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HOW to get Amazing Angle Ideas for your product/service/affiliate offer

As CPM rates are rising like mad, and regulations are increasing on how you can target, and what you can do on the best traffic sources like Facebook, Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.  It is important to have an edge (a moat as Charles Ngo would say).

One of these moats of mine are ANGLES,  I love to speak the language of my target audience so they agree, and click and then convert.

But how in the world do you come up with awesome angles?  Not everyone is creative,  I get it.    Don’t worry there’s actually an easy trick where others will come up with ideas FOR YOU without knowing they are doing you a favor.       The trick is to read the COMMENTS!!!

Let me tell you a story,  very recently (actually 30 minutes ago) I clicked on a post on STM – The #1 affiliate marketing forum from a guy titled Custom Landing Pages – Where to Buy?     in this post someone vented their frustration and posted the comment “I am kind of on the same page. Currently looking for a very good landing page designer that has experience working with affiliate landers. It seems like people just bid on freelancer without actually reading the requirement, so you end up with 100s of proposal that are super irrelevant to what you actually need and its very challenging to figure out who actually knows what they are doing. If someone has a proven contact please PM!!! ” 

This comment gave me the idea to come up with the following really awesome, that speaks to the affiliate marketer that actually tried to hire and experienced time wasters, and endless back and forth on sites like UpWork/Freelancers, etc:

Looking for a designer that actually knows what affiliate landers are? Sick of freelancers just bidding on your job posts without actually reading what the job is about? Hate reading 100s of proposals only to confirm none of the applicants have a clue of what you are looking to get done?

Well here’s the solution – Banners&Landers. The #1 outsourcing service used by affiliate marketers that know what you need.

What should my facebook adset budget be?

People always ask me this question  and me, myself sometimes lose confidence in which budget to set.   But today, I noticed something while looking over stats inside Business Manager..

The adset when it receives 50 conversions, it will change from Active (Learning) to Active – Initial Learning Complete.

People always said “FB Needs 50 conversions in a week (if you have that window set) to start optimizing. What optimizing means is to show your ad to people that look like the ones who converted…   I was lime mkay, cool it needs that, but only now I realized what that is in reality thanks to these little footnotes FB now provides.

So what should your adset budget be?

Let’s say your offer payout is $35.  You want to make 100% ROI on that.  That means your CPA you want is $17.5 – since FB needs 50 conversions to optimize,  your budget in a week to properly test this would be 50 * 17.5 = 875 / 7 = $125 per day for the adset.

An Actual 10 Step Guide on How to Scale a Working Campaign into Other Geos

Happy Valentines Day 🙂

Here’s a step by step guide on how to scale a working campaign from One geo to many other geos (assuming that the offer you are running is available in other geos).

You will need to pick the top two angles and top two images from your winning campaign.    You can do the picking yourself, or your senior trusted media buyer – many of the other steps can be done by grunt labor/assistants.

We use trello for the process, and people just move the cards along the production line like a factory.  Here’s how our internal trello looks like (this is a mock up, of course I won’t screenshot our actual one with content)

Step 1 – Order translations for the winning angles in your target countries,      you can get them cheapest at (half price compared to OHT)

Step 2 – Get variations made of your ad – not really a must but recommended (different color border,  swap horizontal, other minor variants to have a different pixel footprint for safety reasons)  – can help here or your VA!

Step 3 – Get the landing pages translated (transey) – we always run two of our best pre-landers, when the translations come in get the landers localized (changing the text, updating the images on lander in photoshop to be in the target geo language, also changing out logos/references to make sense when someone in the geo visits the lander, change people’s images/faces to that of the target audience – you want to make sure the right races show up in the right geos, etc otherwise you won’t have good enough LP CTR)

Step 4 – Get a safe site up for the geo,  populate it with local articles, etc (Safe Site Creation Service)

Step 5 – Upload the pre-landers you had localized on the safe site via FTP

Step 6 – Setup the tracker campaign, make sure the postbacks (s2s) and cloaked pixel or tracking codes are properly placed. (Voluum)

Step 7  – Setup the cloaker campaign and test to make sure it works, after you are done, set it to deny all or in review.

