The sure fire way to running $1 sweeps that pay $30+ CPA on Zeropark POPS traffic

Hey guys, everyone says pops are dead, but the guys at ZP told me they aren’t and that there’s volume and gave me a test budget to prove this to me. 

What I decided to do is document everything step by step and share it with you, so if you are looking to branch out, or try something new (or old) then you can follow along and execute your own variant.

This guide was published over a month ago on iAmAffiliate premium forum, where we talk about exclusive stuff that works right now behind closed doors.

This is the actual LIVE guide / case study follow along, so it has a flow to it that was posted days apart. Since it’s a month after I ran this, I am updating it with new comments to tie it all together. You should really become a member so you can follow in real time how I do these and copy what I do, so we can share results and find the way to profits. I keep it real, most shit online fails, affilaite marketing is super hard; trick to making it work is all about how you solve problems to get to positive ROI. There’s no push button stuff, but hard work pays off!!

When I ran this original case study, I tested 3 different strategies with $1000 starting budget. The strategies were:

Strategy #1 – Spy and see what type of ads/offers come up the most, find their landers, and test these with my own variants in the mix.

Strategy #2 – Find low-barrier-to-conversion offers aka SOI or FREE app or phone number / pin submit type offers by asking around. 

Strategy #3 – Use a smartlink, and see what sticks. 

As usual, I started my campaign by spying to see what’s really going on, for this i used my trusty AdPlexity spy tool, there’s nothing better but it’s hella expensive, especially if you are new to the game. Good thing you can get a killer discount right here!

Strategy #1 – I fired up AdPlexity Mobile and then searched by country

Sorting by Newest:

Sorting by Running Longest

Sorting by Received Most Traffic

My observations: 

-The ad with the B icon seems to be spending the most money for the longest; it’s an app that’s spending brand money. Not for us.

-Moving on… this other ad that looks like a youtube skip screen is running the 2nd longest, it goes to a lander the loops through opt in sequence for various PUSH databases, so it could be a push network building their own source list.. again not for us… 

-Running Longest shows mostly brands doing brand campaigns and/or push sources building their database to resell. This is not for us.

-Moving on, I look at received the most traffic.

Our first potential aff offer. It’s this one:

As I scroll down I continue seeing the sweeps over and over again. Based on what i’ve seen, in the received the most traffic results SWEEPS, followed by A/V is doing best. I write this down below for my notes.. 

Now I switch on the top to NEWEST

Again, I see the sweeps that I saw previously. Great news, I also see an LP for VPN. This could be cool, I know from past experience running a/v apps. 

Results from spying: 

Niches I saw:


I bookmarked 14 landing pages I will download in ONE CLICK and then have Banners&Landers look over it and clean it properly from malicious hidden obfuscated code that steals clicks or does other nasty shit.

What I am going to do is follow these 14 that I bookmarked and see where the offers end up at.. then I’ll see if I can find the CPA network by looking in the terms + conditions of the offer for contact info, googling around, or checking offervault and/or asking my network on Facebook if anyone knows who has these offers. 

This ends the strategy #1 spying session.

Strategy #2 – Find low-barrier-to-conversion offers aka SOI or FREE app or phone number / pin submit type offers by asking around. 

I asked around and was able to get a lot of sweeps to win Samsung and iPhone, and bunch of other interested VOD style offers. Didn’t tabulate them all into a table yet, as I don’t want to go this route first.

NOTE 7/16/2019 — this was actually our golden ticket to success. The $1 sweeps giving away iPhone X and Samsung Galaxy S10’s for a buck. But more on this later.

Strategy #3 – Use a smartlink, and see what sticks. 

As I said I will go with YTZ, CD Smart Link and Propeller Push Smart Link.

Step #1) 

I am going to login to ClickDealer and get my smartlink.
To do this, we login, then on the left menu, we select get my smart link
and here it is

We take the link and add to RedTrack as a new offer (login to RT, then click Offers on top menu, and click Add New Offer button)

Step #2)

Next I am going to Login to YTZ, and get the smart link from there as well

First, I select view all campaigns under the top campaigns

Then, I select the geo that we’re running to list offers that are available in my geo which is CHILE

We will see a shit ton of offers, now we want to use what we learned from spying, that SWEEPS & VOD seems to be very popular in CHILE. 

