Affiliate World Barcelona 2023 What An Experience!

Conferences are usually boring AF, not Affiliate World. It has been my favorite conference ever since its inception. It feels great hanging out with like minded people that don’t lose you after the “WHAT DO YOU DO?” question.

This show was HOT! Conversion Club threw one of the most insane parties with crazy dancers in ultra hot and spicy outfits (more on that later). And well the weather was hot, and there were a lot of hot things at the show like the models from 1WIN, one of the biggest sponsors this year.

Everytime I do one of these recap posts, all those that missed out (yea You know who you are).. that didn’t go… wonder, so what’s HOT this year? What are others doing to make money? Who had the biggest stages? What kind of ‘patterns’ jumped out to me.

I’ll tell you all of that but before I get down to golden nuggz we all love, let me take you through my Journey attending AWE BCN 2023 with Dora.

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We packed our bags, okay, dora packed our bags, i loaded them into our mktr machine and off we went to airport.
We hopped on our private jet and took a direct flight to barcelona.
We checked into our hotel, hotel arts barcelona which turned out to be an awesome thing since a lot of the parties were 2 minutes walk away!
The next day after breakfast, i took a taxi over to the event hotel at catalonia plaza barcelona and ran into my favorite sir from india.
At the venue, ran into an old school underground affiliate by the name mike. We first met in person back in 2015 at asw, and at the door met chad, the head organizer and king of #chadlife wilton.
After heading back to the event hotel for a private mastermind and the tiktok meetup, ran into the legendary sergey from clickbid ibiza.
Farmerjack is hella creative always, you gotta be, especially when you run bh camps in 2023. Their swag was also out of this world creative, check out these socks! ??
After the mm, ran into two awesome lads from tim burd’s founders retreat that just happened a few weeks back in mykonos. This industry we’re in, is tiny!!! And the longer you are in it, the more and more people you get to know. One of these guys is a master at logistics and delivery the other can hook ya up with accounts on demand.
With iuliana, the tiktok meetup boss lady. Last time i talked to her she told me she survived barca, so that’s good, there will be another tiktok meetup in the future?
If there’s a guy that has endless energy and is always smiles, it’s this guy right here! Aga from monetize it team, one of the main sponsors of affiliate world barcelona 2023!
After the tiktok meet and private mastermind, i headed out to an important date at shoko barcelona. Date #24/40 to be exact with my wife dora. I’m turning 40 on september 3rd, and she came up with the most amazing gift that will give us many cool memories for our lifetime – 40 dates before 40th birthday. Amazing wife, since 2008. ?
After the lunch, we randomly ran into an old friend and mega youtube ads expert alex micol. He’s come a long way since i’ve met him many years ago and swears by youtube ads. If you don’t run it yet, check out his content it’s awesome.


HelpGrid Party at Casa Batllo, they are a company that specializes in getting those abandoned carts to convert by calling them and addressing any objections and answering all questions.

Seems like the company is doing well if they were able to rent such an impressive piece of architecture by the legendary architect Gaudi that designed the Sagrada The Familia and many of the landmarks in Barcelona!


Casa Batllo, check it out!! It’s simply amazing the fantasy world Gaudi lived in. To imagine all this detail, all these strange patterns and curves. One of my favorite artists/architects alongside Salvador Dalí.

The helpgrid event had a lot of awesome people including the lovely yuli and amanada from flow network, and of course the legendary tiktok meetup boss, iuliana. (she’s everywhere).
The detail from the railings, to the walls, to the ceilings is seriously astounding.

And that pretty much wrapped up Day Zero.

Affiliate World Day One – July 12th, 2023

We arrived bright and early at 11am. Trust me that’s early with all these parties happening till the morning in barca at affiliate world. ?
Wasn’t just me and Dora attending the conference, we brought one of our very best Tijana from, to meet with everyone that needs outsourcing services. Banners&Landers has been in business since 2014 and has worked with thousands of affiliate marketers that need on-demand videos, ads, landers, creatives, coding services.

