[Very Important] How to Make Money on Facebook – The First Step – ANGLES

Angles are one of the most important things (aside images) when it comes to Facebook. Having a good angle can make or break a campaign.   Why? Because the marketing ‘angle’ is how you can connect with your audience. And here’s the funny part;  if you come up with what you think is a killer angle, it might actually suck. Most of the times, the stupidest angles I thought would never ever work, end up killing it and performing 300% better than the one I thought is the best.

To test angles, you first should dial in the best image. Start by doing 10 ads, with no angle, and see which one gets you the highest CTR.

After you have done that, duplicate the adset with the winning ad and change just 1 element.  The TEXT for your ad.  This text should be various angles you’ve come up with for your offer. If you have a hard time being creative,  BannersLanders offers a service called AngleSaurus where they will write you 10 angles for $100 bucks.  So you might want to hire them.

The trick to properly testing angles on Facebook is campaign structure and time. You cannot call the winner in a few hours, day, etc.  I find from many, many data driven tests that it takes a total of 3 full days to properly optimize to a point where the best ad set ‘levels’ out.

Part #1 — Finding your winning image

Step 1) Make a campaign with the ‘Website Conversions’ objective; set it for optimize for leads if you are doing lead gen, or optimize for purchase if you are doing ecommerce, or something else if you are doing other things.

Step 2) Create your adset, set the targeting, and create your ad.

Step 3) Duplicate the adset 9x and change the image on all ads one by one, so they are different per ad.

REMEMBER in this first part, you are not testing an angle.

Part #2 – Got the highest CTR (All) image? Good, now the fun begins.

Step 1) Duplicate the best adset how ever many angles you come up with, I like to do 10.

Step 2) Edit each ad, and place your angle

Step 3) Upload/save the changes.

Step 4) Let it run for 3 days before cutting anything, I typically test an angle at $40 per adset.

If you cut it fast, you will make the mistake of not letting facebook properly optimize and settle the best/strongest angle.

Here’s a screenshot of WHY you should be testing angles.  As you can see, the angles I highlighted KILL the others.  There are some that get 0 conversions, really bad CTR while these 3 do super well.  That’s the power of angles!

Testing-angles (1)

Let me know how it goes 😉

P.S. If you want to get more views on Facebook, you should check the post that I wrote.

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16 thoughts on “[Very Important] How to Make Money on Facebook – The First Step – ANGLES”

        • Yeah,
          I am also curious to know this, that when you start 1 CPA OFFER AD CAMPAIGN on FB then what you write at first and do you also put TEXT on your ad images ? if yes, then how you chose what to write I know it depends on offer to offer but still when testing images using Website Conversions objective what we will write in Title, description of the ad image etc ?

  1. Awesome content, thank you! Wondering if you have an Audience Size requirement? If something is under a certain size do you leave it alone due to a possible short lived camp? Thanks again for the great content.

    • Ads die even on big audience; so I just recommend you rewrite your angles and launch. We launch 10-20 new angles every week. I come up with them personally at random times, while driving, while chilling, while eating, etc and just write them all down, then when monday rolls around I give it to worker to implement and more often than not it ends up helping me make more and more.

  2. Hi Attila, I just got a quick question maybe you can help me out. If I’m doing gaming app install. What campaign objective do you think I should use ? Thanks!

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