Why I shutdown my shopify store [and what I learned from running one]

Why I shutdown my shopify store [and what I learned from running one]

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I created a shopify store 2 months ago,  wanted to get my feet wet and see how it is.  After all the free you just pay shipping and handling craze, and also the SAVE 80% off methods seemed so great, all tee-spring guys were switching from T to S.      Grass is greener right?   LETS TRY IT!

I registered a domain,  setup a site, and found some good suppliers on aliexpress.    These suppliers met my criteria,   over 98% feedback rating on minimum 1000 feedback,  items are good quality,  good price and in range.

Went ahead, had them added to my shopify store, and started launching ads and split testing them.  Orders started coming in, it was cool – but then I realized, FUCK I gotta fulfill these orders and not just do the marketing part (which is what im best at, and enjoy the most)

Had to take the orders that came in, export them into excel,  email it to supplier in china, then wait for an invoice, pay it, then wait for them to fulfill it which can be anywhere from 24-96+ hours depending and receive the USPS tracking #s.

During this time, customers would start emailing the customer service line bitching and complaining WHERE is my order.   Sheeet, another job – deal with customers, especially a ton of idiots (because its a rule, that there’s always gonna be the 20% that will take and waste 80% of your time)  so yea,  customer service woopy.   Some right away DEMANDED refunds, or they would file with paypal disputes; so refunds went.

Then when items shipped, customers got the tracking #’s and a week would go by, item didn’t arrive – again customer service emails, demanding refunds and asking a gazillion questions.  Mind you these are items that were FREE and they just Pay S/H.

Right away, I hated this customer service piece related to shopify, and I also hated having to export orders, and send them to supplier and then wait until they ship it out, then fulfill in system and give clients their tracking #s.

SURE it can be solved by an employee, but you can only afford an employee once you are breaking even AT LEAST (but hopefully profiting).    I was doing this on my own, just to get a feel for it – didn’t want to assign any internal workers to it,  because its not even close to breaking even.

I also observed that if you do the FREE + S/H many times you will get comments like SCAM,  RIP OFF, and tons of negative feedback’s which also affects your account badly.  Jeez.

The truth is ..shopify is a pain in the ass; if you are an affiliate marketer like me who enjoys coming up with angles, and running campaigns, and optimizing and you hate dealing with people, that bitch, whine and complain and refunds, and suppliers, and a dozen other things – then trust me Shopify is not for you.
But yea..  I am not going to quit, because I know there’s money in eCommerce and I want to add it to my pie, but I am now taking a break to re-group and rethink the strategy.     Sharing my story; to give you insights in case you are thinking Teespring is shit, and the grass is greener.  Think twice!


Share this post and enter to win 1 on 1 consulting worth $2000!

iAmAttila is a serial entrepeneur that started performance affiliate marketing in 2008 building and ranking sites. After the google humminbird update made SEO ranking way harder he switched to paid advertising in 2012. Ever since switching to paid ads, he has spent over 8 figures in ad spend promoting a variety of verticals and adapting to new changes and challenges as they come up. on iAmAttila.com, the blog he shares up to date information, tips and tricks that work and helps readers learn about new affiliate marketing opportunities. When he's not busy working (although he works 12-14 hours each day) he enjoys traveling with his family, playing with his dogs, BBQ, movies and learning new stuff.

7 thoughts on “Why I shutdown my shopify store [and what I learned from running one]”

  1. Try with normal priced things, you will get better customers and better margin although some will still want refund and complain.

  2. I used to do the ecommerce thing but I was using the drop shipping selling straight razors, shaving equipment and accessories. Compared to affiliate marketing it was easier to make money as affiliate marketing is twice as hard. But yes you got a great point, customer service is a hassle especially when an order is delayed or goes to the wrong address and then it’s on your hands to solve it.

  3. My humble opinion, If people think they can sell stuff because “they are good at marketing” and not have the supply chain side figured out, they’re setting themselves up for failure as “I am Attila” learned. At the end of the day its about being able to provide a customer with what they want, at a price they are happy with, and getting it to them quick as possible. I can do the supply chain stuff but I’ll admit I’m weaker on the marketing side. I’m new at this but I’m thinking in order to succeed you need to be holding the inventory or have the pipeline primed to be able to ship quickly. Contact me if you’d like to discuss more.

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