Cheaper to hire Banners&Landers than a full time VA, Designer or Coder, saves time having to explain what needs doing vs random UpWork/Fiverr freelancers, and is on demand – no employment contracts and sick days to pay! Try them at, or talk to the team on telegram/skype @bannerslanders

By the way, who could Forget the killer Farmerjack Socks? 😀




After stepping in, who do I see? Our dear friends from Algo Affiliates, and they are giving away a PS5!

From what I’ve heard a very lucky guy from India won this one. If he has time to play video games, well I’m jealous.

Hit them up, OG’s in the space and have great offers in many different niches!

And on the other side who do I run into? One of the main sponsors and one really smart kid entrepeneur, age 23. Marco from Italy. He is amazing, he started in our industry 10 years ago, and he was reading my blog back from Italy, now my son looks up to him! Amazing!

They have COD offers that convert real well because they have high payouts and superb delivery speed. Give it a go, if you are looking for something new to try. Youtube and Facebook works amazing for their stuff!
360 Affiliates had one of the coolest booths, where you could play Roulette and win some cool prizes. Prize #1 being a trip to Maldives. Well since Dora loves Maldives, she had to play. Sadly we didn’t win, but it was a lot of fun.

Another thing that was quite refreshing is the fact that the people at 360 affiliates had no clue who I was. Which is amazing considering every step I take someone will say hey. I felt like I arrived at somewhere new, somewhere undiscovered when I stopped by 360 Affiliates. WOW.
Chilling with my travel pillow with the evadav team. If you are looking for a place where you don’t have to play the accounts game, where it’s life without a ban hammer give their traffic a try. They have lots of alternative traffic from many interesting places. We will soon be doing some cool guides to teach how and where to run their stuff too. Stay tuned for that! Leo from evadav deserves a special mention, i don’t know any other operations manager like this guy that’s just so serious all the time! If leo says something, it will happen. Great guy.
There were a LOT of speeches, I popped in and out a few. One of them was this one, where Brendan Kane talked about the science to go viral. My other favorites included ANNA GITA from MaxWeb Speech about VSLs and how you can make a shit ton with VSL offers.

BTW, scan that QR code, you might just get a nice freebie.
Dory in the affiliate world swimming pool? Well almost, doh we forgot to close the door on this #awe photo booth, nonetheless it was really fun. Don’t you think she’s cute?

1WIN had the most impressive booth in DUBAI, and now they went next level. With more games, and more crazyness. They also have the hottest models. Here’s ELYA presenting me with the grand prize, that took a lot of gaming to earn.

If you are thinking about trying casino offers, be sure to check out @1win.aff they had the biggest booth there, so it probably means something right?

The pizza spot at Affiliate World Barca, UNA PIZZA. Fun Fact: UNA was one of my top employees in the Serbian office, when she moved to a new place, she had to quit and leave our office. But since she was so awesome, I introduced her to the crew at ADCOMBO and she quickly advanced the ranks to Top Manager of Affiliates in Balkan region today. Sadly she couldn’t make it to BARCA this year, but when I saw this, I had to send it to her on Telegram! HI UNA!! This pizza place was on the way OUT from the venue… and then we went back to the hotel, and this is what waited for us:
Happy Wedding Anniversary? WHAT!? She wondered. I said, well it’s not for another few months, but since we only come once a year to Barca, why not make this stay special? 😀

Just Kidding!

The real story is that I waited last minute because I wasn’t sure if Dora could come or not with me. So I didn’t book any hotels, and EVERYTHING was booked up.

I learned a super cool trick from travel hacking, and that’s how to get free upgrades. You could only book a room that has city view in Hotel Arts, but I sent them a message after booking and said Hey It’s our Wedding Anniversary, can you please help me get a sea view room upgrade, pretty please? And well, the rest is history, and there you go.

After a super long wedding anniversary celebration, we rested up and off we went to our next stop, my speech at the event hotel for Conversion Club.

