An Easy way to $150/day with mobile pop traffic [CASE STUDY]

If you are struggling with affiliate marketing, then this might help you out.

I just finished a killer case study that’s getting raving reviews.   In it I talk about how I took a type of vertical I never ran before, ran tests and split tested a ton of landing pages, then built the campaign up to $150/day in profit.

It all started when aStarbucks offer couple months back I decided I wanted to play around with the trends of today and current events and began thinking – how can I make money capitalizing on the fact that people like free shit, people are broke at the moment — so they want free shit, and that people are influenced by the media so much I can use it to get broad targeting and tons of cheap volume.

Well, putting everything together in an equation resulted in me throwing up a campaign about a celeb named Paul Walker, I’m sure you know the guy – he’s the dude from Fast n Furious that died in a car crash. May he R.I.P.

Anyways, I sent out the case study to my readers on my mailing list detailing from start to finish how they can take this method, and run sweeps on mobile and make 150 or more per day.

In the step by step guide, I also talk about good practices when it comes to landing pages and special secret sauce on what you can do to boost the conversion % of your landers once you nailed down the best angle.

The case study reveals

-How to come up with an angle of attack
-What kind of landing page to build (the elements of the perfect landing page)
-What to split test on your lander pages
-How to increase CR by using special tricks and tips to boost people’s confidence in your offer
-How to scale it both horizontally and vertically to take that 150/day and turn it into xxxx per day

If you aren’t on my mailing list, you missed this one.     Sucks I know, but I just can’t post this publicly because there’s too much good information in it.   You can join my list on the top right, if you haven’t yet.

This case study was sponsored by STM and is available right here

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27 thoughts on “An Easy way to $150/day with mobile pop traffic [CASE STUDY]”

  1. Uber-generous as always Attila!:) I am a subscriber but I did not receive any email, are you sure the mailing list works? (I have checked my spam filters and they had not catched your mail)

  2. I think you mean “If you aren’t on my mailing list you missed this one UNLESS you’re a member of STM in which case you didn’t miss anything because that’s where the case study is posted…” You’ve just lost a subscriber.

  3. Perfect case study as always, tnx ATILLA, i hope I will post here some positive news in a week or two, I will do some Tesco in Europa, could be first break even campaign 🙂

  4. Nice post Attila, subscribed to your e-mail list.. I just discovered your blog when I read your guest post on and I must say that I found some useful information on your blog, thanks for that. And also congrats on your $1m in revenue achievement!


    • This was a sponsored case study, no need to be let down, but when someone like STM pays for the hard work, and data involved in planning, executing, and then writing up something like this – it’d be extremely unprofessional of me to post it up publicly when they sponsored it.

    • It is a sponsored case study available for members of STM. The place where ALL super affiliates hang out like Charles Ngo, Finch, Malan Darras, ME and more!

    • When you setup a campaign, depending on the traffic source (some let you target in more detail than others) you can specify what country, or what city, or what state you want to buy traffic in.

    • This is a sponsored case study paid for by STM, and available to members of STM. You should join at , you won’t regret it. (They have a 30 day money back guarantee if you don’t like it anyway)

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