YOUTUBE TIPS: The Right Time and Amount of Videos to upload on youtube every week

I guess a lot of marketers have wondered about this. How often should you post on YouTube? Is there a formula for success that famous YouTubers are using? Is there a minimum that I should look out for? Is it possible to post too much?

What if you need to choose between posting more with not that great videos and posting less with great quality videos?

This is a no brainer, always go for the quality. However, it’s not this simple. Theoretically the more you post, you should have more views and better exposure.

For example, if you post one video a week and get 100 views, then if you post two videos you should get 200. In effect, you should have doubled your weekly viewer’s amount.

Your reach opportunity would be bigger. Like, that second video may convince some people to take a look at your channel and find more videos. So, now your first video has 115 views.

It sounds good in theory but there are some things to consider. So, let’s see if there are some rules for posting and scheduling videos.

Post as Much as Possible Without Sacrificing Quality

Look at it this way, rate your video on a scale from 1 to 10. Think about how your 8 or 9 or 10 looks like. You are putting a lot of time and energy into it, that is your best content, top advice that you can give, you simply love how that video turned out! Those are your best videos possible. It takes a lot of personal energy and sacrifice to hit that high level and achieve that 9 or 10.

So, if you add one more video a week, you don’t want to drop it below 6, on your own scale. But if you add the third video that is 5 or 4… well, your branding and the quality of the whole channel will suffer.

Also, remember what athletes like to say: ‘’You are only as good as your last result’’.
Every time you put out a video, people will judge it. It’s also normal for people that discovered your channel to look at your latest videos first. That is how YouTube is structured. Also, it is expected that you have more experience and knowledge now than when you started.

The worse thing that can happen is that new people see your videos as bad or boring. Your long-time followers will say he obviously significantly dropped in quality. The obvious consequence is that they will start leaving your channel.

In my opinion, it’s ok if your quality drops a little. It’s natural that you can’t kill it every time.

Post One Video a Week

This is not a rule but I think it should be a minimum. There are always exceptions of course. Channels with high video production can have a long pause between videos. Still, they will post short previews and update you on where they are in the shooting process. Just so people won’t forget about ..say… fanfic movie that is coming. So, even their pause is not that long.

YouTube favors recency. That means that they will give you more channel authority, your videos will rank better if you have consistency. So, try to target once a week and go from there.

Experiment With Different Types of Content

I know that this contradicts my talk about content quality. Just hear me out! Let say that you spent a lot of time and effort in research, shooting and writing content for one video. Then on the next one, to keep up with the schedule, you can answer questions from the comments on the first one. This content is fast to produce and you didn’t sacrifice much in terms of quality.

Another thing to take into consideration is that your channel functions similar to a TV network. Many of your subscribers are there just for one type of show. Just like people who watch ‘’Better Call Saul’’ on AMC but are not interested in other content. So, understand that your audience is segmented and see what type of content is doing best. Again, like TV networks, they will put a spotlight on their best content. Also, listen for the feedback and what would your audience like to see in the future.

Try different content types, Youtube live or music for example. Just look at it as creating different shows for different audiences.

This will increase your posting frequency and your audience.

Can You Upload Too Much?

Again, it depends on the quality of the content and the type of the channel. If you are creating news or reaction content to some entertainment or gaming events, then posting often or not having an established consistency is normal. With that type of content posting a few times a day would be quite normal and expected.

Vloggers are posting a lot of content. Most are active 7 days a week, multiple times a day. It’s awesome because your content is always near the top of the feed. Whenever someone logs into YouTube, your video is among his subscribed recommendations.

All in all, you should always go for quality. Your content will always work in your favor then. With a good Youtube rank, your videos will be constantly recommended by YouTube. Whenever someone types a search term related to your content your video will be out there. It will get multiple views. People will watch your video weeks, months, years later. So, the effort that you put into creating a quality video will pay dividends in the future.

How to Make Your Videos Go Viral? – Here are few tips For You!

Clicking on a YouTube recommended video, we all have done this.
Titles are interesting, thumbnail images as well. Then the actual content – not so much. Then you see that this exact video gets tons of hits? Like WTF?!

This is not happening by mistake. Ok, sure some people just created content that they are passionate about and it turns out it’s interesting to many people.

However, in most cases, a viral phenomenon did not happen by accident. Behind it is usually a team of marketing experts who know exactly what they are doing. They are making this video with a particular goal in mind.

Viral content is the best way to achieve brand awareness, get new clients and boost traffic to your website or a store.

Researching those viral videos I saw that there are certain factors that they all possess. They all have some characteristics in common.

Make a Good Video

The goal of making a video should never be about becoming viral. You should make a video that is good. Priority is that you offer quality content to your viewers. Your business video can’t just be funny, cool or whatever. It has to have a business goal behind it.

So, if you make a campaign that is really great, that is going to drive enough customers. Then you created something like a self-funding marketing engine. So, ultimately your goal is to make a quality video that is going to sell. It has to create a desire for people to use a credit card and swipe.

Promote it Through Ads

In this day of age, you have to use paid promotion. All the social networks are earning the majority of their revenue from online advertising. For example, Facebook algorithms are not allowing business content to get exposure otherwise. They want you to spend money so they can earn money and you will get the opportunity to earn a lot as well. The more money you spend, the more benefits you will get.

So, you have to pay for promoting your video, otherwise its post and prey.

Thumbnails and Titles

If you do a great job with a catchy title and interesting thumbnail, then your video will stand out from the crowd. It’s inevitable that people are having similar content as you. Do a YouTube search and see what your competition is doing. Who got your attention?

Create different titles and thumbnails and do split testing. You need to test different perspectives. It’s not about you or your marketing colleagues. Getting expert opinion is great but you need a perspective from some ordinary people as well. They will be the crowd you are targeting after all.