It was a panel with Clickdealer about lead gen and the mistakes affiliates make switching from BH to Lead Gen.

Photo 2023 07 03 17 30 35
Next time, come and ask your q’s. Key takeaways: lead gen is not cpa offers. Lead gen is about quality experience for everyone, customer and advertiser. Keep that in mind. Prove your worth, and you can get exclusive offer that no one can rip n run because its just yours.
After the speech, couldn’t stick around as we had a timeslot to visit the sagrada da familia. It has changed a lot since the last time i went a few years back, the most impressive church i’ve ever seen.

Offersify organized one of the best networking events “Affiliate After Hours: Official Networking Party” at Opium Barcelona. We just loved this place. They had an entire VIP area, a HUGE one cordoned off, with a dance area and a separate sit and chat area by the stage. It wasn’t cramped like you couldn’t move, it was really cool.

On the other side they had tables where other sponsors also had privately reserved spots. Was one of the best parties at AWE this year organized by no other than Marco & his company Offersify! We stayed till around midnight, then hopped over to…

Contesta La Fiesta at Carpe Diem, aka CDLC Barcelona. This place is really special, it reminds me of being in Bali. The music was kick ass deep house that got groovier as the night got older. Great job and big thanks to Akie from Affiliate Business Club for organizing this one!

At around 3/4AM (can’t remember tbh) we said our goodbyes and went back to sleep. It was time for DAY #2 of the conference!

Affiliate World Day Two – July 13th, 2023

Viber image 2023 07 15 13 08 21 071
Day Two started off super late, got the event hotel around 11:45 because the night before was .. fun. And didn’t sleep till like 4-5AM or so.

Upon arriving I saw two real legends in our industry, Maor Benaim and Jason Akatiff.

MAOR gave one of the most amazing speeches in Barcelona about how he found love using lead gen. This is 100% true and if you can, find the recording or watch it on Youtube when it will be posted (stay tuned). I knew of the story from before, it’s really really epic and if you think about it pure genius. This guy put performance marketing to the true test and found a super smart and pretty girl!

And then there’s Jason Akatiff, the legendary $100,000,000 super affiliate, advertiser, cpa network owner, and yacht builder. When I got into this world a century ago it seems, I was glued to Jason’s blog smaxxor. What’s remarkable about this guy, is even though he is worth more than 100 million bucks, he’s STILL partying and hanging out with ALL THE AFFILIATES like everyone else. ULTRA COOL, major respect and a rare guy who doesn’t ever forget his roots. Continuous to be a HUGE inspiration and true OG in our industry!

Had a quick lunch with a bunch of friends from the private mastermind i attended on day #2. At a random restaurant right next door to the event hotel, let me be honest… if you want to eat good wiener schnitzel, you do it in vienna, austria? (or hungary).
Park guelle
We decided to do a tourist stop with dora, and visited park güell featuring amazing art work and buildings by the legendary antoni gaudi. Book your tickets in advance, can’t just show up the door (as our friends found out).
Due to a lot of private masterminds and meetings on day #2 I never made it back to the conference for day two. Dora did though, and played even more games with 1WIN and earned another prize. They really have cool prizes and are a lot of fun. Next conference check them out.

There were a TON of things going on, if you are going to the next show, be sure to follow my good friends site, he always organizes everything nicely so you can RSVP and not miss anything.

Conversion Club owned by Lana, aka DJ Amely organizes some of the most EPIC events ever. Think event, with the most bad ass sound system, visuals AND eye candy (models, dancers, everything!). Lana’s special edge comes from knowing the party scene like no other and bringing business & party together.

That’s the sexy Dora & Kasia dancing on the 360 cam! 🙂

Conversion Club team did an AMAZING job, there were INSANE models and even more wild dancers. These videos are just a very small sample of the awesomeness. Next conference, you don’t want to miss the events by Conversion Club!

After the conversion club event we headed back to CDLC for the ABC Affiliate Festival sponsored by Supreme Media and Monetize IT.