Step 8 –  Access the dedicated ad account you wish to run the new geo on (one geo per ad account!) and create your campaign, linking it to the safe article URL on your safe site.

Step 9 –  Wait until it gets at least 20 clicks, then turn on cloaker

Step 10 – Observe and monitor the new campaigns

*Rinse n repeat for every single geo you wish to scale to.


How to Delay Firing Your Facebook Conversion Pixel

This Facebook Conversion Pixel trick will help get better, more qualified visitors to your site because it will help train it to be smarter. When running campaigns,  thinking outside the box can yield amazing profit benefits.  One of these things is delaying firing the facebook pixel when a visitor comes to your page.

Why would you want to do this?

The answer makes a lot of sense, and here’s why – lets say 10 people come to your page,  7 of them come, they see it, and they close the window.   They didn’t read ANY of your text, they probably saw oh damn this is an advertisement,  and bounced right off your page.

Then there are the 3 that stayed, and read the page.    THESE ARE THE TYPE OF VISITORS YOU WANT! They will read your lander,  and are most likely to convert on your offer.      Train your pixel to target these kind of people!   Delay firing your facebook conversion pixel by 3 seconds to clean your pixel from “bouncers”. We personally use AddToCart to optimize for people that visit the LP and actually read it.

It is easier than ever to implement, all you have to do is add a setTimeout function to the tracking elements and specify how many milliseconds you want it to wait before firing the pixel.


Here’s the default FB pixel they give you from the Pixel Panel:

<!-- Facebook Pixel Code -->
  s.parentNode.insertBefore(t,s)}(window, document,'script',
  fbq('init', 'XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX');
  fbq('track', 'PageView');
  fbq('track', 'AddtoCart');
<noscript><img height="1" width="1" style="display:none" src="" /></noscript>
<!-- End Facebook Pixel Code -->

We are concerned about the AddtoCart tracking property, we want to fire this only for people who read the page/stay on it for minimum 3 seconds. So we wrap it in some sexy code that will delay it from firing.

Here’s the FB pixel from above with the setTimeout function added

<!-- Facebook Pixel Code -->

  s.parentNode.insertBefore(t,s)}(window, document,'script',
  fbq('init', 'XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX');
  fbq('track', 'PageView');

     fbq('track', 'AddtoCart');
}, 3000);

<noscript><img height="1" width="1" style="display:none" src="" /></noscript>
<!-- End Facebook Pixel Code -->


Note: Be sure to replace XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX with your pixelID!

TLDR version:

We've added setTimeout(function(){     }, 3000; 
around the "function" we want to delay ->
  fbq('track', 'AddtoCart');

PS: You can use 3rd party tools like Google Tag Manager, or PixelYourSite to delay firing the pixel through those, you may also create a custom audience, and optimize for the top 25% of people that spent time on your site, or top 10% or top 1%. So there’s multiple ways.

Real Life Case Studies – Mortgage Leads on Facebook

I’m part of a super awesome FB Group owned and operated by my friend Tim Burd on Facebook named Facebook Ad Buyers.    Someone just posted an interesting question,  where they ask what could be going wrong, they spent $200 on advertising on FB, laser targeted yet no leads.     We run a lot of lead gen and here’s my answer that will def help solve their problems.

The original post said

“Running this as Lead Generation to New Jersey homeowners for mortgage leads.

Age 25 to 55, income $50K to $250K, full state of NJ, narrowed to homeowners.

About $200 into the campaign with zero leads.

Relevancy score of 5.

Any thoughts or ideas are welcome and appreciated.”

Here’s the ad:


Here’s my advice on what to do, to run a profitable mortgage lead gen campaign on FB:

This is what I’d do.

