$1000 TIP: How to stay under the radar when creating fake profiles for cloaking

Disclaimer: The following is for educational purposes only.  Cloaking will get you banned on most major traffic sources.  Play with fire at your own risk!

Cloaking or thinking about it? Here’s a tip to help you farm better accounts!

Sadly,  with time policies evolve and we’ve gotten to a point where they ban you for everything.  Hell they banned our Bulk WordPress Sites company used by lazy web designers that just want to meet with clients and not do any work (just resell our sites for 2-3x the actual cost).    When I asked WTF is wrong with wholesalewpsites.com they told me “We don’t support your business model” – lol wut?!!    Anyway…  no big deal, new account and we’re back to promotions… but how do you get a new account?   And when you make one, how do you make one so you don’t get insta-banned??

Here’s the $1000 TIP

DON’T STICK OUT!  One of the biggest most important things when it comes to cloaking is looking natural for the ad networks,  that means blending in.

It’s no secret people are using proxies combined with different VPS’s to create phantom personas.      But they get caught all the time, because they leave foot prints or stick out from the rest of the crowd.

My golden nugget tip for today is this,  if you are looking to bend the rules a bit and want to play with cloaking make sure you setup your foundation right.     There’s this site I talked about before called gs.statcounter.com,  it lets you look up stats on any country including Browser, OS,  Screen Resolution and more.  Look at all the options, it’s insane!

What does this mean?  It means you can look up what the average person in the country is using, so you can make phantom profiles that mimic that so you don’t stay out from the crowd.

Why You Need to Start Using this FREE Traffic Source for Your Business RIGHT NOW?

This FREE Traffic Source is a must, if you run a business or you are promoting affiliate offers


I am talking about IG; Instagram, why is it better than Facebook?

The answer is – organic reach! Instagram provides around 30% organic reach vs Facebook that will show your post to only a single digit % of your followers.

That’s why I’ve made it a focus to work on growing my instagram profile, and I started sharing some awesome tips how you can too.

A free traffic source like IG should be part of your promotion arsenal, no matter what type of offers you promote, or what kind of business you run.

Here’s a post I’ve published a week ago where I explain how to grow your followers with real, highly engaged people. > Read it Here <

I’ve been publishing a lot of photos old and new and playing around with special tags on how to drive more likes and engagement. You can check my insta right here.

Been learning a lot, for one there’s an awesome tool called Display Purposes that will generate highly relevant and popular hashtags you can just cut n paste. It’s totally free too.

To drive traffic to my blog from instagram, I decided to get some templates made in PSD that I can just edit quickly, then publish with a relevant description, hashtags, and a link back to my blog.

James Van Elswyk said the best way to go about getting into new things is to hire experts from the start, so I decided to just go on Fiverr and hire 2 different people to make me these, as these guys (based on their feedback) done thousands upon thousands of IG ads; and know what colorscheme/style works best to get high CTR. Which by the way is uber important; because more click throughs = more likes = more followers and more engagement.

That’s it for now, be sure to follow me on << Instagram >>

Why placing pixels on your company website/blog is a MUST!

Placing pixels on your site is a MUST if you are a blogger, company owner, webmaster or affiliate!

Why is this so highly recommended?   The answer is simple,  by pixeling your site early on you will start building custom audiences of people that engage with your content.     Think of this as the best way to ‘get a discount’ on any potential paid advertising you might do in the future.

If you have a new product or service that you want to market; rather than shooting in the dark, you can start running ads to your custom audience that the pixel helped build right away and harness the power of marketing to your existing customers.  It’s a fact in business that your past customers are the best ones to sell to, because they already bought from you, know you and trust you therefore it will be easier to make the sale vs cold calling, cold contacting brand new customers and audiences out there.

Having a pixel on your site will also allow you to generate lookalike audiences,  this is very powerful of platforms like Google and Facebook as they have millions of data points about everyone that uses their system, and know your customer better than you do.  Generating a lookalike will look at all the likes, favorite things, business practices, contacts, etc of people that visited your site, thus triggered your pixel, and then generate an audience that looks just like them – you can then target these people and see way better return on your ad spend,  a sort of discount on your cost per lead if you will.


Same goes for us aff marketers, if you run any kind of offers, slap the pixels on the prelanders, start building the audiences so you can scale them easily. One thing we do internally is setup events, like onClick button to execute special conversion pixels, and then we build lookalikes off these. You can do these kind of tricks using javascript quite easily. I have a guide on my blog about how to do just this right here.

I’ve been blogging for 5 years and wasn’t smart enough to implement the pixels at the beginning,   it’s better late than never!   If you haven’t implemented the pixels yet either, its not too late.  Do it right now.

You will want the following pixels added to your site:

-Facebook Pixel
-Google Pixel

Some other ones you might want are:
-Outbrain Pixel
-Taboola Pixel
-AdRoll Pixel
-Yahoo Gemini Pixel
-Bing Pixel
-Twitter Ads
-Amazong Ads