$1000 a day on Facebook without Cloaking

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If you are struggling with affiliate marketing, then listen up – I have something for you that can help turn that around.

Alternatively, If you are cloaking, sick of accounts going down and getting banned then you will love this.

…a few months back, I decided I want to start building assets I can sell; so I begun searching for something white hat I can scale, and build out like a real business.

I knew I couldn’t cloak. I knew it had to be a product/service everyone wanted and loved and I also knew it had to be some vertical where I can talk and engage my customers to sell them more stuff over and over.. A friend of mine asked; why don’t I try teespring…?

I heard of teespring… so just to make sure I’m not confusing it with something else I asked him “isn’t that selling t-shirts and stuff?” He said yes, but its not only that, its actually a real business that can make a ton of money without cloaking, plus its a whole lot of fun! Sweet, so I thought.. and i started networking to find out ways I can learn teespring. The motivation was there, my buddy was doing 30k a month from Teespring alone UNCLOAKED.

“That’s pretty awesome because I can learn how to do it, then build a team; teach ’em the step by step procedures/systems and just over see it passively..” I thought to myself..

Everyone started telling me about a guy named Albert, a dude from asia who sold over 20,000 copies of 1 shirt on t-spring. 20,000 shirts!? That’s $200,000 profit from just 1 tee!! Crazy eh? He created a kick ass course that is the bible of how to run whitehat TEESPRING on facebook, and how to make great $$$

It teaches a lot of great things, including how to laser target to get CPA’s as low as $1 each.    I wrote a mini guide on how to target your ads on facebook you can read here;  and also shared a great method to find your audience here.   But the level of detail, and step by step instruction he goes through via videos is priceless.  If you love watching videos and learning that way, you will appreciate the great value his course has to offer for sure!

Uncloaked, Facebook, White Hat, 1k a day potential?? That’s Teespring! Be sure to check out the kick ass course right here.

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10 thoughts on “$1000 a day on Facebook without Cloaking”

  1. Hey man, no disrespect whatsoever but it is a bit too obvious that you’re just trying to monetize your blog given that you’re promoting SEO software with affiliate links; I thought you had gotten away from SEO?

    Anyhow, you have great content and don’t forget that. Talk to you later man!

    • Yea my ghost writer didn’t do a good job in writing the articles I ordered for a premium price on buncha tools.

      PS: Whats wrong with monetization anyway? I don’t think anyone works for free, do you?

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