1. I’d get an awesome article written on the benefits of refinancing your mortgage.

2. I’d run an add targeting people in New Jersey for broad keywords on google/bing and get them to click and visit the refi article on website; where i’d place the FB Pixel.

3. After I get enough hits, (minimum 100 from New Jersey) I’d generate a lookalike audience.

4. Next I’d come up with two different angles and 3 different images. 1’d throw them into 1 adset, so I’d have an adset with 6 ads, which I’d duplicate 3x total. So I’d have an adset with 18 ads in it (3×6 same post ID) – Now I’d target broad in new jersey, and lookalike audience I generated.

I’d run this for 72 hours, at $100 per day to see which ad gets the best result.

Since FB optimizes at an adset level, i’d run at this budget to get enough data… once I know which ad gives me leads I’d continue to find related images and or even try video ad made from related images, or one of those cool cartoon animations.

Try that let me know if it helps; this method works well for us (we do a ton of lead gen in finance and insurance)

Eastern European Conference – Ad Days Coming March 3rd!! See you there!

I’m super excited about this and want to tell you about an awesome new conference that is coming up right here in my city of Budapest!!  It’s called AD DAYS Eastern Europe.       This is the first time AdDays is coming to Europe;  they had two awesome shows in Vietnam and Chile and now are expanding to EU as well.

Why is this conference awesome?  Well,  let me tell you how it is different.     But first, let me remind you on how much I hate typical conferences which are littered with employees of CPA networks and other internet marketing companies, and there’s hardly any real affiliates that are in the trenches with all of us.

Ad Days understands this, that’s why they focus on information that matters to us affiliates,  us that want to make $1k, $3k, $10k a day profit running campaigns and already know the basics (basics that WOW the shit out of main streamers who have ZERO clue about performance marketing, what a tracker is, how to optimize etc etc).    SO,  the guys behind ad days have booked some of the true super affiliates affiliates, who are in the trenches, who are always problem solving, to bring you a show where they share case studies,  best practices, tips on scaling, tips on over coming bans and what not.

If you are a newbie, this is a kick ass show becuase you can learn a lot of actual knowledge, and not just hear branding fluff and inspiring mumbo jumbo that makes you feel good right there and then (yea it’s super nice to listen to how someone succeeded with something, BUT its even nicer to hear HOW THEY DID IT STEP BY STEP so you can take note, and follow their example isn’t it?)

I attended a lot of conferences, and noticed there’s a true lack to hands on, this is how you do this,   since most are filled with crap there they brag how they made a gazillion bucks – but i mean,  that’s not useful to you, you need to know HOW you can make a gazillion bucks too, step by step, (the easy way)…  big promises, but believe me, I know the guys behind Ad Days, they are the kick ass company that brought you bad ass COD offers that I spoke about at AWE in Berlin.

In addition to a great line up of speakers,  one of the other benefits of AD DAYS will be local affiliates in Europe, and companies that have great offers for affiliates in both white and blackhat areas are coming out to meet and mingle.    The focus will be affiliate marketing, optimizing, scaling,  and media buying using specific KPI’s to help minimize the risks and maximize the profits – great tips on running your biz, building a team, and more all related to the secrets of super affiliates like me and how we do things.

And last but not least, there’s going to be a lot of awesome parties, and after parties organized just like you are used to in Thailand and Vegas, plus the event location will be in Budapest, known as one of the top tourists destinations in Europe for nightlife.

Ad Days Eastern Europe will be held at Intercontinental Hotel on March 3rd.     

Learn more about the event right here ->

For hotel bookings at the venue hotel see –


PS: Why should YOU attend?

AdDays is being put on by the Russians from AdCombo; I don’t know about you but I know these guys as no BS, no Big Story,  only facts, to the point, straight up talk.    In Vietnam and Chile they brought some awesome speakers that shared gold you never hear at conferences.   If you like no bullshit kind of things (hell if you read this blog, I know you like it raw and AS IS) then you have to be there, plus it will be great to see you – I am going to be organizing a party with these guys for Ad Dayz and hope we can have some beers there!