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GOLDEN NUGGET Tuesday – How to stay under the radar and look average when Cloaking

IT IS A SECRET but NOW YOU’LL KNOW – The guys who cloak make the biggest bank out there.   Why?   It is simple really,  playing by the rules will not get you high volume anymore thanks to stupid things like Google Developer Policy updates; and other rules to make it harder and harder for affiliates to make money. Affiliates have to jump on the fence to provide for their families and themselves, or face having to go back to 9-5 job.

I don’t know about you, but the last thing I want to do is go back to sell advertising in the yellowpages.  (Yup I used to be an ad consultant many years ago at YellowPages, freakin’ hated slaving at that job 8-5PM M-F .. getting up at 6 to catch the train in time downtown, then arrive home by 6:30 then rinse and repeat – Thank god for affiliate marketing!)  

Most people;  actually NO ONE talks about cloaking because they are scared for whatever reason.     Lucky for me, I live in a free country with freedom of speech,  and lucky for you because today I feel like sharing a true golden nugget that can help you fly under the radar better.

Want to find out what it is? Then read on!    BTW Recognize this image? —>     one word MINECRAFT!

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How to create an advanced campaign with landing pages in Thrive?

Are you feeling hungry for some more Thrive guides? I hope you are because this time I am going to explain to you how to create an advanced campaign with landing pages in Thrive! Exciting stuff.

If you missed my first guide with direct linked campaigns, check it HERE.

If you don’t have Thrive yet, click here to get your free 30 day trial.

I will cover most important parts from the first guide, so be sure to check that guide out first to have a better understanding of the options.


How to use landing pages with THRIVE – step by step guide


If you already have a campaign and just wish to see how landing pages are added, please skip to Step 3 in this guide.

I will use the same setup from the last guide because now i will only add the landing page to the rotation. Here’s a quick look at the setup from last time step-by-step.

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Telestream – Home to some of the best screen recording software

Unlike the other products I have reviewed so far, Telestream is actually more of a general showcase of screen recording products which may be valuable and interesting to most marketers who would like to add lively content to their blogs and websites.

Telestream is actually home for a wide variety of screen-recording products whose features you may or may not need. This is the reason why some products are more compact than the others. Depending on the types of videos you want to produce, your choice maybe limited to one. You might also opt to try the rest of the videos.

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