See My Office & Meet my Media Buying Team

3/3/2015 – We’ve moved to our new office – The Castle; at the end of November of last year.  We are currently having the exterior finished and when it will be,  I’ll be posting up photos of the new and improved team.   My media buying team has trippled in size since the move, now I have 21 full time employees running campaigns.   Why?  Because it is necessary to stay ahead.

When I started media buying, I started right away with 1 full time assistant, and one full time designer.    So knowing nothing, I was in the hole a couple grand a month even before I executed my first mouse click to login to my CPA Network.      Some might say I was crazy,  but I was under the belief that as long as I approach affiliate marketing like a business,  I will succeed, and I did – big time 5 months in.. but that’s another story.

Guys from the team having fun!

I was down and in the red over $20,000 by the time I figured out how to make money buying ads, and then it hit – really hard.   Instead of saving all that cash, or buying fancy toys (like a nice car, or bigger house, or going to the cocoa islands) I reinvested all that cash, rented an office,  hired more staff and coached & trained my employees how to run campaigns so we can Stack That Money!     And it WORKED and continues to work to this day!

It’s no secret that making high $XXXX/day requires a lot of work not only that; now it takes SPEED,  SYSTEMS and ORGANIZATION!

Offers come out one day, only to get paused a week later – Kick Ass Offers mind you like the ones YeahMobi has right here – a one man army can’t possibly respond to all things needed to be done.   But a media buying team, efficient systems can – and get you to your goal of 1K, 5K,  10,000$ profits PER DAY!    I know they got me to where I am today.

Check out my current office + meet the crew, it is around 1000 square feet (100 square meters) – 3 offices, kitchen/dining room and 2 bathrooms and a hallway basically.    

Pic #1 – Below are my campaign setup (data entry) and optimization employees.   When I ran Clean Master global for example,  I had 4 guys setting up Clean Master in every single geo,  in every single banner size, in every single language.   We had over 5000 campaigns up in 24 hours!   I’d love to see a one man army do that 😉   

Campaign setup & optimization

Pic #2 – Here are my ‘researchers’ that seek out offers,  talk to CPA Networks to see who has what, and get stuff organized and due spying for me – I don’t have time to do that, so I delegate.   A trick I learned years ago. 


Pic #3 – This is where me (iAmAttila) and my personal assistant sit.    See that beautiful picture on the wall?  It is of my hometown Vancouver, BC, Canada!

SIDENOTE:  Nevermind the Alcohol that has been censored on the side tables. 😀


…My Media Buying is doing very well, and i know from experience that more people working on my team = more money and revenue .. so I decided to continue this growth and build my moats (Moats that let me dominate traffic sources, and get offers exclusive just to me!)

Unfortunately the office you see above can’t really handle more people comfortably, so a few months ago I bought a half completed building in the dead center of the city here.             Renovation has been on going and I am sharing an in progress photo with you below.

When done, we will have 4500 square feet of space, and I will be able to hire more people – I have plans to ad 10 new media buyers to my team as fast as I can coach them, so they can make me more money!       This is how you do it now-a-days running all legit if you want to make $xx,xxx a day.

Here is the new office at its current stage,  my son calls the new office building The Castle


PS:  Want to get help on how to build your own super team?   Leave your questions in the comments, I’ll be more than happy to help.

PPS:  I received some emails people asking OMG is that where you work from – referring to this post (aka my ghetto makeshift standing desk at Home) – hope this post answered your questions 🙂

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38 thoughts on “See My Office & Meet my Media Buying Team”

  1. Can you write post about how do you share profit with your employees?

    Also more info about hiring, training, cooperation in your team… How to ensure, that employee does not leave after he has enough knowhow about affiliate marketing and knows your gold mines? 🙂

    These are questions which I am thinking now.

    • I am absolutely not worried about employees stealing. Most lack vision, for example we were killing it on Clean Master, but now its gone for good. If an employee would’ve stole it, they could’ve just ran that, but what would’ve they done after it went offline. No one would’ve been there to tell them use this angle, run it here, optimize it like that – that’s one way to look at it.

      Another way is I do so much revenue per month at various CPA Networks, that if an employee decided to do something unethical I could leverage my authority and stop him cold in his tracks through my connections. — Another way to look at it 🙂

      Bottom line employees = ability to do more in the same time.

    • Here’s my take…

      Offer the employee a low salary + flat commission on profits. For example: $30k a year + 10% profit commissions.

