[ADWORDS SECRETS] 6 Tips on How To Improve Your Campaigns

No one talks about adwords, its like the most guarded secret in the world of affiliate marketing aside facebook of course. The guys making the big bucks, won’t share any of their secrets with you, because that will have a direct impact into their pocket book. OR they will charge you so much money, that most people simply won’t be able to afford to hire them for advice and 1 on 1 coaching.

Now that we’re aware about the state of things, let me be the first to share with you some amazing insights into adwords that helped me increase my ROI. I’ve been running adwords for years, it’s one of my favorite traffic platforms because you can get, ready for this golden nugget? A lot of premium placement that’d charge you 10x more (ie 45$ CPM instead) for 90% off or more. Yup, don’t ask me why but a lot of websites out there, premium pubs overvalue their placements yet they sell it for peanuts to adsense. Oh well that’s the way it is, lets accept it and move on.

I’ve been messing around with adwords a lot, and tried and test a whole lot of things, so here are 6 tips on what you can do to improve your adwords campaign so you can make more money.

1. Multiple ad groups are a MUST when running search campaigns!

It’s all about keyword relevance on the search network, and organizing things into ad groups so you can show relevant ads not only helps you lower your cost, and increase your quality score, but it has a direct correletion between your ROI as well.

So lets say you are running a pay per call campaign for dentists. You can create multiple ad groups like so:

-Teeth whitening
-Teeth cleaning
-Crown repair
-Tooth hole repair

Then in each ad group cater your ad to the group of keywords in that ad group to get the best QS.

Seo optimized keywords2. Create an effective keyword list

People all over get confused about keywords, they think the more you load into an ad group the better. Dump em in and see what sticks. That’s the wrong approach. The very best way to go is to keep the keywords highly relevant and only 10-15 per ad group.

This will make sure your ads only show for relevant keywords that are most likely to be interested in your offer.

Another important thing to do is to use broad match modifier, if you don’t know what that is read about it right here.

Also, this is highly helpful and benefitial at the same time. Adding negative keywords so they won’t show on stuff that is not related to your offer.

Here’s some I usually like to use:


and so on.

3. Include your keywords in your ad text.

If you want your ads to show more often, get a better position in the ad chain then its a must to include the keywords or variations of in your ad text. That is why its important not to have too many keywords and keep them highly relevant per ad group as well.

There’s a kick ass feature in adwords that let you dynamically insert the keyword into the ad using their dynamic keyword insertion method. You can learn more about this here – Wordstream explains it quite nicely, it is super duper easy.

Make sure also to use call to action phrases in your ads, like ‘Call Now’ or ‘Visit Today’ or ‘Book Now’, etc.

You can also include prices, offers, discounts in your ad texts.

Ad extensions adwords. Png4. Use additional Ad Extensions (not just call extension) to make your ads more interesting.

These ad extensions are in my experience, a great way to ‘spice up’ your simple and boring ads so they stand out.

You can do a lot of stuff, like add different sections from your website to your ad. This is cool if you built a landing page that’s made of multiple sections for your audience (like in my case plumbing FAQ site). These are called site links, here’s the google guide on it.

You can also add call out texts to tell peeps more about your services, in my campaigns i use this feature to add stuff like 24/7 customer service, best price guarantee and other sales messages to the target audience looking for plumbers. Read more here

Cross platform advertising. Png5. Run on Web & Mobile – Cross platform targeting

People might search for something on their mobile, then go on their desktop to order or book that thing or to learn even more about the service/product. That is why its important to make sure you are increasing bid adjustment on mobile.

To do this, just go to the ‘Campaigns’ tab in your account > Click on the campaign name > go to ‘Settings’ tab > click on ‘Devices’ sub-tab > edit the ‘Bid adj’ row beside ‘Mobile devices with full browsers’ and set an increased percentage per your convenience, and click on ‘Save.’

6. REMARKETING – This is one of the biggest impact driving changes one can implement in their ad campaigns to boost ROI. But most people aren’t taking advantage of this!

Remarketing put simply is targeting the people who already saw your landing page/offer but didn’t convert. You an setup a simple pixel in your lander, and show them more ads to encourage them to buy your product or sign up to your site or whatever offer you are promoting. There’s many ways one can setup remarketing pixels, to check if certain criteria is met but rather than diving deep into this (its a a multi-post subject on its own) i am going to just link you to more info on google so you can read up. Learn more about remarketing here.

Remarketing banner

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