So what I am going to do is PICK 3 smart links, one for iphone, one for samsung, and one for VOD. As I’ve seen all of these while spying showing up many times, which gives me the idea that they are working.

We have to add every single smart LINK url into RedTrack one by one as a new offer..

After they are added, you should see them in redtrack like so

Step #3) We are going to login to PropellerAds to grab their smart link

We login to ZeroPark as advertisers, and then click on Smart Links on the left menu, and select create smart link

Sadly propeller doesn’t let you append a subID to track clickID coming from the tracker, so I decided I am not going to use propeller smart links. 

To recap,

we got the smart links from ClickDealer and from YTZ.

We are going to now setup the campaigns in RedTrack, to create a campaign URL for each.

And then when we have the campaign links, then we will go into ZeroPark and start setting up the campaigns.

We are going to create 4 separate campaigns on ZeroPark with $100 total budget each in CHILE, targeting MOBILE only and carrier traffic only (NO WIFI)

ClickDealer campaign in RedTrack

All 4 campaigns done, saved the campaign URLs in notepad

Next we hop onto ZP and setup the campaigns one by one..

1. Login to ZeroPark
2. Click on NEW CAMPAIGN on top menu bar
3. Select Premium PPV
4. Select Target/Source 

TIP: Talk to your rep at ZeroPark, ask them to give you the best converting sources for your niche/geo. This is to not waste money.

5. Fill in the campaign details, RedTrack url, etc 

next we set the custom sources by pasting them in 

after done, we should have 4 campaigns on ZP, with matching 4 campaigns on RedTrack, and then we wait and let it acquire data.

What we are doing is seeing what converts, so we pick the path of direction we will go with the other methods we’ve discussed earlier.

June 19th UPDATE:

1. YTZ rendered no conversions. 
2. ClickDealer smart link renderened no conversions. 

We didnt’ spend that much only around $20 on each. We will let the campaigns on ZeroPark spend up to $100 each before we conclude.

Today, my media buyer is setting up the same smart link campaigns in South Africa. The only change we made is the SOURCES for these POPS campaigns. Guys at ZeroPark gave me the best carrier traffic sources for South Africa, so we’re just updating that.

Reason why we’re launching in ZA is because I heard it’s a good geo from many networks, and theres a lot of activity there for sweeps/surveys/dating/lead gen. 

Part of the game of running POPs is testing a lot to find good geos.


-We’ve spent $300 total on 2 geos.
-We’ve done most revenue on ClickDealer’s smart link, $4 revenue ( LAMBO TIME! ) sadly, I discovered after the fact, unlike TopOffers they don’t let you see which offers in the smart link combination resulted in the revenue. Major bummer, useless. 
-YTZ Got 250,000 imps but ZERO conversions – they suck
-TopOffers made $1 revenue, and it showed us which offer converted, sadly not significant.

Either way, we’ve abandonen the smart link approach. It didn’t pan out as I expected it to be. Which was that it’d show us which offer/vertical converts, and then we could ask our rep for the best ones and go with our own landers. 

Now we’re trying the spying approach. As I’ve spied in the past with AdPlexity, I went back to spy some more, and located the best sweeps offers. My rep told me at CPA Network that they are capping out on these offers and allocated a lil cap so we can test it. I also heard the same from other rep at another network – that means this is a proven offer.

We’ve spied, and got some LPs from AdPlexity then sent em over to miro.netmarketing on skype (from B&L) to get them cleaned, and edited so they have our redtrack click URLs, and no malicious shady code to jack our traffic.

We’re setting these up using the top sources list ZeroPark provided to us with the most carrier traffic. Will offer updates as we progress along… 

June 23rd UPDATE!

After failing with the smart links, we’re seeing some progress on POPs. 

