How To Choose Converting Offers For Beginners

How to choose converting offers? This is the most popular question among beginner affiliate marketers who want to get started promoting affiliate offers with paid traffic.

Answering this question is not as easy as you might think. Most beginners affiliate marketers want to start with offers that big super affiliates are running, because they think those offers convert and campaigns convert right away.

Most of them don’t see the work behind those mega campaigns, and the reality is  that it’s very unlikely that your first campaign is going to be profitable right away, without touching it, you need to work on your campaign to achieve success.

However, if you’re a newbie affiliate marketer looking for the best offers to start making money don’t worry, in this article we’re going to show you the best ways to choose offers that most likely will be making profits.

Choosing the right offer is still the most important thing in affiliate marketing. No matter what traffic network you are using, without a good offer it’s extremely difficult to succeed in online marketing.

So let’s start with a few examples that you should AVOID when choosing your first offers:

Avoid choosing offers with very high competition

As I mentioned in the beginning, don’t try to copy what super affiliates are doing when you’re just starting out. 

Those affiliates are extremely well experienced, and they spend huge amounts of money on a daily basis to drive traffic to their campaigns, which is something you probably can’t do as a beginner.

It’s much more efficient to choose offers that have medium or low competition, because you don’t have to compete with the mega affiliates and it will highly increase your chance of making your campaigns profitable.

You can use competitive intelligence tools aka ad spying tools, to analyze your competition on whatever offer or vertical you are planning to run.

More on spy tools later in this article.

Do not choose your first offers based on the payout

You can easily fall into a trap if you only look at the payouts when you choose offers. There are many affiliate offers with high payouts and you might think you can make more money with them, which can be true, IF you have a big testing budget. 

But in most cases it’s not a good way to start if you are a beginner.

Lead generation offers and lower payout SOI and DOI offers will convert much better.

SOI means Single Opt-In, and with such offers the visitors only need to fill in their names and email addresses in order to get a conversion. This is the easiest type of offer for making conversions.

DOI  means Double Opt-In and these offers require the visitor to fill in their names and email addresses just like with SOI offers, but in this case they also need to confirm registration through email. With this type it’s a bit more difficult to get a conversion but still not hard, and the payouts are a bit higher compared to SOI offers.

There are many SOI and DOI offers out there you can choose from, the most popular ones are the following:

If you choose any of these verticals for starting out, you probably won’t go wrong, all these verticals have high conversion rates, so don’t be scared of trying any of these even if the payouts are low.

Avoid offers with hard conversion reqirements

When you’re a beginner you should not start with offers that require a ‘’hard’’ action from the visitor in order to get a conversion. 

If you see a great paying CPA offer but for you to get a conversion the visitor has to give over their credit card details, or have to deposit a bigger amount of money, your conversion rate is probably going to be low.

Which is not a big deal for experienced super affiliates who are able to spend $xxxx amount of money on a daily basis on testing, but for a beginner it’s going to be very hard to break through and make money.

Financial and Crypto offers are a good example for why the highest paying offers aren’t always the best, especially for beginner affiliates. Those offers usually require a $250 deposit from the user to get started, and no matter how high the payout is, if you’re a newbie, it’s going to be very hard to get a conversion.

So as a beginner, what you should look for instead is an offer that pays a lot less money per conversion, but the conversion process is much easier. For example, leaving an email, or downloading something will not be difficult for the user, and because of that the conversion rate is much higher.

Avoid offers with a very small audience

You should also avoid choosing offers that have a very small audience. Offerst that are very niche specific or offers that are very unique and most people don’t show interest in it. 

For those offers you need to be able to laser target your target audience, which you can do and you can do that of course but only with traffic sources such as Facebook, Google etc.

When you’re starting out you should choose offers with a border audience, to increase your chance of winning.

Do not choose your first offers based on EPC only

EPC stands for Earnings Per Click, so it basically shows how much you will earn per click. However, while it might seem sensible to focus on this when choosing an offer, it isn’t the be all and end all. 

Offers with a high EPC are typically saturated by expert advertisers, making it tough to break through. Because lower EPC offers may not have as much competition, it may be easier for you to make money, and it may also make your job more profitable if you get more conversions.

Typically, the statistics you see inside you affiliate network are showing the average EPC for all traffic sources and from all affiliate marketers.

So keep in mind, lower EPC doesn’t mean that the conversion rate is low as well. Many times it’s the opposite since lower payout cpa offers usually convert better.

Now that you know what things you should avoid when choosing your first cpa offers as a beginner, let’s talk about the best ways to find the perfect cpa offer for yourself.

How to Choose Converting Offers Using Spy Tools

A spy tool or in other words a competitive intelligence tool is a huge database of landing pages, ads and cpa offers running by other affiliates on various cpa networks and traffic networks from all around the world. 

With spying tools you can look into the campaigns running by others, and you can see what ads, landers and offers they are using. You can also learn what are the best converting verticals, ads, landers, and offers.

There are several multiple kinds of spying tools, with some specializing in a certain traffic source, such as Facebook or native ads, and others giving multiple alternatives in multipacks.

Spy tools such as Adplexity for example offer the best tools for all the major ad formats like Native, Mobile, Desktop, Push, Ecom, Carriers and more.

How to choose converting offers with adplexity
How to choose converting offers for beginners 11

Adplexity is our go-to spy tool so in this tutorial we are going to show you how to find converting offers using Adplexity, but the process is the same no matter which spy tools you use.

