How Much Does An Account System Cost?

I see a lot of people talking about killing it 24/7. Note the word “TALKING”, but I don’t know of many doing. Why? Because I’ve seen it first hand. Guys who really walk the walk, rather than just talk the talk constantly launch, constantly need safe sites, translations, landers to feed their profit machine.

Not a lot of affs are willing to step up and create systems, they all dream about it the same way they dream about making their own brand and going ‘legit’. But it never happens, because they are lazy, and well talking is easier than actually doing. It’s sort of like how an ex ecom guru had all these millionaire students, but when it came time to throw together 20k for his funeral none of them had any money to step up.

So how much does it cost to put together and operate an account system so you can launch consistently?

We’re going to be basing this calculation on not buying accounts from the rip off sellers charging $700-1200 per account, but rather getting the accounts direct or from sellers who understand things have changed and its not 2016 anymore.

This calculation is based on having 10 accounts at the ready every single AMERICAN WORK DAY (Monday-Friday) *I say American, because some countries work Sunday to Thursday and have weekend on Friday & Saturday (something I didn’t know until a year ago).

Part #1 – Account Aquisition – Let’s assume we’re “renting” from real people, we pay them $50 a month each. We need to have 10 people every single day, that’s $500 per day just to pay out to people. – so 5 days * $500 = $2500 dollars per week for acquisition costs

Part #2 – Initial Safe Spend Funding & Cards – Cards can cost anywhere from $20 to $200 per card, this is also a cost we can’t ignore it. Putting money in the cards usually has a service fee, and also a loading fee. So If we pay in $100, our card might only have $70 by the time we subtract all costs. So for 10 accounts, we’re looking at initial $1000 /day or $5000/week for the initial parts and card costs

Part #3 – Staffing Costs, Tech Costs – We will need a project manager and a tech guy that knows how to do ads, work with profile management software or VMs, configure servers, proxies etc. We are going to have to pay $1000 per week for a good small team, plus we will have to pay around $250 per week for a profile management system + proxy solution.

Part #4 – Creative Materials – To have your own accounts system you need to have everything at the ready. If you don’t want to do it yourself, you can outsource. Outsourcing is more scalable, but if you are superhuman you could create 10x of everything yourself. You need safe sites created for every single account, so if you are shooting for 10 accounts per day, that means 10 safe sites per day. You will need landing pages translated, angles updated, ads created, you will need them all uploaded and properly added to your RedTrack (here is a review) and you will need all the creative materials added at the ready, in a central location like basecamp for each ad account so your team can launch. 10 Safe Sites at a discount will run you $1000, getting landers ready & translated, anywhere from $40-80 each. Let’s estimate the weekly cost for creative materials to run around $5000.

Part #5 – Going BH. It will take initially 3-4 weeks for the system to spin up, you won’t be able to run anything until then as it has to go through a cycle that requires PATIENCE and investing tons of money.

Let’s do a lil calculation

Week #1 COSTS – $2500 acquisition + $5000 safe spend/cards + $1250 for farm crew & system + $5000 for creatives == You are looking at over $10,000 for week #1, #2, and #3 – bringing the total to around $30k before you can launch.

When you launch at this scale, you will have to pay for the BH team, a person who just launches campaigns, this is around $1200 per month. You will also have to continue to pay for new acquisitions and the entire system plus also fund the BH campaigns.

You will get insta-banned on many accounts, you will run stuff and it will render 0 conversions. Just because something’s a winner for someone else, it won’t be for you.

As you can see, a true account system costs around $30,000 per month just to get accounts at the ready. Most people out there just talk, but they don’t actually have a true consistent system in place because it costs a pretty penny. Only 5% of affiliates do.

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