Facebook Ads Primer Part 3/3 [Campaign Optimization]

You have learned a lot in the previous part of my Facebook Primer. We have covered the importance of angles, and we started to wade through the inviting waters of Campaign Optimization. Today we will continue learning about proper Facebook campaign optimization, and finish with some useful tips.

If you know me, you know that I always test, test, and then I test some more. If you have read the last part of my Facebook Primer, you already know how important it is to split-test your ads. “But what about decreasing bids?” – Is the question most of you have sent me, and the answer is right in front of you.

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[GUIDE] How To Cloak Google Adwords Using AdsBridge

This is a sponsored post courtesy of Adsbridge

Cloaking of Google Adwords always deals with a risk to be banned and you should consider all pros and cons before getting started with it.

As you may know, Google allows working with various tracking systems as long as you follow their policy and all advertisement requirements. That’s why many of AdsBridge clients successfully work with Adwords without any tricky schemes.

So, here are the main tips for using AdsBridge for Google Adwords.

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Facebook Ads Primer Part 2/3 [Angles]

In the last part of my Facebook Primer I have talked about some important facts one should consider before setting up a Facebook campaign. Many newbies tend to make the same mistakes, but all of the mistakes can easily be avoided with knowledge, planning, and thinking outside of the box.

First part of the primer showed the importance of sticking with a niche, choosing the right offers, and targeting a specific democratic. Today I will teach you the importance of angles and a bit about creating the ads, since most of you already know a lot about it.

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