people.

Make an interview with an influencer, a person that is known as an expert in their area, just whoever you can find. People know how important it is to have media exposure. Plus it’s nice when somebody asks you for an interview because they think you are an expert in some area.

Share a controversial point of view. Your post has to have some level of professionalism, so do not talk about politics, religion, some other sensitive topics. It’s best to share some different points of view in your industry. Something that would spark a conversation among affiliate or digital marketing professionals.

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