I get this question a lot, and it goes something like this “I am new to affiliate marketing, I don’t know how to code, I don’t know photoshop, I just want to make money now – so who can make my landing pages? Freelancers???”

My answer is “Stay the F*** away from FREELANCERS!!!” and here’s why! Freelancers just just that “FREE” lancers. Meaning most aren’t committed to be there 24/7 when you need a lander done, they are working as freelancers so they can have free time, and when they feel like it do some work to have some money to continue living FREE.

You don’t want a freelancer when you are running a serious operation; because things change on a dime in the internet marketing industry; you might need 10 landers in 1 day, or you might need 100 banner variations – you never know. Working with freelancers comes with one of many problems – one they usually want a lot of money for ONE task – because they are free, and they want the most for the littlest time possible, or they are artists who consider themselves to valuable they just want to charge a lot.

Or they make a landing page or two for you, you seem happy only to experience them disappearing because their dog died or ate their flower or fell out the balcony, or they had to go to a wedding this weekend blah blah blah.

Bottom line, freelancers aren’t professional (ok there’s maybe 1 out of 100 that is) and you just should NOT build your business on someone that wants to be FREE. You need reliable staff, that is there when you need them and can act right when you need them to, to create landers for you, make variations, design new banner ads, whatever.

Years ago, this was a real problem, it was a problem for me, and it was a problem for my super affiliate friends. Then I created a company comprised of staff working around the clock to solve this freelancer freedom issue once and for all. I named my company Banners & Landers – because DUH, they do banners and landing pages!! This company is always around, you can rely on them, and they won’t vanish because of ____fill in excuse here____. Deadlines are met, and exceeded – and most clients come back over and over again.

SO if you need some work done, landers are $40, banners are $10 animated or not – plus they offer a wealth of additional services you will best find out if you talk to my Customer Service guy via skype at bannerslanders

or just email him via the website at www.bannerslanders.com