Using authority is the key, making your pre-landers look and feel like they are official. I saw this while spying, and it works.  What I mean by this is, let’s say you are running on MARS (won’t use real countries), there is WATER, SAND, and SUN as the main phone carriers. When you pop on a user that’s on WATER carrier, your lander is localized to make it look like WATER carrier’s official message just hit them. This method allowed us to get to near break even on our top placements.

Now we’re collecting data, running on carrier traffic only. Top placements from ZeroPark (they are going to share their weekly top placements on iAmAffiliate forum in the Zeropark section.)

June 24th Update – a member suggested that we clean the traffic for bots, we implemented a new system that checks for hidden links and crazy CTR that’s not normal and was able to clean the traffic this way. It’s enough to seriously spend the minimum you can per zoneID to measure if its real or bot traffic. Sadly with pops there’s a huge % of fake traffic there, so by filtering for bots we were able to ditch the placements that were pulling us down and get into positive ROI.

July 16,2019 – This campaign is still running, sadly we don’t have huge cap so i can’t scale it to the moon and back. Cap sucks these days for good offers 🙁

TIP: If you talk to the best sweeps networks and direct advertisers, ask them which geos are capping out – those are the money ones 😉 The biggest headache with pops is this cap issue for sure.. if it wasn’t there you could realistically do $500 / day profit with this one campaign I am running in the land of croissants. 🙂

I am starting work on a new case study which tests whether rip and run using spy tools still works today. We are going to take the best sources/zone IDs, the best landing pages, and test and see what happens. Follow me inside iAmAffiliate as I go through the long process of running that campaign at ZeroPark!

This case study was made possible by the cool folks at ZeroPark, who gave me a test budget to prove that YES, pops are still well and alive and cheap! ZeroPark pops is a great place for newbies to learn how to run campaigns as the prices are cheap and data comes in FAST! Get 5% extra top-up bonus when you load up your zeropark account right here, it works for new and old accounts.


Users of this site are fully responsible for any consequences resulting from their actions and what they learn on this site. The information on this site is provided for educational or information purposes only; it is not intended to be a substitute for professional advice, tip or otherwise. iAmAttila does not guarantee the success, quality, accuracy, completeness or timelines of the information on the Site.

How to Find POPS & PUSH landing pages using Adplexity

In this guide I’m going to show you how to find landing pages with the new Adplexity Push.

• With Adplexity Push you can uncover successful mobile and desktop push campaigns running in over 82 Countries.
• Access real time data from most popular push-networks (PropellerAdsLeoCashMGIDDatspushEvadavAdsTerra & more)
• Find Affiliate ads from 100 CPA networks with a single click.
• Every landing page with page dependencies (images, css, javascript, ..) can be downloaded in a .zip straight off our user interface – no more ripping needed!
• ULTRA fast search (by keyword, advertiser, publisher, affiliate network) & much more

And the best thing is that now it’s available to sign up for COMPLETELY FREE! Until the Adplexity Push is in Beta, so don’t miss the opportunity.

After you have signed up, the interface looks like this:

You can see a ton of ads straight away, and there are some powerful filters we are going to use in the left side and above, to make sure we get the best results possible.

So the first thing I recommend is to choose ’’newest’’ in the top right corner:

We have 3 options here: Newest, Running longest and Received most traffic. We are going to select Newest to make sure we see the most recent trending ads.

Then we go for ’’Filter’’ on the left sidebar where we are going to select the date range for the last 30 days.

Right above the date range filter we can select the amount of days running which is for how long the ads have been running. For that we are going to set 10 days.

So now we are only gonna see ads that’s been running in the last 30 days for at least 10 days.

We chose 10 days because if they keep running an ad for a minimum of 10 days, it probably means hat the ad is profitable.

Another thing I would recommend is to scroll down to the Tracking Tool” section and select all the tracking tools. 

Because if you do that Adplexity will only show you ads that have tracking information between the creative the landing page and the offer. These are different tracking solutions affiliates are using so if you select these options it’s more likely that the results are going to be affiliate offers.

