3 Youtube Algorithm Hacks to Get More Views

3 Youtube Algorithm Hacks to Get More Views

We all want more views on our videos and channel. There are many ways to do this and most people are focused on video content. There is technical stuff that we can use to our favor. Understanding Youtube algorithms is incredibly important in understanding and having the system working for your benefit. 

There are strategies to adjust what you are doing and trigger that algorithm to get you more views. We are going to do this in a simple way and I will help you understand. Because I know that YouTube studio beta can be complicated. 

Also, don’t be scared of the algorithm. Its job is to get the right content to the right people. The algorithm is there to help people that don’t have technical skills and don’t know how to optimize everything on their channels.

So, we are going to look at the 3 key metrics that you want to look at in your analytics that is going to help you understand why your videos are getting views or not getting views.

How to start?

Log in to YouTube, when you click your profile image, find and click on YouTube studio beta. Now, on YouTube studio dashboard (left side of the screen) click on the Analytics.

This is how your screen should look. ↓

3 Youtube Algorithm Hacks to Get More Views

Here you can see who saw your videos, how many people and what videos are most popular. At any time you can export the statistic as Excel or CVC data.

For more statistical options and graphics – explore Youtube studio.

Watch Time

Here you can find out about the time people spent watching your content. There is an option to see this data for every video that you uploaded. From the most popular to the last. You can also see the total time people spent watching your videos since the beginning.

Time of the day when people watched your videos the most is very important. You will know when is the best time to post. 

You should know that YouTube is counting a view if a person spent more than 30 seconds watching your video. Most people think that the viewer’s number is showing the popularity of the video. However, you have no way of knowing how many people watch the video and how many watched just a part of it.

Using these analytics you can have a clear idea about the popularity of your videos. You will see whether you are becoming more or less popular. Witch content got the most views. What is my average number of viewers? 

A number of views and watching time are very important to YouTube. This tells them how relevant and good is your video or a channel in general. 

A good way to have more views, aside from paid advertising is to optimize your videos. What I mean by that is to have attention-grabbing Title with keywords, interesting thumbnail, good description, and your business info.

Of course, all these matrices are here just to help you out. You should focus on creating the content that people want to watch. That’s the most important.

3 Youtube Algorithm Hacks to Get More Views

Average View Duration

From a marketing point of view, a number of views are not that important. How much you were able to get people’s attention is much more important. Average view duration shows how much an average viewer spends time watching. Closer that number is to video duration, the better. It means you are providing valuable content. 

Again you have the option to see this analytic for every video or for all of them combined. This is important, for example, if you shorten the video time for one month then you can see if people are now paying more attention or is the duration of your video is not an important issue for the most. 

Most important is that YouTube will give you a bigger rank if your viewing average is high.

Impressions Click-through Rate

This is maybe the most important metrics because it shows how capable are your videos of drawing the attention of people.

A high click-through rate shows YouTube that your content is relevant and interesting. So, they will give you a higher rank for relevant keywords and its easier to promote your videos.

Of course, sometimes you will see a lot of impressions and a low number of clicks. The reason for this is that people don’t like your thumbnail or Title is not drawing enough attention.   

Low impression numbers with a high number of clicks probably mean that your content is relevant but your audience is specific and therefore small. 

3 Youtube Algorithm Hacks to Get More Views

Identify where your audience is coming from

Here you can find out more about your audience and how they are finding your content. Your audience can be segmented into two categories. Subscribers and viewers.

What is important to know is how are people finding you. Traffic sources will tell you what your viewers use to get to your content. From a direct link to the search engine. This is a good way to see how good are your title keywords for example. Also, if you see a lot of people are coming from Facebook, post your videos and promote them on Facebook more than before. 

It’s very useful to know what demographic is enjoying your content. 

Tip: If you sell your products through videos, then you should compare your audience data on YouTube with the one from your website and Facebook. Profile what audience is enjoying your promotions on which platform and find common characteristics.

Using analytics, you will have a much better idea about your customer persona and what content you should make. It will provide you good guidance for future content. 

In this blog, I only show you the basic metrics. You should definitely spend some time learning every tool and fixture of YouTube analytics. Especially, if you are selling your products or promoting offers through video advertising.

