A CPA Network where you don’t have to wait for Approval & Offer Links – THE MOST EXCITING THING SINCE SLICED BREAD?

A CPA Network where you don't have to wait for Approval & Offer Links - THE MOST EXCITING THING SINCE SLICED BREAD?
A CPA Network where you don't have to wait for Approval & Offer Links - THE MOST EXCITING THING SINCE SLICED BREAD?

If you are like most affiliate marketers, you spend a ton of time waiting on your rep at the CPA Network to dump you links or approve you on offers. Time spent twiddling your thumbs while your media buyers wait around watching funny videos.

If you are just getting started affiliate marketing; you might have already experienced how PITA it is to sign up to a network; they make you fill out a long questionaire, more often than not you have to go through an interview process where if you don’t have a strong referral they will deny you. Not with these guys. They make it easy, and FAST to start making money.

Finally a CPA Network decided to start a new way of doing business! This is AWESOME for affiliate marketers that hate waiting for basic things like offer links and approvals.

This isn’t a new CPA network, they’ve been around for over 10 years and have over 9300 advertisers with offers in their database that you can start running right away. These offers span many different verticals & geos. I am talking about Admitad btw.

These guys developed a killer new Chrome extension that makes things INSTANT. You can dump the links, copy it to clipboard and get your campaign up in RedTrack in no time. No need to wait for an AM to respond on skype, no need for them to get approval on the offer, or for them to get you the offer links.

I don’t know about you, but I am in European Timezone, most of the reps we work with are in America that means I have to wait till 3-4PM my time, before they see my Skype message and then I have to wait a few more hours before they get their day started and get me approved/links. THIS CHANGES NOW thanks to this killer solution from Admitad.

A CPA Network where you don't have to wait for Approval & Offer Links - THE MOST EXCITING THING SINCE SLICED BREAD?
A CPA Network Where You Don’t Waste Time Waiting on Approvals & Offer Links!

When I asked, how do they monitor fraud and make sure people won’t scam them? They told me that anyone can sign up in just 2 minutes, and get their offer links the next (minute). Once traffic starts flowing, they will start monitoring it – if it’s suspicious they will get in touch otherwise they will let you do your thing so you aren’t disturbed and can do your thing as an affiliate and make that money!

The top verticals on Admitad are: e-commerce, travel, financial offers, mobile, online gaming.

They also have a great selection of offers in these niches:

  • Auto products
  • Accessories
  • Pharmacy
  • Hypermarkets
  • Food delivery
  • Pet shops
  • Tools & gardening equipment
  • Internet services
  • Books
  • Health & beauty
  • Coupons
  • Furniture & household goods
  • Mobile offers
  • Music & sound
  • Apparel & shoes
  • Online games
  • Gifts & flowers
  • Soft & games
  • Sport goods
  • Kids products
  • Hobby & DIY
  • Goods from China
  • Travel
  • Digital equipment & household appliances

Top Offers From The USA – Shein, AliExpress, FarFetch, Adobe, iHerb, Walmart, Gearbest, Skyscanner, Endclothing, Airnbnb, Adorama, Mariott, Hostinger.

Get started now, no need to fill out long sign up form, go through approval process, or wait on a rep. You can get your offer links in a few minutes!

TopOffers – Your Top Network for PUSH

TopOffers - Your Top Network for PUSH

DATING IS KILLING IT ON PUSH!  Are you getting a piece of the pie?   

We’ve been doing super well with PUSH traffic,  if you follow my blog you have read the awesome step by step guides on how to run PUSH I’ve published.  If you haven’t yet read them, you should just search for PUSH and see all the awesome how to tutorials on this awesome traffic source.

One of the verticals where PUSH does really well is DATING, and I have an awesome, awesome network for you with the best exclusive SOI & DOI dating offers out there.  

What’s SOI?

That’s single opt in, when all the user has to do is fill in their email, or phone number and you get paid. DOI is when a user has to double opt-in, by confirming that they do indeed want to be subscribed to the service.  I recommend SOI, it KILLS on PUSH.

For DATING offers,  TOPOFFERS is badass. They got so many offers in so many countries you really don’t need to go elsewhere.  Plus their reps are super friendly and can get you the best exclusive offers in no time, for us, we get many geos exclusively and cap out their daily requirements which is awesome == no competition!!!

This is how TOPOFFERS describes themselves:

TopOffers – premium CPA Network. Coverage of more than 50 countries based on PPL. Exclusive in-house dating affiliate program, direct offers in Dating, Cams, Games, Sweepstakes, Crypto, Forex and VAS verticals.

