Partners.House is Back In Full Swing! iAmAttila – 2023 Review

For the last few years, I had great relations with the Push.house team. They created some of the best networks, traffic sources, and tools out there, and I have been more than happy to promote them, as I believe they are doing a great job!


One of their more famous products, Partners.House just recently got a huge upgrade and I decided that it’s finally time to review them again and see how they perform in 2023! So let’s see what is new and how those changes impact the platform!

What is Partners.House?

First, let’s start with the basics!


Partners.House is an innovative affiliate network that stands out in the industry for its unique approach to monetizing traffic. It specializes in push notifications, offering a diverse array of tools and features that cater to both webmasters and affiliate marketers. What sets Partners.House apart is its user-friendly platform, which simplifies the process of creating and managing push notification campaigns.


Their commitment to continual improvement, evident in their latest updates, further enhances their reputation as a forward-thinking and adaptable affiliate network in a competitive market.

See what Partners.House has to offer!

What’s New With Partners.House?

If you compare it to what I said about them in our old article, you can see that a lot has changed with P.H in the last few years. And with the recent updates, the platform has looked or performed better! Here are a couple of changes they made, that I think make a huge difference in how everything flows together!


  • Brand New Design

Partners.House now sports a sleek, user-friendly interface, significantly boosting performance. Navigating through their platform is a breeze, making your affiliate journey smoother than ever.


  • Innovative Ad Formats

They’ve introduced InPage and OnClick advertising formats, offering fresh, engaging ways to monetize traffic. These new formats are game-changers for affiliate marketers seeking to diversify their strategies.


  • Enhanced Dashboard and Statistics

The new dashboard is a goldmine of information, neatly presented. You’ll find essential stats at your fingertips, making it easier to track your campaigns’ performance and make informed decisions.


  • USDT TRC20 Payouts

Flexibility in payouts is key, and with the introduction of USDT TRC20, you have more options. The standard minimum payout is a reasonable $50.


  • Top-Performing Landing Pages

Partners.House now highlights the best-performing landing pages within their system, offering valuable insights for your campaigns.


  • Ad Category Customization

You have the control to disable specific ad categories, ensuring relevance and alignment with your platform’s theme.


  • Landing Page Looping Options

They’ve introduced two types of looping on landing pages – captcha and redirect. This adds an interesting twist to user engagement.


  • New Domain Purchasing System

Buying domains is now more straightforward, adding to the overall user-friendly experience.


There are also a couple of new features that I use a lot less, but they are still very important!


  • Multi-code Customization
  • Improved API Access 
  • Platform-to-Feed Sales Disabling
  • Service Worker File Installation Verification
  • InPage and OnClick Format Settings
  • Traffic-Back Monetization System


All of these changes make this platform a contender for the number-one spot for any affiliate! They brought a lot of improvements and with another couple of small tweaks, they could capitalize on that change massively and corner the market! But let’s see how it goes!

Learn About All of The Changes And Start Working With Partners.House Today!

How To Get Started With Partners.House?

One of the things they didn’t change is how easy it is to get started! Within just a few clicks you can be up and running and well on your way to making your first profit from your campaigns!


All you have to do to get started is:


  • Make your account
  • Pick from one of the advertising formats
  • Connect your website or LP to the network or use one of the system ones
  • Configure your preferences and targeting
  • Integrate your ads
  • Monitor and adjust!


All of this is super easy and it makes you realize just how complicated most platforms are, especially for newcomers in the industry. Of course, there are some limitations, but even they are not that huge. They require you to have active traffic, that is from legal sources, without any spyware or malicious content, and with no, or little to no spam!


These are the bare minimum that any network will ask for, and in my opinion, these are no obstacles for any affiliate that wants to work and not scam his way to the top!

Conclusion – Making it work doesn’t have to be hard!

I am always searching for ways to diversify my networks and campaigns and for a long while Partners.House was one of my favorite networks to work with. With these new changes, I can say that things are only better than before and I am sure that I will keep working with them for a long while!


If you need help with this network and want to learn how to run affiliate marketing campaigns, be sure to become a member at iAmAffiliate forum where you can get 1 on 1 help from me, and my super affiliate friends. But even without further help, this network should be friendly enough for anyone to get started!


With their redesign and massive changes, came some great deals as well. For a limited time, our readers (you) have the chance to save some money and win some prizes! Namely, Partners.House will organize a huge promotion that will have something for everyone! It will start on Dec 25th and I’m sure you will find something great during the promotion period!

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