When you log in to your spy tool, by default you will see the most recent campaigns.

How to choose converting offers
How to choose converting offers for beginners 12

You can browse through the results to see what are the most popular verticals right now and what offers they are promoting.

You can also use country, language and traffic source filters to define your target audience.

To find the top converting offers, all you need to do is sorting the results by receiving the most traffic and/or running the longest.

How to choose converting offers by sorting the results in adplexity
How to choose converting offers for beginners 13

By doing this Adplexity will show you the top performing campaigns first and you can browse through the results, to see what kind of ads, landers and most importantly what offers they are promoting.

To see the landing pages and offers click on any ads you like, then in the landing pages section, click through the redirect chain

Image3 3
How to choose converting offers for beginners 14

and you will see the landing page:

Image4 3
How to choose converting offers for beginners 15

And the offer as well:

Image7 2
How to choose converting offers for beginners 16

This example is from Adplexity Native spying on native traffic sources. This is just a random example, not something we recommend for complete beginners.

For a newbie affiliate who is just starting out with running paid campaigns, we would recommend some kind of SOI and DOI offers as I mentioned before. It’s easier to make those offers convert since they have high conversion rates and will also be easier to learn optimizing and scaling an affiliate campaign.

When it comes to traffic sources we also recommend cheaper ad formats such as push or even pops for beginners, because they can test more and learn the whole process without having to spend too much money on traffic.

For Push traffic you can use Adplexity Push to see what verticals and offers are working for others.

Image5 3
How to choose converting offers for beginners 17

You can use the same strategy we did before and sort the ads by receiving most traffic and running the longest to find profitable cpa offers.

Then you can browse and check the landers and offers the same way as did before with Adplexity Native.

You can also donwload and split test landing pages to find your winning combination as soon as possible.

Here’s an example of one of the top performing sweepstakes offers on push traffic right now:

How to choose converting offers for newbies
How to choose converting offers for beginners 18

This offer is from AdCombo and it’s an SOI (single opt in) offer, which means visitors only need to type in their email address and you get a conversion. Offers like this are perfect for beginners, and they work well on both push and pop traffic sources which is good, because the traffic is much cheaper, compared to Native for example.

AdCombo is a very well known Affiliate Network among affiliates.

Image8 2
How to choose converting offers for beginners 19

AdCombo has a bunch of great high converting cpa offers, both for beginners and advanced affiliates. About 80% of their offers are exclusive, which means you won’t find those offers anywhere else.

They have both high payout and low payout offers with high conversion rates, and a wide range of geos which is great for newbie affiliates.

Pro tip:

If you are on a limited budget as a beginner, avoid targeting countries like USA, Canada, Australia, try tier 2-3 countries, the payout on those offers will be lower but remember, you can make big profits with low payout offers as well because the conversion rates are high.

They can also provide landing pages for their offers that are proven to convert by other successful affiliates.

Their support team is outstanding, the affiliate managers are very helpful and always ready to assist you, so we truly believe Adcombo really stands out from the crowd, and we highly recommend working with them.

How To Find Converting Offers On Affiliate Forums

Affiliate marketing forums are the best tools for every marketer, no matter how experienced they are. On forums you can find so much valuable information that can help you make more money.

We highly recommend using forums, joining communities, especially if you are a beginner. You can learn things about affiliate marketing you cannot learn anywhere else. 

On these forums there are many active affiliates of any level, beginners, more experienced affiliates, expert affiliates, so you can make connections and even find business partners if that’s something you’re looking for.

When you sign up on these forums, you should start by writing an introduction post when you share what experience you have, what you are trying to achieve and things like that.

Then you should start engaging with other affiliates, ask them what offers they recommend for starting out, what affiliate networks etc.

You can also find a bunch of tips & tricks, how to guides, and real case studies created by real affiliates. 

One of the hottest affiliate marketing forums out there right now is iAmAffiliate Forum.

Image10 2
How to choose converting offers for beginners 20

This forum is full of money making tutorials that will help you learn everything from basics to highly advanced methods through very detailed guides with screenshots and video explanations.

Experienced affiliates are actively sharing their case studies and success stories on iAmAffiliate, so you can get inspired and learn how most successful campaigns were made from start to finish.

On iAmAffiliate you can also start follow along posts, so you can document each step of your journey and more experienced affiliates will help you along the way. Or you can learn from others as they go through theirs in real time, then you can share your success story as well.

So really, the value you can find in affiliate marketing forums are priceless. Especially if you go with premium forums such as iAmAffiliate. There are free affiliate marketing forums out there as well, but the real golden nuggets are inside the premium sections, so you will end up on premium forums anyway.


In colclusion, the most important things you should consider when choosing your first offer as a beginner affiliate are:

-Avoid choosing offers with very high competition
-Do not choose your first offers based on the payout
-Avoid offers with hard conversion reqirements
-Avoid offers with a very small audience
-Do not choose your first offers based on EPC only

To find the best offers for yourself we recommend using spy tools to learn which offers are working well for others, which onces have too much competition for a beginner and things like that.

We also recommend joining premium affiliate marketing forums and communities where you can get to know other affiliates and talk to them, ask for help and suggestions, also read how to guides and case studies on the forums and implement those tips and strategies into your campaigns.

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