For example, I am asking my stuff (who are not copywriters) to write some titles as well. Many times those titles ended up as the winners.

You Have to Make People Feel Something

You have to relate to your audience in an emotional way. It helps if you are passionate about your offer. It would be easier for people to relate and for you to understand what content people would enjoy.

For example, after the Game of Thrones finale, there were thousands of videos about it. Those with the most views did not hide their disappointment or emotional reaction. That is exactly what people want to watch. A huge and knowledgeable fan openly discussing what went wrong. Not some cinematography expert doing an objective review.

Follow a Proven Sales Structure

Like them or not, there is a reason some types of commercials are successful. Most of them are following a well known and established structure. Our product provides the right and elegant solution to your problem. You just need to present this in a relatable way, with your brand image and uniqueness.

Start With a Good Product

Start with a product that you like and believe in. Nothing sales as good as the truth. If you are speaking from a place of passion and truth, then that will come through. People will believe in that product as well. People can feel and sense the truth. If they can sense that about your ad, then they will buy it and they will back up that feeling with the logic. They will feel good about buying that product.

You can see the same thing about influencers. People clearly sense when someone is faking the reaction and when they truly rent about something they care about.

Embrace the Embarrassment

I know it sounds strange but you need to test different ideas. Your videos will never have a 100% success rate. This is what is great about online advertising. You can test different ads and see the feedback from the people.

It’s a luxury that those who create TV commercials don’t have. That is why you can see so many bad commercials. Once they are in the air, that is it. An unfunny, cringy or just boring commercial will run all over the country.

On YouTube, you just learn, get feedback and move on. Same as when you start a channel. You have to see criticism as something positive and listen to people and what content they would like to see.

3 Youtube Algorithm Hacks to Get More Views

We all want more views on our videos and channel. There are many ways to do this and most people are focused on video content. There is technical stuff that we can use to our favor. Understanding Youtube algorithms is incredibly important in understanding and having the system working for your benefit. 

There are strategies to adjust what you are doing and trigger that algorithm to get you more views. We are going to do this in a simple way and I will help you understand. Because I know that YouTube studio beta can be complicated. 

Also, don’t be scared of the algorithm. Its job is to get the right content to the right people. The algorithm is there to help people that don’t have technical skills and don’t know how to optimize everything on their channels.

So, we are going to look at the 3 key metrics that you want to look at in your analytics that is going to help you understand why your videos are getting views or not getting views.

How to start?

Log in to YouTube, when you click your profile image, find and click on YouTube studio beta. Now, on YouTube studio dashboard (left side of the screen) click on the Analytics.

This is how your screen should look. ↓

Here you can see who saw your videos, how many people and what videos are most popular. At any time you can export the statistic as Excel or CVC data.

For more statistical options and graphics – explore Youtube studio.

Watch Time

Here you can find out about the time people spent watching your content. There is an option to see this data for every video that you uploaded. From the most popular to the last. You can also see the total time people spent watching your videos since the beginning.

Time of the day when people watched your videos the most is very important. You will know when is the best time to post. 

You should know that YouTube is counting a view if a person spent more than 30 seconds watching your video. Most people think that the viewer’s number is showing the popularity of the video. However, you have no way of knowing how many people watch the video and how many watched just a part of it.

Using these analytics you can have a clear idea about the popularity of your videos. You will see whether you are becoming more or less popular. Witch content got the most views. What is my average number of viewers? 

A number of views and watching time are very important to YouTube. This tells them how relevant and good is your video or a channel in general. 

A good way to have more views, aside from paid advertising is to optimize your videos. What I mean by that is to have attention-grabbing Title with keywords, interesting thumbnail, good description, and your business info.

Of course, all these matrices are here just to help you out. You should focus on creating the content that people want to watch. That’s the most important.

Average View Duration

From a marketing point of view, a number of views are not that important. How much you were able to get people’s attention is much more important. Average view duration shows how much an average viewer spends time watching. Closer that number is to video duration, the better. It means you are providing valuable content. 

Again you have the option to see this analytic for every video or for all of them combined. This is important, for example, if you shorten the video time for one month then you can see if people are now paying more attention or is the duration of your video is not an important issue for the most. 

Most important is that YouTube will give you a bigger rank if your viewing average is high.

Impressions Click-through Rate

This is maybe the most important metrics because it shows how capable are your videos of drawing the attention of people.

A high click-through rate shows YouTube that your content is relevant and interesting. So, they will give you a higher rank for relevant keywords and its easier to promote your videos.

Of course, sometimes you will see a lot of impressions and a low number of clicks. The reason for this is that people don’t like your thumbnail or Title is not drawing enough attention.   

Low impression numbers with a high number of clicks probably mean that your content is relevant but your audience is specific and therefore small. 

Identify where your audience is coming from

Here you can find out more about your audience and how they are finding your content. Your audience can be segmented into two categories. Subscribers and viewers.

What is important to know is how are people finding you. Traffic sources will tell you what your viewers use to get to your content. From a direct link to the search engine. This is a good way to see how good are your title keywords for example. Also, if you see a lot of people are coming from Facebook, post your videos and promote them on Facebook more than before. 

It’s very useful to know what demographic is enjoying your content. 

Tip: If you sell your products through videos, then you should compare your audience data on YouTube with the one from your website and Facebook. Profile what audience is enjoying your promotions on which platform and find common characteristics.

Using analytics, you will have a much better idea about your customer persona and what content you should make. It will provide you good guidance for future content. 

In this blog, I only show you the basic metrics. You should definitely spend some time learning every tool and fixture of YouTube analytics. Especially, if you are selling your products or promoting offers through video advertising.

Of course, the most important thing is to provide great content. People will come to watch your videos sooner or later. 🙂