Top 7 PUSH Ads Tips on How To Increase Profits With Your Campaign

If you are aiming at increasing your ad campaign profits you certainly head about push ads. Digital marketing as a whole is gaining in popularity each day. With that added popularity comes an increase in competition as well. Most niches and methods were once guaranteed to bring profit without much effort. But nowadays that is not the case anymore. Today, affiliate marketers need to do a lot of research and try new things constantly to find the winning combination. One of the most prevalent tactics that gained traction in past years is Push advertising. But what is it? How does it help? What can you do to optimize these campaigns? Stay tuned to find out!


What Are PUSH Ads?

Notification push or just push for short is a native ad format. This ad format shows notifications on its users’ devices. This can be in the form of phone notifications (in the notification tray), desktop notifications, or website notifications. These ads take the form of regular notifications and offer a non-intrusive and user-friendly approach to advertising. It can be used for most types of advertising campaigns. And so far it has been proven to be highly effective in most situations. Advantages of push are the lack of bot traffic, incredible reach on a global scale, and increased CTR and CR compared to other ad formats. 

Why Are They So Popular?

What sets this form of advertising apart from others is that it’s completely voluntary for the users. Users need to opt-in for them to receive these notification ads. This means that most of these users are highly likely to convert. 

Push ads are also supported on a wide array of platforms and devices. On desktop devices, they are supported on Windows, macOS, as well as many Linux distributions. While push is supported within the OS itself, it is also supported by most modern browsers. Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, and Opera can all be used for push notifications. Some of these browsers support only desktop push notifications, while others support both mobile and desktop. Mobile for push is probably its weakest aspect.

Due to Apple’s security and data privacy policies, push is not supported on iOS devices. This means that a big part of mobile devices (all iPhones) won’t show push ads at all. Android on the other hand supports this form of advertising completely. 

What Is PushGround?

Push ads - pushground
Top 7 push ads tips on how to increase profits with your campaign 4

PushGround is an advertising network that focuses most of its advertising efforts on push. PushGround promises to boost ad campaign performances by offering high-quality traffic across push ads and in-page push ads. This advertising network has proven itself a worthy competitor to the established industry titans. PushGround differentiates itself from its competition by offering a lot of advantages that other platforms can’t match. These features include:

  • Instant Ad Campaign Approvals
    PushGround focuses on providing a fast and frictionless service. They offer instant campaign approval and real-time data aggregation. This ease of use enables marketers to focus on their campaigns. They can do what is printable for them instead of battling the advertising network and waiting for approval.
  • Auto-Optimization
    Automatic rules created for optimizing campaigns is one of Pushgrounds’ most famous features. This automatization enables marketers using it to save valuable time and manage their campaigns far more efficiently. The optimizations themselves can save users a lot of money while getting more reach at the same time.
  • Scaling
    Scaling is one of Pushgrounds best features. Its traffic inventory consists of almost 1.5 billion daily impressions from over 150 countries worldwide. All of the traffic is high-quality traffic that drives conversions and results.
  • Security
    Pushground is very dedicated to its security and anti-fraud solutions. On their journey to acquiring bot-free traffic, they teamed up with the industry leader Opticks Security. Together they are working on minimizing any fraudulent or bot traffic and ensuring the integrity of your campaigns. 

What Should You Do To Improve Your Campaigns?

Push ads - improving campaigns
Top 7 push ads tips on how to increase profits with your campaign 5

Now that you know the basics behind PUSH and Pushground, it’s time to learn what you can do to improve your campaign performance.

Know the Limitations of Push

To create better push campaigns, you need to know the limitations of it as well. As an example, if you want to target iOS devices, that will be very hard since Apple’s iOS doesn’t support push notifications natively. On other platforms, there are strict limits to how push notifications can look and how long they can be. As an example, Android offers a character length limit of 450-650 characters (depending on notification type).

But these long-winded notifications usually don’t end up with great responses. Research has shown that 40-50 characters are ideal. Short and sweet. Just enough to get the prospect interested. On the desktop, this character limit is a bit different. So adjust your ads for every platform accordingly. Learn what the limitations are and optimize your campaigns so that those limitations aren’t an issue. 

Make What You Say Matter

Your words should entice people to do what you need them to do. This can be influenced by so-called power words. Terms like buy now, shop now, order today, sale, bestseller, limited,  and others are incredibly powerful in marketing. They influence your audience to convert. This in combination with aggressive ad copy can create wonders for your ad campaigns. You need to write your ads so that they invoke curiosity and make people click on them. The rest of the sales pitch should be on a sort of landing page. The copy should always be aggressive and push people to convert. 

Don’t Go Overboard With Aggression

Continuing on the aggressiveness, most beginners go overboard with this. This is usually seen as a lot of full caps words, untrue claims, and incredible promises. Audiences pick up on these “red flags” and it makes them much less likely to purchase anything from you. The copy should also have a bit of reserve. If you are way too aggressive with your sales pitch, they might feel attacked or forced to buy something, which is a bad thing. Pinging your users too often can cause frustration and make them despise your brand. They could also opt-out of push notifications in general, which is probably even worse. Finding the right balance is hard but it gets easier with experience. 

Use Rich Push Notifications

Notifications don’t have to be only walls of text. They can utilize things like images to add to its impact as well. As we all know, images are a valuable asset to any advertising campaign. The better the creative the better your performance will be. 

You can even use push notification action buttons to your advantage. Design them in a way that fits into the website design or os design and add functionality to your advert. With good action buttons, you can drive usage and increase conversions by a large margin. 

Utilize New Tech

Marketers are always trying to catch up to the newest and most efficient tech. Utilizing new developments like artificial intelligence and advanced tools and platforms like Pushouse is a great way to minimize that gap. Advanced tools and features can make your campaigns a lot more profitable and help you utilize all of your advantages. 

Be Creative

Push ads - creativity
Top 7 push ads tips on how to increase profits with your campaign 6

Differentiating yourself from others is always a good thing. Be creative, attempt new approaches and ways of converting your audiences. Test out new creatives, copy, and ad types to see what works best. Make your adverts simple to understand yet intriguing to read. This way you can ensure that a wide audience will get interested in your products and services and potentially buy something from you. 

Know Your Users

To better advertise to your users, you need to get to know them first. This is usually done through careful market research and audience monitoring. You can create custom audiences of users by selecting people who viewed a product, read an article, clicked on your ad, or whatever other action you might deem good enough. The more you know about your users and demographic, the better your sales figures will be. 

Final Thoughts

Push notification ad campaigns are incredible tools for driving sales and engagement. Push is usually more personal and intimate and audiences respond far better to it. Even if you don’t capture your target audience the first time, through remarketing campaigns, you can surely get them to convert easily. 

Utilizing ad platforms like Pushground can make your campaigns much more profitable in the long run. Their incredible traffic sources can bring in an insane return on your investment and make all of your campaigns go green! With these 7 strategies, your push campaigns can be even more successful. Utilizing them properly will lead to your campaigns being utilized to the fullest. 

Have you used push ads for your campaigns? What did you do to improve their performance? 

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Push Notification Best Practices: 5 Ways to Improve Performance in 2021

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