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What is LiveChat and how can you benefit from it?

Livechat provides chat support and and web analytics options that focuses on user-customer relations. Below, I have listed the features that most users will probably need in a chat support system for their business.

Custom Chat Interface. The user interface can be customized to be a perfect fit to the design and layout of your website. You will need a little knowledge in CSS, but with a little help from the template collection you will be able to fully customize the chat interface.  Customization involves the ability change or add chat window themes, labels, company logo, social media buttons and agent profiles.

Canned Responses Feature. Time and effort can be saved using the canned responses of LiveChat. Just make a list of pre-made answers to the most asked questions and greetings. Automatic and personal greeting templates are made readily available for your convenience.

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Picreel – All You Need to Know

If you have been following my blog for some time already, you can see that I am very fond of discussing site traffic strategies. Today I am going to discuss an amazing application which I believe would benefit anyone who is planning to succeed with their online business.

Picreel is composed of a team of very talented marketing experts that has been in the marketing business for more than ten years. Creating the precise marketing strategy that clients require and overcoming market obstacles has always been Picreel’s main selling point.

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You are probably wondering, WTF happened to me… well…

Sorry I haven’t been around posting much lately, truth be told I submerged myself into the abyss of secrecy because I was testing something crazy in the world of bizops on mobile.

Spent 6 figures collecting data and I’m still collecting data but it looks VERY promising.     Will post about the details on what I’ve been up to and share some crazy techniques that helped me buy all that data using someone else’s money! 🙂   Stay tuned..

In other news,  Google has been going HAYWIRE on SEO people all over the place.

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An Easy way to $150/day with mobile pop traffic [CASE STUDY]

If you are struggling with affiliate marketing, then this might help you out.

I just finished a killer case study that’s getting raving reviews.   In it I talk about how I took a type of vertical I never ran before, ran tests and split tested a ton of landing pages, then built the campaign up to $150/day in profit.

It all started when aStarbucks Offer couple months back I decided I wanted to play around with the trends of today and current events and began thinking – how can I make money capitalizing on the fact that people like free shit, people are broke at the moment — so they want free shit, and that people are influenced by the media so much I can use it to get broad targeting and tons of cheap volume.

Well, putting everything together in an equation resulted in me throwing up a campaign about a celeb named Paul Walker, I’m sure you know the guy – he’s the dude from Fast n Furious that died in a car crash. May he R.I.P.

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