Of course, the most important thing is to provide great content. People will come to watch your videos sooner or later. 🙂

5 Simple and Effective Ways to Build More Views on Instagram

5 Simple and Effective Ways to Build More Views on Instagram

How were your holidays people? Mine has been crazy fun! Great gathering with the family and all that. Anyways, I’m here once again to share some Intragram Marketing tips this time.

Social media is an integral part of any digital marketing strategy. So, you would think that every part of any social network is exploited well marketing-wise. It’s not the case, even with the most popular networks. Instagram stories are one of those not completely exploited species. It looks like digital marketers are sleeping on Instagram stories. 

Of course, Instagram feed is what everyone is using to read the content. Statistics say that around 70% of users are browsing Insta stories. When you know that Instagram has more than a billion users, then it’s clear – that is a huge audience whos attention you could grab.

What is great about stories is that its only 15 seconds long. Many struggles with short unedited videos but I think it’s a great opportunity to add a personality to your brand. It’s exactly the content that is trending around the world. More organic and casual video instead of professional high production. 

This is important for promoting affiliate offers. Vlog on Instagram is something that probably no one in your niche is doing. Also, you can make your self an expert in say health and fitness and specialize only in promoting that group of products. 

What are the benefits of Insta story video:

  • People are watching instead of reading. Today with most people having a low attention span, video is a preferred way of consuming the content. 
  • Instant Vlog – no editing or fake promoting. 
  • Full-screen attention, no distraction, ads or offers.
  • Swipe up link.
  • No comments, only direct massaging. Witch is a better way of engaging with followers. 
  • You can get easily discovered using hashtags.
  • The limited number of content creators in your industry. Especially those that are having interesting content. 

One of the important things to know is that Instagram stories are instant content that will be buried and forgotten soon. So, if you want evergreen content Youtube is the place. But for instant engagement, nothing is better than Instagram.

5 Simple and Effective Ways to Build More Views on Instagram

Have a Specific Niche

This sim obvious but so many people would either not create enough content for their offer or would not build a specific social media business page. The reason for this is that people should feel that you are creating content that you are passionate about. That you possess great knowledge about the niche and that they should follow your channel. 

So, when you pick a product to promote, think about how well do you know it. It’s not just about picking what is profitable at the moment. You need to promote it exceptionally well, so you need to have an in-depth knowledge of the product. Yes, that includes research. 

Also, you don’t have to constantly open new business pages. Specialize in a niche and you can promote many products from it. Your channel will look natural and have brand recognition. 

Or maybe you can have a main niche and supporting niches. Something like 80% of your content should be the main niche and rest can be about supporting niches. 

Keep it Simple 

What is great about Instagram stories is that you can create content incredibly fast. There is no need for editing or adding effects. That is the reason that they are called Insta stories. Of course, you should consider colors, lighting, and sound. It’s important that you don’t overthink about what are you going to post. Remember, people expect it to be spontaneous. 

Your story posts should not only be limited to videos. Try to combine videos and images. 

Post During the Day

Never post at the same time or just during one period. This is not just to keep it organic. Its a tactic, a very powerful one. When someone consumes your content on Instagram it quickly disappears. It becomes buried with other stories very quickly. Some produce few videos a day. Plan ahead and know exactly when and what you will do. That is the only way for your content to be in front of people constantly.

Also, you know that on your Instagram feed on your phone, there will be one image. Then you can scroll down to see more. Well, in the same amount of time you scroll trough 5 images, you could scroll like 30 images in the upper corner. So, it’s more important for your exposure than the actual feed itself.

Use Every Tool Available 

What this means is that you should use emojis, handles, hashtags… You don’t need to edit your video but you should try to make it visually appealing. Grab people’s attention!

Remember, your vlog will have more discoverability if you use hashtags. It’s not just that people can find you but if people that like your content are using a hashtag then people that follow them could see it. People that are tagged will share that image on their wall.

Be Yourself

Authenticity is key. Remember that your channel has to be different from the others. Now, this depends on the brand and how much time you have to create a social channel for a particular offer. Still, if you listen to previous advice and you have an Instagram page for your main niche and 2 sub-niches. Then sometimes you can show the face behind the brand. Authenticity and integrity are important in business. People need to trust your products and recommendations. Also, you never know what will connect with other people. Maybe you have an interesting personality that can help you with selling products. So, don’t be afraid to put yourself out there. 

