50 Best Ideas On How To Get More Customers for your Business in 2021!

We’ve worked very hard to compile this list of the Best New and Tried & Tested Ideas on How To Get More Customers For Your Business in 2021!

Today’s market is very competitive. To make it, you will have to be at the top of your game. To gain an edge over your competition, you need to know and do things that they don’t. And that’s what this guide is for!  It is going to teach you how to get more leads that turn into customers for your business!  A true godsent, especially now during COVID-19 times. When a lot of people are struggling to stay afloat and survive.    

We know a lot about digital marketing.

We know what businesses can do to increase leads, sales, traffic, and of course, profits!

We use this knowledge to help people out all the time, and it’s time to make these tips global! 

This is why we decided to help the community and put our expertise and research into a guide. This guide is great for all kinds of businesses from small mom and pop shops to online ecommerce business and more. 

You can use it in pretty much any industry and no matter the business size. Other guides usually focus on the big players in the industry, but we like to help out even the little guys. Small business tips and tricks are included in this list so if you are a small company, pay attention! 

We created this guide for anyone searching for great tips. These are the 50 marketing tips you can use to increase profitability, increase sales, and get more leads! You don’t need to pay for it or do anything. All we want of you is to read it and learn a lot. If you think It will help your friends share it with them as well!

Ready To Get More Customers for Your Small Business? Then, let’s get started! Here are 50 tips you can do right now to get more business! 

How To Get More Business – Let’s Do Some Quick Research 1st

  1. Learn As Much As You Can

This is the classic tip. It will always stay the best tip for any venture. If you don’t know what you are doing, your success rate is near zero. Learn as much as you can from people in the same industry as you. Improve all the time and never stay complacent. With enough knowledge, you will get more leads and increase sales. Improve, improve, improve! 

  1. Know What You Are Talking About
How to get more business

For people to take you seriously, you need to act seriously. Write with confidence and use the correct terms for anything mentioned. 

You need to come off as an expert to anyone reading. The more professional and knowledgeable you seem the more people will trust you. [2]

  1. Put In the Effort

Cold emails are a tough sell most of the time. Users usually receive a lot of them during the day and consider most to be spam. This is why you need to put in the effort into creating something interesting. 

Be creative with your approach. Don’t do what everyone does because you need to stand out from the rest. Fail to do so and you will be pushed aside and your mails will never get any readers. 

  1. Do Research On Your Audience

Know a general thing or two about your audience. The more you know about them the better you can optimize the content for them. With better knowledge, you will increase leads and increase profitability. 

  1. Set a Realistic Marketing Budget

Setting a good budget is a big part of a successful campaign. You have to have realistic expectations. You can’t expect to spend $100 a month and generate crazy amounts of leads. The more you spend, the more you will get. But no matter how much you spend, make sure to optimize your campaigns. This will save you a lot of money and increase leads further.[6]

  1. Join A Expert Forum
New ideas to get more customers

There are a bunch of forums online that can help you grow and learn. One of the best ones on the internet is the iAmAffiliate forum. Here you will find experts from all around the world that will help you. 

iAmAffiliate has thousands of members from all industries ready to help anyone out. No matter how much you know, you can find out more at this forum. If you are searching for small business tips or big industry tricks, iAmAffiliate is the place for you!

  1. LPs, Home, and Other Pages On Your Site

Every page on your website deserves your attention. Every page should be as best as you can make it. Your website is the place where you should “shine the brightest”. 

Each of your pages should have an appropriate meaning behind it. Some pages are there to sell. Some to introduce yourself to the audience, etc. In short, everything should have a desired action. 

A good thing to have on your pages is CTA buttons. Everything on the page should lead to that button. From the headline to the copy. It all should flow to that button. This will boost conversions by a lot. 

A common flow is:

  • Present a problem
  • Show your solution
  • Explain how it’s better than anything else
  • Convince them to buy

If you need help with your homepage or landing pages,  talk to Banners&Landers.  

  1. Work With An Agency

If you are not sure what you are doing or how you should do it, consult some professionals. A good agency will help you a lot. They will offer you new strategies and help you create great campaigns. They should give you great sales tips, help you get more leads, and increase profitability.  

