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The 8 Step Guide on How to Become a Successful Guru

Affiliate marketing got 4238% harder this year; google introduced a new algo making it extremely hard to keep accounts live and same for Facebook. What can a man that is used to mega profits for selling snake oil do in times of need? GO GURU of course!

What does it mean to go GURU? It means when you cross over from actually doing affiliate marketing to saying you do affiliate marketing so you can lure in newbies and other naive and very gullible get rich quick wannabes to your ‘secrets’.

Most GURUS out there do not make money from affiliate marketing; they might have made some money before; but then it got hard so they switched.

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BIT.LY vs TINY URL – Which one is better and why

BIT.LY SUCKS – Use Tiny URL… why? because it allows HTTP headers to be forwarded; which is super important if you want to pass variables to your tracker like voluum, funnelflux, thrive, adsbridge and more.

Problem with TinyURL is that it’s kind of a pain to create URLs in bulk; so if you are launching a ton of campaigns like we do; you waste a lot of time going back and forth; unless you use a bulk tool to get it all done in 1 click.

Here’s a good one we use

Ero-Advertising Dynamic Tracking Tokens/Scripts/API

Ero-Advertising Dynamic Tracking Tokens/Scripts/API

Tokens Description
[adid] Unique ID of the ad creative
[campaignid] Unique ID of the campaign
[country] Country name of the visitor
[domainid] Domain ID
[timestamp] The time the visitor was redirected
[tracking] Unique ID of the click/impression
[spaceid] Unique ID of the ad space

for Voluum, CPVLab, ImobiTrax,Prosper202,STM Mobile Tracker,etc.

Google Adwords – What are negative keywords?

I just had someone ask me what negative keywords really mean, so let me just make a post about it. Google adwords works by targeting keywords your potential customers might be typing in, but it also can target any keyword someone might type in.

So a negative keyword, will be one that won’t produce results, because it doesn’t have any potential buy intent.

For example

“blue flowers” – this could be a negative keyword, because you don’t know if someone is looking for pictures of blue flowers, or they are looking to buy blue flowers. As it can go either way, it’s good idea to add it as a negative, else it can drain a whole lot of your budget if you go broad and don’t have a set of good negative keywords to avoid your paid ads showing up on words that have low chance of producing results.

How to setup Voluum Tracker + Facebook Custom Tokens

Tracking your conversions with Voluum for Facebook is possible.   The only difference here is that it requires a lot of work from your side.   You manually have to specify for every single ad the adset/adID so you know where your conversions came from; and in order to be able to effectively track,  put 1 interest per ad set – otherwise this method won’t work effectively.


Step 1) Login to voluum

Step 2) Click on Traffic Source in the top menu


Step 4) For name type facebook

Step 5) Click the Advanced gear button,  and fill in two custom fields as this:

Then press save

Step 6) Create your campaign, and grab the voluum link.

Now you want to trim from where you see the ? and all that comes after it.

Step 7) Go create your ads on FB, and link them to the voluum link (without the ? and all that stuff that comes after it)

Step 8) In the advanced section on your ad,  paste the stuff that comes after the ? mark and change it to reflect your adset name/adname.

Save your campaign, launch it, and your adset/adname should start showing inside voluum.


Female affiliates? They do exist! Meet FBQueen

If you are an affiliate marketer; then you already know; if you are thinking about becoming one then SOON you will find out that the industry is 96.72% male dominated.     By industry I mean affiliate marketers; real affiliate marketers and not reps at CPA Networks; or employees of CAKE or HasOffers.   (It’s a known fact that many CPA Networks employ real hotties to get the affiliate boys to run traffic with them).

FBQueen,  iAmAttila and a bunch of affiliates at STM London
FBQueen, iAmAttila and a bunch of affiliates at STM London Round Table

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