Need New Angles? How To Write 8 Marketing Angles In less than an hour [UPDATED 2023]

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Angles, angles, angles.  It is THE secret to high ROI campaigns.   Sadly most affiliate marketers aren’t creative, or they don’t know they are.  So they fire up spy tools like AdPlexity and go on hunting for cool ads/landers then RIP n Run them. Only a single digit % of affiliate marketers write their own angles.  … Read more

The Top 20 Blogging Tips in 2023

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[toc] Blogging is very difficult especially now in 2022. If You don’t already have a following, getting one started is going to be a challenge.    Start Writing Your Blog Right Away As they say, there is no time like the present. If you haven’t started writing your blog by now, you should start immediately. … Read more

A sure way to earn $XXXX per day on Facebook


DISCLAIMER:  The following information is for educational purposes only.    We are not responsible for anything you may engage in after reading this article, and we do not support exploiting loopholes/cloaking/black-hat what-so-ever. We encourage our readers to follow and abide by all ad policies, laws and regulations that may apply.    If you decide to study and … Read more

The 8 Step Guide on How to Become a Successful Guru


Affiliate marketing got 4238% harder this year; google introduced a new algo making it extremely hard to keep accounts live and same for Facebook. What can a man that is used to mega profits for selling snake oil do in times of need? GO GURU of course!

What does it mean to go GURU? It means when you cross over from actually doing affiliate marketing to saying you do affiliate marketing so you can lure in newbies and other naive and very gullible get rich quick wannabes to your ‘secrets’.

Most GURUS out there do not make money from affiliate marketing; they might have made some money before; but then it got hard so they switched.

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Are YOU Making This Mistake When Picking Creatives? FIND OUT!


I meet a lot of affiliate marketers who are still making a giant mistake when it comes to picking the best creatives while optimizing.     That is why I decided to quickly write up this guide to hopefully help You once and for all to never make that mistake.

Using this method in your media buying strategy is a must if you want to dominate the competition.  Remember, most affiliates overlook this and pick off heart after seeing some good numbers in Voluum data.

Let’s do an exercise together

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[NEW GUIDE] How to Optimize Your Landers to Make More Money!


Landing page optimizationThere are many tools out there that can tell you your Ping time, load times, and other interesting information presented through colorful graphs and pie charts. Most of us, beyond running these tests are clueless as to what they really mean.

Well, if your page is loading slowly, many people on mobile or web will just cancel out and leave altogetherbut you paid for the click already so you lose out not ONCE but potentially multiple times because of opportunity costs.

Why does this happen? The answer is not complicated if you think about it…

Imagine this, you are browsing the web – wanting to read the latest breaking news for example on the tragic Germanwings plane crash that just happened recently.

You click on an image on that has a picture of the blackbox, it opens in a new tab, but after a few seconds nothing, it still says page is loading. You close the tab, go back and click on another news article on the page.

See what just happened? You never, ever saw what you wanted to because the image you clicked on (that got your interest) never materialized in form of a web page due to some connection issue. This happens more often than you think.

From an affiliate marketing standpoint, what just happened was you had a high CTR banner, someone clicked it because they wanted to learn more about what they saw on  the banner with that shocking picture; but when they did click, they could see NOTHING.   Maybe due to a connection issue, NO PAGE came up so they closed the screen.   BUT, you as the affiliate marketer were charged for the traffic regardless.

So let me teach you what you can do to lower your load time, and also your lost traffic and increase your profits.

Here we go…

How to optimize your landing page so they load FAST (and Make You More Money!) [readers digest version]

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[CASE STUDY] Horizontal Scaling Mobile to 10 Different Traffic Sources

Horizontal scaling mobile

I spent $500 dollars trying out 10 different traffic sources to scale horizontal running an offer for mobile CPI over at AppFlood [sign up here]     Many gurus out there say, if you have a winning campaign you can just cut n paste it to other traffic sources and you will be stacking that money.

I wanted to put that “simple and easy cut n paste method” to the test , so I took one of my killer, strong campaigns where i spent high xxxx on data, and had optimized on my favorite traffic source and decided to load up $50 bucks into 10 different traffic sources and bid everywhere the minimum CPM or CPC they require.    Now on some traffic sources this was $2.50 CPM,  on others 0.05 CPC, and so on so forth.

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[EXCLUSIVE] iAmAttila’s Ultimate Spying Guide for Mobile Media Buyers

Iamattilas ultimate spying guide

All right guys, some of you remember me posting a spying thread that explains how to spy on your competitors using a proxy and android apps. That is one way but today I decided to go a little deeper to explore many other ways from cheap to expensive that can help you get a lot of great ideas to minimize your risk, and maximize the profits – I’m calling this iAmAttila’s Ultimate Spying Guide for Media Buyers – because really, it IS really bad ass! 

I plan to make this guide very detailed, so be prepared … it’s gonna be LONG!   Feel free to skip ahead if you want to the part that is most important to you.

Questions i’ll be showing you how to find answers to

A) What offers are running on a specific site?
B) What offers are being run on specific app placement?
C) Where/what placements/traffic sources/sites is the offer being advertised the most on?
D) What creatives are being used for specific offer and which ones are being used the most (sizes, angles, etc)
E) What landing pages are being used?
F) Exposing other affiliates trackers,  learning which ones send the most volume for an offer, and finding their landers/creatives
G) Spying on your CPA Network and finding out if they are re-brokering the offer, or you are really going direct to the source

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