They have more than dating, but really kill it in the dating niche!!

I’m actually writing a guide on iAmAffiliate premium on how to run PUSH camps on Zeropark using SmartLinks.

Smartlinks are fucking dope, because all you do is run traffic, and they test different landers/offers in the back and channel your incoming visitors to the ones most likely to convert.  Some call this new type of A.I. system programmatic buying, I just call it efficient affiliate marketing where you can focus on 1 thing, and that is optimizing your creatives/targeting on the traffic source with a tracker like redtrack do the backend stuff, test different prelanders, and offers to maximize the ROI from all of the traffic you send!

150+ GEOs, 2000+ in-house & external offers. Dating, Cams, Games, Sweepstakes, Crypto, Forex and VAS verticals.

GOLDEN NUGGET:  Some additional traffic sources that work well for their offers are Facebook,  Native and Email.

What is great, is all you have to do is generate $100 bucks to get paid, they don’t hold your funds like many other CPA networks and require you to reach $500 minimum or worse; $1000 minimums.

Click here for a complete list of Offers in TopOffers

PS: Recently they bumped the payout for DEU SOI $4,5 for NaughtyDate,Gibsmir,BeNaughty, and GibmirSex

>>> Get Your Accounts Now!!! <<<

The Best Exclusive Adult Dating Offers Network

The Best Exclusive Adult Dating Offers Network

It’s no secret I had an awesome time at AWE 2018, heck I even posted a picture review about the epic conference!

I’ve met so much new faces and had the chance to get to know killer new advertisers and direct owners of awesome offers. One of these great companies was Premium CPA Network TopOffers.  They are the go to network when it comes to adult dating and have mostly truly exclusive offers, I say truly because everyone these days say they own the offers, but in reality, they don’t – well these guys do, which is awesome.

The Best Exclusive Adult Dating Offers Network

The less middle man there are in your campaign flow the better, because the more money remains in your pockets then!!

Higher payouts FTW & better CR because of less traffic redirects.

Unlike other CPA Networks that seem to have every offer under the sun, one of the reasons why these guys stood out to me was because they are FOCUSED.  They are focused on dating, and that is it.

Why being focused is so important you ask?

Well, a jack of all trades can never be as successful as someone that masters a vertical, if you are a member of the STM premium forum they preach how very important it is to focus and master a vertical!

Focus allows you to get to know every bell and whistle of a vertical and open up new opportunities.  These guys at TopOffers know dating, they only do dating so they know better than others what has to be done to get a lot of conversions from their offers.  This is why I really liked them, because they weren’t like typical CPA Networks – they are laser focused on dating.

Take a look at all the exclusive offers they have right here on Offervault

Their top offers are Flirt.com, BeNaughty,  CougarPourMoi, LayMatures, Wantubad– these are the top dating sites on Alexa in many countries and they paying amazing SOI for lead gen up to $12 for Nordic geos,  80% Revshare or CPS/PPS.

They have offers available in over 50 countries for lead gen which is huge.  One of the ways I made most of my money in affiliate marketing by NOT focusing on English speaking geos; rather we went for 2nd tier and 3rd tier countries in foreign languages; exploiting the fact that affiliates are a super lazy bunch who like to do the easy thing.  By focusing on weird geos, it allowed us to become profitable faster, and run campaigns that bring higher ROI due to less competition.

The Best Exclusive Adult Dating Offers Network

Here’s one of my favorite quotes related to hard work:

I find that the harder I work, the more luck I seem to have.
— Thomas Jefferson

When running dating you have the option to run SOI (single opt in), double opt in (DOI), Pay Per Signup also called CPS or RevShare.

I highly recommend split testing each payout form, as you never know which one might work better for you.

If you are running dating already and thinking of trying dating (We used to run dating years ago, and for some reason chicks with big tits always got the best CTR) – we have some good news.

TopOffers has a huge database of landing pages available, so you can launch right away.  This is awesome if you want to split test TopOffers with another network; or you just hate waiting for a designer to create your own lander.   Of course, your own landers/angles are always better as people get banner/lander burnout from seeing the same stuff; but to establish initial benchmarks which geo works best by doing little tests here and there using the already available landing pages is not a bad idea.

TopOffers has a $1000 welcome bonus for new affiliates,  learn about this deal right here

Click here to go direct to the sign up page,   when asked who referred you feel free to use my name for faster approval!

You can also check out TopOffers Linkedin Account Here.