5 Incredible Business Marketing Tips That Will Help Grow Your Small Business

Every business should have some kind of strategy that they should use to improve. Business marketing is probably the most important thing for a successful venture. You need to ensure your ads are good and that they actually reach your customers. A lot of work goes into making your business’s marketing work properly. 


You can use performance-based marketing to further improve your efforts. A big part of digital marketing is performance-based marketing. It’s simple – success-driven marketing. Performance is any sort of measured and desirable outcome. It can be everything from leads, to downloads and purchases. It is a mix of commercial ads and brand promotion at its essence. The distinction is that if the desired acts take place, then you pay for it. It’s a system of pay per sale. [2] 

Here are some short and sweet tips you can use to improve your small business marketing!

Lead Generation and Customer Acquisition

Having constant leads and customers is essential to any company. Your plans and programs for lead gen need to sync for the best performance. The goal of these lead gen and customer gen campaigns is to raise brand awareness.

To achieve this you can use things like blog posts, videos, emails, tips and tricks, infographics, etc… All kinds of content are great for this. The content needs to be of a certain quality and to entice your audience. They need to want more of it so that they have an incentive to sign up. Your target can be downloading something, signing up for a newsletter, etc. 

To know what to target you need to research your audience. This is the key to business marketing. You need to have the knowledge and optimize stuff like SEO, metadata, page speed, UX,… 

You can expect what your audience is probably interested in. Do this by doing keyword research and finding the top-performing content on the web. [3]

Segment Your Audience

Small business marketing audience
5 incredible business marketing tips that will help grow your small business 2

Make your audience as specific to your product and brand as possible. The more relevant your ads are to people, the more likely they will interact with them. Remember, you get paid by sale. Target interested people. Those who might end up buying something from you. 

Services like Facebook and Google offer great audience segmentation through custom audiences. If you have potential leads, use them as a base target and then narrow your selection down even further. 

You can target people by demographics. Things like age, gender, location, and much more. You can even target people’s interests. If you are selling some car wax spray, target people that show interest in cars. It’s a few clicks more but it will give you incredible results. This is what performance-based marketing is all about. Targeting the specifics and profiting on them! [1]

Performance Partnerships for Business Marketing

Sometimes to have wildly successful business marketing campaigns, you need to partner with people. This is how influences became so popular. Hiring them for partnerships is one of the best things you can do for your campaigns. Performance-based marketing needs high-performing campaigns. So finding popular influences in your niche that can help you is critical. 

Social media influences have a tremendous impact on their audiences. Their custom content will give you the attention of their followers. These partnerships are also great for avoiding things like ad blockers and similar. As people follow these influencers regardless of what they are advertising.  

Sometimes your partnerships will be between two or more companies. That way you can cross-target your audiences for optimal results. These marketing program strategies show great results in a short period. That’s why they are so popular nowadays. [4]

Choose Your Traffic Source Wisely

For your offers to be considered by your leads, they need to seem legit. Always use reputable sources for your performance marketing campaigns. Do you have products that are advertised by non-reputable affiliates? well,  those products will also be less reputable. It’s just how logic works. Customers will think twice about buying things that are advertised by scam sites. The same goes the other way around. If you advertise scams, people will tend to not trust you at all. [5]

Focus on your landing pages and offers. Select the best of the best products if you are advertising. Select the best affiliates if you are a producer. Don’t let a bad choice influence the rest of your career. Trust is hard to build and easy to shatter. If you are in the pay-by-sale business you know how much trust can mean. 

Also, an often overlooked part of that trust is bad campaigns. Sometimes your campaigns will not resonate with your audience at all. This is why you need to give some effort into doing A/B testing and optimizing. If you have weak campaigns, you will be perceived as a bad marketer. Don’t let that happen. 

Choose your traffic carefully, optimize your pages, and always give it your best!

Small Business Customer Loyalty 

Performance-based marketing is great for gaining customer loyalty as well. You can improve customer loyalty by interacting with your audience. Answer their questions, help them with their issues, and provide great products. 

A great start is to create good FAQ pages, product tutorials, and content for your products. These will show your customers that you care about what you are selling. It will give a significant boost to your customer loyalty. Which will in turn help you with your performance-based marketing. 

When you have a critical mass of loyal customers, turn them into your brand advocates. Recruit them to spread the message behind your company. Encourage them to provide positive feedback. You should see an uptick in positive coverage on social media, websites, and review sites. [3]

With these tips, you will for sure improve your small business marketing tenfolds! You can find many more tips for your business on specialized forums. One of the best ones on the web is the iAmAffiliate forum. Here you can find loads of experts that are ready to help or even work with you. Join this community of experts and take your business to the next level!


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