The Top 20 Blogging Tips in 2023


Blogging is very difficult especially now in 2022. If You don’t already have a following, getting one started is going to be a challenge.   

  1. Start Writing Your Blog Right Away

As they say, there is no time like the present. If you haven’t started writing your blog by now, you should start immediately. Many beginners make the mistake of trying to learn everything before starting their blog. This sounds great in theory but in practice, it’s a bad idea. If you don’t start and learn by working, you will never improve. 

So start writing and continue learning. This way you will always improve through theory and practice. You will never get anywhere if you don’t try, so always give your best!

  1. Determine What Your Blog is About

Every blog has to have a theme that it follows. Usually, this is a niche that you are interested in and you want to write about. Ideally, the niche is popular, yet has no key players creating content for it. This will give you the biggest chance of success. Of course, it isn’t always smooth sailing. 

If you want to find your ideal niche, you should start by creating a list of hobbies or topics you are passionate about. Then you should research to see which of these is a viable niche for you. This is determined by researching the popularity of said subject as well as the current competition for it. 

Once you determine what your blog is about, try sticking to it as best as you can. Your audience will slowly increase and your content will get more and more eyes on it. If you decide to change your main focus in the future, do it very slowly and follow your audience. 

Remember, these people followed you for the original subject, not the new one. So you need to make sure that they stick around when you stop writing about what was interesting to them. 

  1. Get Some Creative Blogging Content Ideas

After you decide on your niche and the topics you will cover, you will soon realize that it’s easy to run out of ideas. You should stick to your predetermined niche and check out similar blogs for ideas. If not, try asking yourself what kind of topics people that are into that subject would like. 

Check out a variety of content sources. YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, and other blogs. You will surely find incredible ideas that can help you write some unique content for years to come. 

  1. Avoid Blogging Burnouts


If you work hard, you will burn out sooner or later. This will decrease your productivity and motivation by a lot. So you should try and avoid burnouts. You can do this by making posts that are outside of the usual topics and write about things you like. Don’t stress about each aspect. Just relax and write something that you would want to read. 

  1. Set High Standards for Your Blog Writing

The better quality your writing is the more likely people will read it and enjoy your posts. You should adhere to some quality standards that you set in advance. This can be writing longer articles, coming up with fresh ideas, and else. 

Getting your content to a higher standard level is incredibly important. You will see an uptick in views, retention, and profits in the long term. Other bloggers will likely want to guest post and recommend your blog to others. But keep in mind that you should stick to your quality standards and not deviate from them. 

  1. Keep Focused on Your Blog

When you start your journey, you will likely be highly motivated and focused. But as time passes, this will fall off. Suddenly you will find yourself spending more time checking out social media, videos, and other things not directly related to your blog. This is incredibly bad as it’s a big spiral most of the time. The less you focus on your content, the less you will care.

You should stop this as soon as you notice it. Turn off your WiFi for a bit. Go to an isolated place where nobody will bother you. Focus on your goal and try your best to reach it. Get rid of all the distracting things. Even if you are having difficult moments in your career, remember that perseverance pays off every time. 

  1. Get Inspired by Other Blogs and Learn From Their Content and Strategies

Sometimes other writers have better content that is more popular than yours. This can be because of a special writing technique, better choice of topics, innovative ideas, or some other reason. Having someone better than you isn’t all bad though. You should use their success to get inspired and try these techniques yourself.

Check out how your competition writes, what they write about, and how they interact with the audience. Try implementing what you learn from them on your content. This is a surefire way to improve properly and stay competitive. Don’t copy-paste the work of others. Sure, get inspired by it but don’t straight up copy it. This can get you into trouble and it’s a bad thing to do even if you don’t. 

  1. Utilize Guest Posting for Mutual Benefit, As It Is One Of The Best Ways To Build Your Links

People often consider other blogs their mortal enemies. While these other blogs are your competition, it doesn’t mean you can’t work together towards a common goal. As with everything in life, together you are stronger. 

Find blogs within your niche, or a niche similar to yours and ask for guest posts. You can post on their blog and they can post on yours. This way you will get mutual cross-promotion that will bring greater numbers to both of the blogs. You will get valuable backlinks and hopefully a new friendship or partnership. Not everyone is the enemy, the world together and you will see more success for sure. 

  1. Always Keep Learning New Things, Its The Key To Success!

If you stagnate, so will your content. Always seek new and interesting knowledge that your audience might like. Always read something. Books, other blogs, and new developments in your niche. When your content becomes stale, be sure that your audience will leave. 

Improve your writing skills. This is best done by writing more and more. Nothing like learning through doing something yourself. Study what kind of writing is popular nowadays, how you can improve, and keep your audience engaged.  