TikTok Conquering Social Media – How You Can Inject TikTok with Your Marketing Strategies

TikTok Conquering Social Media - How You Can Inject TikTok with Your Marketing Strategies

Have you guys noticed how tons of people nowadays are going crazy over TikTok, kids, celebrities, even politicians use this as a campaign platform!

TikTok is gaining more popularity every day. At the moment it has 500 million active users worldwide. It’s a social network that is focused on allowing its users to share short mobile videos.

Similar to YouTube, it’s easy to browse content on this app and you don’t have to contribute or be active in any way.

I am sure you know or can easily find more information about TikTok. What is important, from a marketing perspective, is that it’s incredibly popular and young people are its main audience. So, let’s see how we can benefit from TikTok!

TikTok ads exist but are restricted to a small number of countries. They can be pretty expensive as well.

The best option for every marketer is to open his own channel. Content has to be in line with what is popular on the network. It’s best if you can build your audience organically. Then try to promote your offer slowly. Or simply build a channel around the affiliate or any knowledge that you possess related to your offer.

As mentioned, TikTok ads are incredibly expensive and are reserved only for big companies. Most ad experts say that you need to spend a minimum of 50 000$ to have any success promoting your offer on TikTok.

When it comes to ad types on TikTok, for now, only 4 exist:

Pre-roll ads – Your video ad will play before the content video.

Promoted hashtag challenges – Create custom tags to attract people and ask them to follow your content.

In-feed ads – Appearing in the TikTok feed as you scroll.

Branded effects – Opportunity to create a custom effect filter to use in videos. Custom filters are already present for a long time on Instagram and Snapchat. Here you have the opportunity to create a brand-specific filters.

TikTok Conquering Social Media - How You Can Inject TikTok with Your Marketing Strategies

Shoppable Videos on TikTok

Currently, Shoppable videos are in the beta testing phase. Only some influencers are using it actually. On the other hand, its present for a long time on another app from the same owner called Douyin. So, it is expected to show up soon on TikTok.

Similar to Instagram, you can swipe the image and see the product info in bubbles. It will significantly improve marketing options on TikTok, especially for eCommerce.


Influencers are an inevitable part of any social network. On TikTok at the moment, they are probably your best option for digital marketing. Creating good content and a huge follower base takes time. Especially if you do it organically. So, Influencers could be a key to avoid spending significant sums on advertising. Many of the smaller businesses are already doing it.

Popular Content

It is still early so most people try to divert attention with fun videos, memes or some reactionary content that could go viral. Therefore, trends are changing constantly. There are not many established channels like on YouTube. Since this is a social network for young people, this is probably where your best chance of being popular lies. Most people present on TikTok are young and they have good knowledge of digital marketing. So, they can recognize many marketing practices and won’t appreciate advertising much.

Hashtag Challenges

Basically, a user is creating a hashtag and targeting another user with it. The goal is to challenge that person to do something and make a video out of it. Of course, there is no guaranty that the person you target will respond at all.

Businesses can use this to promote their tag for days with a link to their eCommerce. Still, as mentioned, its a very expensive option. Only if you can jump on a popular hashtag train, it could be affordable.

TikTok Conquering Social Media - How You Can Inject TikTok with Your Marketing Strategies

Creating Sounds

TikTok owners use to own a Musical.ly app. Maybe because they have experience with music apps, music is a big part of TikTok. Small parts of any popular song from any type of medium can be used. This is a great way to avoid copyright claims. Also, as soon as someone uses a song on their video, it is saved on the TikTok library and anyone can use it and share it afterward. Of course, it’s even better if you can create your own original music. There is already a good number of people that become famous this way.

Many Dances and Singing Challenges

It is no surprise that anything related to music is popular as well. People dance and sing popular songs. Someone can send you a challenge with a song you should dance to or sing it like karaoke. There are songs that become popular tag challenges. You can guess, where this is going.

Try to Capitalize on TikTok Hype Train

It is always better to start early. Browse content, see what is popular, take your time and see how can you promote your offer trough some of the popular trends. Creat fun and creative videos. Have fun while promoting your offers.

As TikTok grows, I am sure that there will be more means for us to earn from it. This is the story of any popular network. All of them are earning the majority of their profit from advertising.