The Top aHrefs Tip for PPC Ads Buyers & Performance Marketers

aHrefs Tips That Work for Affiliate Marketers! Watching a lot of Sam Oh videos on the aHrefs channel comes with a lot of benefits. For me, two major things. Realizing that YES, its possible to make very, very interesting videos that get a lot of views about boring subjects like SEO by showing real life scenarios. And, that you can use an SEO tool like aHrefs if you are a performance marketer to improve your marketing and make more money!

As paid media buyers, we look at SEO as a gamble based on luck. We are used to going in, buying everything, optimizing on our data then buying more of what works. No need to wait for the Google Gods to give us SEO love.

In this post I am going to note down what I learn from aHrefs and outline some ways you can use this amazing tool as an affiliate marketing working with PPC ads.

Finding The Right Keywords With High BUY Intent using aHrefs

I used to make this mistake when running Adwords campaigns. I’d find high volume keywords and just target them without knowing anything about search intent. I’d spend $xx testing a keyword, if it worked great, if it didn’t my automatic rules would just kill that keyphrase and add it to negative list.

Then one day I watched a video from Sam and it opened my eyes and gave me an aha moment that was life changing.

We can use ahrefs to explore search intent on keyphrases to hand pick the RIGHT keywords to BUY traffic from.

All you have to do is open Keywords Explorer then type in the keywords that relate the most to your offer.

Here’s how. Our client is Banners&Landers. They want to expand and attract new business outside the affiliate marketing industry. However, they don’t know which keywords to target to sell their wordpress design services to the masses. They know they want to work with small businesses, because their ideal customer avatar is a small business owner that doesn’t have a lot of money but wants a professional website for as cheap and affordable price as possible.

Our task was to see which keywords should we target if we wanted to capture more small businesses looking to get a website made.

Step #1 Fire up aHrefs
Step #2 Click on Keyword Explorer
Step #3 Type in broad keyphrases web design service, web design company, small business website, website for small business

web design service

Image 3
The top ahrefs tip for ppc ads buyers & performance marketers 8

As you can see, a lot of the results in the SERPS are actual web design companies offering cheap, affordable web design solutions for small businesses. This matches our desired intent, so we make note that this is a GOOD keyword for us to use.

web design company

The top ahrefs tip for ppc ads buyers & performance marketers 9

This keyword gives us top lists of the best web design companies. If we wanted to rank Banners&Landers for this term we’d have a hard time because the sites ranking are TOP LISTS. Meaning their content satisfies the search intent where the user is shopping around and wants to see a list of many different aka top web design companies instead of specific company to order from. This isn’t the right keyword for us, but we can potentially explore getting our site listed on their top lists. (That’s something we will leave for another day).

small business website

Image 2
The top ahrefs tip for ppc ads buyers & performance marketers 10

As a paid media buyer, I’d used to think I just needed to buy lots of traffic from this keyword, if it works great, if not then block it. But why waste money? Looking at the SERPS, the search intent reveals itself. People that type in this keyphrase are looking for TIPS. They are probably do it yourselfers that want to know what goes into a great website for a small business, they aren’t looking to hire someone to do it for them. So this isn’t a good keyphrase for our PPC campaign.

website for small business

Image 4
The top ahrefs tip for ppc ads buyers & performance marketers 11

Here we have another interesting SERP where the search intent is split up between tips articles and website builders. I guess both satisfy the search intent of the DIY type of visitor that wants to build it themselves, for as little as possible by reading tips on how to make a killer small business website.

Step #4) PICK THE RIGHT KEYPHRASES by Asking These Questions!

-What kind of websites rank in the top 10?
-Are they web design companies or something else?
-If something else, what are they?

Remember, our goal is to find keywords that satisfy search intent. We can learn what people want when they type in a keyword by looking at what’s ranking in the top 10 SERPS.

Step #5) When you find the right keyphrase to target that matches your desired search intent, look at the websites ranking. In our case, the best keyphrase is “web design service” and when we check the SERPS, we see these 3 websites rank in the top 5.


Image 5
The top ahrefs tip for ppc ads buyers & performance marketers 12


Image 6
The top ahrefs tip for ppc ads buyers & performance marketers 13


Image 7
The top ahrefs tip for ppc ads buyers & performance marketers 14

Step #6) Take a look at these websites and write down some notes based on questions like these:

-What kind of layout do these pages have that rank in the top serps?
-What kind of wording do they use on it?
-What kind of content elements are on the page? Videos? Images? Lots of Text? Audio?
-What kind of social proof or trust signals does the page send?
-What colors do they use? What font type?
-How many words total is on the page?

Step #7) Brainstorming what else can you do to IMPROVE and BE BETTER than these pages so you can rank HIGHER than these pages!

I know, I know, we are paid media buyers here so who cares about SEO. Well, allow me to let you in on a tiny secret. When you buy PPC for a keyphrase, your site will receive a boost in the SERPS too. Call it a bonus for spending money with Google Ads. So if you can get organic traffic for FREE, just by adding some more flair to your landing page.. why not?

So there you have it, this is how you find high intent keywords that will get you CONVERSIONS on your paid Google Adwords search campaigns!

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