Never Pay for BOT Traffic Ever Again! – Useful Tip for Internet Marketers

FACT: Bot Traffic Steals as more than 30% of your profits!

Here’s how you can stop being ripped off and paying for fake clicks! 

RedTrack introduced a Hot new feature that will show you..

How much fraud traffic you buy… and help you block it before it kills your budget!

You can use the intelligence gained to get a refund from your ad network!


Make more money!

Fraud Report — brand-new feature built into REDTRACK (the cheapest, best bang for your buck SAAS tracker out there that we use) — evaluates the quality of every click on your ad and provides it within in-depth reports!Detect and filter fraud clicks and bad traffic from:

-proxied” connections
-hijacked devices
-IPs with known botnets and adware
-cookie stuffing, etc.All in all, RedTrack analyzes every ad click based on 13 metrics real-time and provides the ratio of human clicks and fraud ones with the reason of fraud behavior.

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The best alternative to voluum is here!! {FINALLY}

The news you’ve been waiting for!!! After testing various trackers to find an alternative to Voluum after they dropped a 3x price increase on us affiliates, I was able to find a real bad ass one which was created by the best Russian coders.

It’s a fact Russians are bad ass in math and programming, no wonder one of them founded GOOGLE!! (Sergey Brin in case you r wondering)

Anyway, this tracker is NOT BINOM, even though a lot of people thought it is — BINOM is awesome, but I really, really don’t like having to self host something. However, I was able to find a tracker my team loves and is SAAS. This is perfect for newbs and advanced affiliates alike because you don’t have to worry about paying for extra servers, having to monitor that server to make sure its fast enough and most importantly paying extra for things like PINGDOM to ensure that your tracker is up and running and doesn’t crash during the night that causes you to lose a fuckload of money because of it. (I lost over $4000 when I used to use imobitrax wayyyyyyyyyyyy back and during the night the server crashed).

Anyway, I know there are a shitload of trackers out there, but this one seems to be the best because it’s fast as fuck and simple to use.

Drum Roll:  This tracker is Red Tracker

The interface of RedTrack will be quite familiar to many of you, if you are new to trackers then u’ll be able to learn it quickly. I’m gonna write a guide on how to use this beast soon, once we get back on track with my awesome 800% campaign (As I wrote end of August, G came up with a new update that royally fucked up my awesome ROI, so now im grinding like a mofo day and night testing a ton of things to get that sweet, sweet ROI back) Anyways…

What you’ll like most aside the awesome features and speed this tracker has to offer is the price.. It’s only $79 bucks per month up to 3 million events.

>> Sign Up At their website and test it out, they have a 2 weeks free trial!

PS: I’ve gotten to the know the guys who I met at AWE quite well, and they are open to quickly implementing any new awesome features you might need too… so this is also a mega, giga, plus worth TRILLLIONS (inside joke).