After you set up these things, what we’re looking for are high hits.
For now let’s take a look at this example:

This is a dating offer and what we want to look here is the geo, where it’s been running the most, the device types and how long it’s been running:

We also can see some stats here like the Ad trend, Week trend and the device type:

We can also see the Top 10 publishers by duration or volume and the Traffic source by duration and volume:

But most importantly we want to check out the landing page, and we can do it by clicking on the “Show more” button in the landing pages section:

Here we can see the landing page details. If we click on the image, we can see the landing page:

And by clicking on the link at the bottom will take us to the offer:

If you want this landing page for yourself you can just simply download it by clicking on the “Download this landing page” button:

Then you can edit the landing page in Notepad or some kind of HTML editor to put your own link in there and things like that.

If you are downloading and copying landing pages, I have a tip for you to bear in mind!

Some landing pages have backdoors in there, which means that they will steal the traffic so if you copy the landing page a percentage of your traffic will be going through to that particular affiliate’s offer rather than yours. So I would strongly recommend checking that JavaScript and HTML carefully.

You can also spy on other ads that the advertiser is running simply by clicking on the “More ads by this advertiser” button:

Here you can see all the creatives that this advertiser uses:

You can do the same thing here with the filters like the last 30 days date range and the 10 Days running etc.

As you can see this advertiser runs dating offers mostly. You can go through and see his landing pages and maybe do some split tests and try different offers in there.

You can also search ads by keywords. Let’s try to put some weight loss keywords in there like “fat” for example and let’s see what we got.

For this, we’re going to select “in AD info” instead of “Landing page” because we want to search keywords in the headline of the creatives:

As you can see there is a ton of weight loss ads you can spy on, check their landing pages and creatives to get some ideas, or download some really good ones and test them.

Another powerful tool you can use in Adplexity is the Advertiser filter. 

With this tool you can spy on your competitors. If you know their domains, you can simply enter it there or if you know their affiliate codes you can put that in as well, and then in the drop down menu at the search box you can search in their redirect chain or in their outgoing landing page, so you should definitely check that out:

So guys that’s pretty much it, the  Adplexity Push. is really awesome, you can get a ton of data and inspiration with it, and don’t forget that it is completely free to join, so take advantage of this especially while it’s free!

How to Create A Custom Tracking Domain on RedTrack with SSL enabled

RedTrack is by far the most affordable, must have tool for any affiliate. No matter if you are a person just starting out with affiliate marketing, or you are an experienced super aff. RedTrack is very affordable, fast, and you don’t need your own hosting. We use it for all our campaigns, and what we enjoy the most is the awesome support staff behind it that add custom features whenever we need it, really fast.

If you haven’t yet get your RedTrack account right here.

In this guide, I’m going to walk you through how to create a custom tracking domain on RedTrack with SSL certification.

So, let’s start with Setting Up a Custom Domain.

There are many reasons why you should use a custom domain, like if for some reason your traffic source bans the default tracking domain, you can fix that issue by creating a custom domain.

First, buy your new domain. For this example I’m going to use one of my domains “” I’ve got at just to show you how it’s done.

When you have your domain, go to the domain manager and DNS Management:

Then scroll down and click on add new record:

For record type select CNAME:

And set it like this:
HOST – track
TTL – 1 hour

Once you’re done with this, go back to RedTrack and click on Tools – Domains – New:

Then fill in your domain name and your custom domain URL:

That’s it now your custom domain URL is set.

How to add SSL Certificate to your Custom Domain

Having an SSL Certificate will show your traffic’s browser that your website is secure and can be trusted. Without it Google will warn users that your website can be unsafe.
There are many websites out there where you can buy SSL Certificates, one of the most popular one is:

After you have bought your SSL you will receive a Key and the SSL Certificate.

When you receive that, go back to RedTrack and go to the domain settings click on your domain then edit and Enable HTTPS, then you just need to paste your Certificate and the Key and click save:

And that’s it! you have learned how create a custom tracking domain in RedTrack with SSL enabled.
But just to be clear SSL Certificate will not help you if you try to run campaigns with content that’s not approved by the majority of advertising networks like Facebook and Google, unfortunately they will ban you even if you have SSL.