In the true sense of these guys, it was a night to remember. They played my personal favorite, retro top hits remixed as deep house/EDM tracks. Never miss a Supreme party, they are always over the top awesome.

Before heading back to the hotel, we decided to try our luck at the casino.

Let me tell you, if you want to lose money faster than a self-hosted tracker does when it crashes. Go play slots at Casino Barcelona ????

This was an ultra fun week of networking, partying, having fun, and exploring as a tourist. Trying new restaurants, meeting new friends and making memories most importantly. Thank to Chad, and the amazing crew at Affiliate World for making this all possible for us. For us computer dorks, who are always sending funny memes to each other and few times meeting up in person.

What were the take aways? It seems like crypto networks our out, replaced by Casino (they have spent the most on the top stages) followed by ECOM and Traffic sources. Lead Generation is on the sidelines. It could be because it’s ultra hard compared to standard affiliate offers. In my speech at the Conversion Club meetup… I touched on how important it is to please the customer, and the advertiser equally in leadgen. This is what the majority of marketers don’t like. They just want the quick buck, and the F U CASH. Lead gen is not it. Search Arbitrage is not it. Those are all quality quality quality. CPA Offers on the other hand…. are, but due to rising policies, regulations good CPA offers are harder and harder to find and are usually invite only.

Jason “The Legend” Akatiff told me that pay per call is on the rise, and it’s very very good right now. A lot of guys out there are doing huge volumes with VSLs (we’re talking six figures in profit per month). Youtube is a super popular source, TIKTOK seems to be falling in popularity (the consensus is that they did something with their algo, and quality dropped while CPMs went up).

Native like Taboola/Outbrain are floating by, but native is still hit or miss. One month making profit, next month whiping out the profit made. Lots of marketers I talked to said they hope Taboola will fix their algo because right now, it’s a disaster. I feel the same.

Most common tools used by marketers right now? Binom, Redtrack and Voluum for trackers with Optimizer being the favorite tool to squeeze out every last bit of ROI. For spytools? Adplexity is still the best, especially for native. For Facebook there’s nothing amazing, MagicADS used to be the king, RIP. For TT, people like Pipi.

What do I recommend to someone getting started now? If you have a few thousand dollars to risk and play with as your learning tool, do VSL offers you can direct link to lander at places like MaxWeb. If you are someone on an ultra limited budget, say $500, and you want to get your feet wet in the aff world, try Evadav traffic source where the clicks are ultra cheap and go for sweeps at FLOW Network. If you have no money, but you are dreaming about lambos — become a freelancer, and offer your time in exchange for a set ammount of money. Save up.

If you want to learn the ropes by working for someone, then become a hustler, who is hungry to learn, always learning and trying. Many of us, pay our top media buyers huge profit shares, enabling them to make six figures income per year, which in my books at least is 10x better than working a 9-5 somewhere. Don’t expect this to be easy, it’s hard as hell. In fact 90% of the marketers you meet don’t make more than someone working 9-5. But, even they are more free to work from anywhere they want potentially.

Also, a lot of the numbers you hear thrown around at the conference are BS. There are guys who say they kill it 24/7. The legit guys (the guys at invite only private masterminds doing the REALLY big numbers), well they all have bad days, and they usually all experience the exact same shit *like above, tt quality dropping, taboola being shitty … etc ** .. so just take everything with a grain of salt.

I LOVE THIS INDUSTRY. I wouldn’t ever wanna be somewhere else. I AM a MKTR 365. Even My License plate on my new Porsche says so.

One thing for sure. We are all very grateful for being able to make money online with this industry. It has allowed us, marketers and our families to live the life others dream of, work from anywhere with an internet connection and have the opportunity to be truly free.

Free to do whatever we want, when we want, wherever we want.

Money is one thing, but TIME is true wealth.

Thanks to our industry, this is all possible. Thanks to the great guys like the crew at AFFILIATE WORLD for putting this on, so we can keep on ticking with new ideas, fresh and ready to ROCK!

doing this shit since 2008 full time, first experienced it in 1997.


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