How To Get More Business – The First Steps To Undertake

  1. Start Off Strong

Your email needs to have a great opening. You need to make the potential customer want to open it and read it further. The longer you keep their interest, the more likely it is that they will interact with your content. The more they interact the more likely they will convert. Write interesting titles, short sentences, and keep it flowing! 

Use images, gifs, bold text, and videos to your advantage!

  1. Start With Email

Businesses that don’t have a lot of money to spend on marketing usually don’t know what exactly to do. They don’t know the most cost-effective lead generation methods. Which is understandable.  Email is perfect for increasing sales and lead generation. 

What we recommend to all our partners is to start with email! The sheer volume of emails you send will grant you immense reach and generate leads. Of course, you need to do it the right way, don’t spam people, and don’t write nonsense inside of them. [1]

  1. Use Social Media 

Find groups on media like Facebook, Linked In, Reddit, etc. 

Most groups forbid direct promotional content. But you can always find ways to circumvent this. Find groups with problems that you can solve. Talk to them directly, work with them on their issues. Interact with the community and get a feel for what they are thinking and what they need.  

  1. Be Active on Social Media

Most businesses create accounts on every possible social media. Then they forget to post on them. If you are interacting with your audience less than a few times a week on every channel, you are doing it wrong! 

You don’t need to be on every social media platform. Some platforms will host more of your potential audience and try focusing on them first. Choose up to 3 platforms at the start and expand or contract as much as you need. Make sure to stay active. 

Don’t be too active tho as many posts a day can and will be considered spam by most users. Focus on interaction and engagement and you will see results quickly. 

  1. Stand Out From The Crowd

All of us get thousands of notifications, emails, ads, and what not daily. This in turn has the effect that your campaigns might mix with those annoyances. What you need to do is find a way to stand out. Don’t fit in with the rest of the ads, differentiate yourself somehow. 

This will help you get more leads and sales as people won’t be ignoring your ads and posts. 

  1. Offer Value To Your Visitors

You probably heard this before. But it is true. The more value you provide to your visitor the likelier it is that he will interact with your content. [5]. Also if you offer something of value for free, like this guide for example. Your prospects are more likely to return the favor in some way. 

  1. Offer Unique Content 

If you have content that users can’t find anywhere else, they will have to come to you to get it. Make your content as unique and specific as possible. Make new things that haven’t been made before. Your hard work will pay off in no time!

  1. Find The Best Lead Magnets
How to get more customers

Attracting new leads to your business is something you should always do. You can do this by providing some unique or high-quality material for free. One of the best things you can do is create many lead magnets. Put them into a poll for your audience to decide which to get. And then you should know what they want. As simple as that!

How To Get More Business – Testing and Optimizing

  1. A/B Test Everything

A/B Testing is one of the most important things online. Not even the biggest experts know with confidence what will work and what won’t. This is where A/B testing comes in

You can use it to test everything, from copy to CTA buttons, and design.  But you can go even more detailed. From font size, headlines, colors, … everything! With proper testing, you will get more leads and increase sales. 

  1. Optimize For Mobile Traffic

Mobile is everywhere around us. One of the best marketing tips is to focus on it. Ad revenue and growth through mobile has surpassed desktop by a lot, and there is no stopping in sight. Mobile is so important that PageSpeed Insight Score prioritizes it in scoring!

This means that you should focus a good chunk of your effort on optimizing for mobile. Don’t make it overcrowded and keep it simple and usable!

  1. Adjust Your Targeting
How to attract more business

Targeting is key! The better it is the more success you will have. 

You need to keep in mind the more specific your targeting is, the more it costs. SO if you are on a tight budget consider broad targeting. 

A good part of targeting and optimizing it is trial and error. You try something and see how well it works. You then remove groups in your targeting that is bad. You try A/B Testing and optimize your targeting further. With the proper targeting, you will generate leads at an incredible rate!

