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[GUIDE] How To Cloak Google Adwords Using AdsBridge

This is a sponsored post courtesy of Adsbridge

Cloaking of Google Adwords always deals with a risk to be banned and you should consider all pros and cons before getting started with it.

As you may know, Google allows working with various tracking systems as long as you follow their policy and all advertisement requirements. That’s why many of AdsBridge clients successfully work with Adwords without any tricky schemes.

So, here are the main tips for using AdsBridge for Google Adwords.

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How to set up postback in AdsBridge tracking platform

ab_logo_400x400_2You have learned how to create your first campaign using the AdsBridge tracking platform. Now is the time to dig deeper and learn all about setting up the tracking pixel.


What is a tracking pixel? It is the best way to surely know that a user has followed the link to the target site created in AdsBridge and converted. It is of utter importance for acquiring statistics and leads calculation.


AdsBridge offers several options:

  • S2S postback URL
  • iFrame pixel
  • Image pixel
  • Tracking script

You can even use 3rd party pixels to pass conversions to your traffic source. It is obvious that AdsBridge offers more than enough alternatives for all of your tracking needs.

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Setting Up Your First Campaign With AdsBridge [Step by Step Guide]

If you are a newbie,  the plethora of tracking solutions might be confusing as heck,   couple that with the fact you also have to learn HTML/CSS/Photoshop in many cases – things start looking daunting.   That is why the guys at AdsBridge created their state of the art tracking solution,  which lets you not only track your campaigns but also create landing pages with ease.

Setting up a campaign with AdsBridge is a breeze. This tracking platform makes sure that even the most inexperienced Affiliate Marketer can set up his/hers first campaign in a matter of minutes. If you don’t already have an account get one here

Let’s continue … 

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