      The key is to be GENEROUS. I find it’s cheaper to pay them well, than to re-hire and train another employee.

      As far as them leaving, you can’t prevent it. If they wanna go off on their own then it’s their choice. My employees stay with me because they simply can make more money with me than go off on their own.

      I provide resources. They also can learn from me and the rest of my team. Take care of them and they will take care of you.

    • Hiring procedure is quite complex, but in short I hire people that are young, vibrant, would fit well into my existing atmosphere and ones that demonstrate ability to learn on their own so I don’t have to hold their hand if an interface design changes on a traffic source for example, and they will be able to solve it on their own.

      As far as training, yes I train every single person, first month is hardcore 101 training, second month is working aside existing media buyer, third month is when they get their own budget and can get their feet wet on their own… in all 3 months to prepare 1 media buyer from scratch using my systems..

  2. Hi Attila, want to feedback on viewing your post on feedly. I am use a Note 3, while in the app, your pop up only shows the bottom portion. Neither can viewer join your mailing list or close the window. You might want to check on it 🙂 or Maybe its just my phone ?!

  3. wow man, you’re an inspiration!
    Thanks for sharing, once I’m profitable I’ll consider outsourcing as well.
    The drive to expand and scale is a key part to making money, one that I never realized myself.


  4. Hi, thanks for this post. Very inspiring.
    I wanted to build a team too in this February. Initially I will hire assistant and coder.
    My problem is in budget. I need to cover operational cost (fixed cost) (salaries, etc..) and buy traffic..

    How you manage that? My concern is about monthly budget for buying traffic. How you holding on if your test campaign failed and failed again?

    • Sorry for the late response, had a problem with my comment system so I couldn’t see new comments.

      To answer your Q, when I started I allocated 5 digits I put aside for learning media buying. I looked upon this as ‘entering university’ and we all know university and college can cost 6 figure sums, however unlike college > getting a 9-5 job, here (in aff marketing) you can make back 5 figures in 1 month (or more) once you ‘get it’.

  5. Hey There,

    Do you think it’s possible to make a good team but having everyone on their onw homes/ countries, I mean remote.

    Amazing post btw, congrats on the massive success you’re having

    What do you think about renting a place for example in Thailand and making all employees relocate in thailand? Maybe I can pay their rent lets say a $400 condo for each one of them.

    Let me know.

    • Hi Matt, sorry for late response, as explained in other replies had a mega problem with comments system on my end here. Now its fixed so I see all the comments I missed.

      Outsourcing and having people work remotely can work IF you work with a great outsourcing company. Which is very rare, because most of the time they set you up, give you access to your worker and thats that. This is where problems come, worker coming up with excuses and if a project is too hard simply vanishing.

      I hire in house because I prefer that, more control – no excuses because you see everyone, they are always there during work hours. Etc.

  6. Congratulations for building your full time team and the new office, 2 great steps in your business career. I can’t wait to see the office fully finished. The building seems to be very comfortable. What is your region?

  7. I am happy I find you. My filling is so bad.I last so mach money .I try and try.I am living in North Vancouver.Your name is Hungarian.You are Hungarian? I am Magyar!Thank Zoltan

  8. Doing as much research as I can to get started in mobile. Just landed on your blog. Between this and STM my head is spinning. Great post on the importance of speed when it comes to getting the jump on the average affiliate.

    Do you look for particular skills or background when hiring team members for the different positions? I mean the coding and design skills needed is probably straight forward but what about the person in charge of developing angles. What kind of skills or background would make a superstar for doing your angles?

    Thank you sir for all your great posts. Now back to reading 🙂

  9. Hi Atilla,

    I am from Turkey and I have difficulties to find people who knows English well. What do you think about trying virtual asistants from upwork?

    Or simply do the English related job myself and delegate the other stuff like designing and coding related part or Data entry part?



  10. Hi, Great Post!
    How do you manage not to lose employers once they learn a lot of stuff? You dont let them see what’s profitable and let them only media buy?

    • it all depends on the person, some people have the employee’s approach to life – they want a secure 9-5 job, then they go home and forget about work and do their own fun stuff to enjoy life, and of course you have the ones with alterior motives, who come learn then vanish but it doesnt matter – its part of the game

  11. Hey Atilla,
    Nice work you’re doing here. i just wanted you to suggest to me the best media buying partner.
    I’d love to take your advice of reinvesting in media buying so as to grow in this Affiliate marketing business.
    Thanks! I’d be expecting your response – via mail would be appreciated.

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