  1. Stay Consistent With Your Blogging, So That Your Visitors Come Back

Consistency is key on the internet. Each algorithm that ranks content takes it into account. Daily posting is better than weekly posting. Weekly posting is better than monthly posting. And inconsistent posting is the worst of the bunch. If you don’t follow a strict schedule, you will quickly lose momentum, or not gain it at all in the first place. Once you are out of the momentum loop, it’s hard to get back. So, stay consistent from day one. If you can, create content in advance so that if something unexpected happens, you still have content on time. This industry is a marathon, not a sprint. Posting dozens of posts in one day and then nothing for weeks is a bad practice and you should avoid it completely. 

  1. Create Positive Habits That Can Help You With Blogging

These positive habits can be simple like reading new things, researching new ideas, or setting specific goals each day. You can try helping other bloggers regularly and improving your image and reputation. 

Start using successful models that your mentors or peers use. Adapt your writing to the newest trends and trending topics. Learn from your and other people’s mistakes all the time so you don’t repeat them. 

Create a guide that can help you make your content more unified. This can be a resource that can help you learn and improve without exposing yourself to danger. 

And the most important thing is to not expect too much. You won’t become a millionaire in a month, or a year even. If you expect too much, you will quickly lose interest. Stay grounded and realistic with your expectations. You will surprise yourself with how fast you will surpass your expectations this way. 

  1. Learn SEO and Use It To Boost Your Blog

Search Engine Optimization is a very important thing to learn. With the proper SEO skills, you can quickly increase your blog’s ranking and gain new readers and audiences. Beginners don’t usually focus on this, and even the intermediates don’t give it the attention it deserves. Learn SEO and your blog will grow quicker than ever. 

  1. Learn WordPress and Make Blogging Easy


WordPress makes everything a lot more simple and easier to manage. Gone are the days of you needing to code everything yourself Today, you can use platforms like WordPress to help you create blogs more easily. Try avoiding the default themes as they are used everywhere and they can give your website a cheap feel. 

Get acquainted with good premium themes and use those instead. You can also install incredible plugins that can help your blog thrive and improve even further. 

  1. Research Your Blog Readers and Their Needs and Desires

It’s important to know your audience. The better you know them the better content you can write for them. The better content you have the more likely they will stay and read and interact with your posts. This is simple to understand but it’s easier said than done. 

You need to research who your audience is, what their interests are, and what they want to gain out of your content. When you find that out, cater your content towards their wishes and you will see incredible gains. 

  1. Put Yourself Into Your Blog Content

Blogs are not just about your content. They also revolve around you as a person. This is why you should always insert some personality into your posts. Say a few things about yourself, help people get to know you. They will then make a connection to your content and you as well. 

  1. Offer Additional Value to Your Blog Readers

The best blogs offer some kind of value to the reader. This might be entertainment, knowledge, or something else. If your blog doesn’t offer your readers some value, they will quickly lose interest. And the more value it offers, the more obligated they will feel to share your posts, buy your products and interact with your blog. Knowing what works best for what audiences are hard and it will require you to do some research into the whole subject. 

  1. Show Off Your Passion Through Your Blog

Nothing moves people like passion. If you are passionate about something show it off. If your blog is a passion project, it will most likely have incredibly insightful and interesting content. If you love what you do, your content should show it. People love seeing others reach their goals and dreams. It inspires everyone and gives off an incredibly positive vibe. 

  1. Be Original and Make Your Blog Unique

Everything you make should be yours. Don’t copy others, don’t try being something you are not. You are you, and your content should be proud of that. Your individuality might be the exact thing that appeals to your audience. If you copy and rephrase others all the time, your content will look more like a lifeless news feed. Mix it up with this you like and are passionate about and be original. This is the only sure way of success. 

  1. Use Internal and External Linking For Your Blog

Ever heard of a bounce rate? It is the rate at which new users come to your blog and then leave. Your goal is to make the new users stay, not leave. So lowering your bounce rate should be high on your to-do list. 

You can do this by linking your blog with others. Add reference links, and incline other blogs to link your blog to there as well. Don’t be scared to ask other blogs to help you build links together. It will help them as much as it will help you. It will help your SEO a lot as well. 

  1. Communicate With Your Audience And Optimize Your Blog’s Content For Them

When writing, sometimes you can’t look at things objectively. It is hard to put yourself into the shoes of the reader. But, you don’t have to. Ask your readers! Create interactive posts, ask them questions, and do things together. This is the perfect way to see what they think of you and your content and what they would like to see improved. Don’t be afraid to ask them for their opinions. They are your readers and it’s in their interest for you to have incredible content as well. 

Final Thoughts on These Blogging Tips

If you want to be successful as a blogger there are things you can do to increase your chances. Hard work and consistency are the biggest keys to success. But there are other things you should do and know to maximize your chances. 

Everyone has their ups and downs. Don’t quit when down, and don’t get greedy when you are on the rise. Always keep improving and learning new things. This way you will always stay on top of the competition and reach the heights you strive for. Include yourself in your content and become one with your blog. It is YOUR blog after all! Do what you love and not what you think will do the best. This way you will always have the motivation and people will love your content because of it. 

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