  1. Get Better Backlinks

Backlinks are important for your website. With good backlinks, people will be able to find your website more naturally. To get backlinks, you can always pay for it. But most of these services are kinda sketchy so we wouldn’t recommend that. 

The more natural way of creating backlinks is:

  • Guest Posting
  • Broken links
  • Relevant Outreach 

If done properly your website should be getting a lot more traction!

  1. Improve Your Sales Pitch

It’s always good to brush up a bit on your sales skills. One way to do it is to read a couple of books or watch a few videos on the subject. You can look at other successful campaigns and how they sold their products. Get inspired by the market and learn from the best. 

  1. Optimize Your Social Media Profiles
How to get more customers online

You need to have proper banners, covers, profile pics, descriptions, etc. Your posts also need to be optimized for the platform you are posting on. You won’t post the same format on Instagram as you would on Twitter. 

Take advantage of each platform’s strengths and use them as best as you can. If you post on TikTok, create killer videos, if you post on Instagram, make your pictures irresistible, etc. 

  1. Optimize Your Conversion Funnel

Every conversion funnel looks a bit different. Not everyone is in the same market and selling the same things. This is why you should try and optimize your funnel to better fit your audience. 

Use analytic tools to better understand your consumer base. Use that knowledge to cater to them. With a better funnel, you will get more leads, sales, and conversions. 

  1. Assess Your Business Performance Regularly

You should always assess how your business is performing. You won’t know what is working and what is not otherwise! Try to gain an understanding of which direction your business is heading. Be proactive and not reactive! 

  1. Make Decisions Based On Collected Data

We are all humans, sometimes we make decisions instinctively instead of rationally. Even if you feel something is doing fine if the data says it’s bad, it’s bad! 

A great small business tip is to look at the data and work with it. Your feelings can sometimes lie to you, good data can’t! Search for positive trends in your data and accommodate for them as best as you can. 

  1. Avoid Audience Overlap

Many marketers waste money by paying multiple ad sets that fight for the same audience. Audience overlap is a common and costly mistake and you should avoid it! Tweak your existing ad sets and target different audiences for maximum performance.

  1. Organic and Paid Marketing

Marketing across multiple channels is important for broadening your reach. Organic traffic can be increased through:

  • Good websites 
  • SEO
  • Proper management
  • Engaging social media sites
  • Etc. 

This organic performance can boost your paid ad efforts a lot. 

  1. Google Search ads

People think Google Ads is the one thing they need to sink all their time and money into. And that is often far from the truth. Most campaigns for leads are done poorly and end up costing more money than they are worth. 

These are only worth it if you invest time into making them work. Your targeting needs to be spot on. Tracking needs to be set up. You need to know what you are doing, otherwise, you are only spending money for small gains. 

  1. Use FB, LinkedIn, Google PPC Display Ads

Display ads have one great benefit to them. You can put your creatives on them. Most people are visual types and these creatives are what will pull them in to check your business out. 

For B2C they are a must! Customers love those shiny creatives. For B2B things are a bit different. If you are not great at this, consider a marketing agency that specializes in these things!

Improving Your Already Established Online Presence

  1. Have Social Proof
Image2 4

A good marketing tip is to look genuine. All of your campaigns should have some sort of real social proof. Testimonials, reviews, comments. All of these will make your products and services seem more trustworthy. 

Try not going for fake proof as people will notice it and dislike you for it! [3]

  1. Get Good At Blogging

People often complain about how blogs are almost worthless for generating leads. And they are right! BAD blogs ARE WORTHLESS! You need to do better with your blog to see results. A lot better to see incredible results!

Focus on good and original content. Write things people would want to read. With time you will get this thing perfected and you will see the massive gains blogs can provide!

  1. Keep Your Strategy Relevant

You found a strategy that is starting to work out and you only focus on it. Wrong. Use the successful strategies as an intro to others. If something works great, use it to find things that work even better. 

If you keep one strategy for too long it will stop working eventually. Don’t let the market catch up. Always think a few steps ahead!

  1. Improve Your Website

Your website is the thing that should show you off in the best light. 

Improve your website to properly represent you. Make it:

  • Functional
  • Fast Loading
  • Nice Looking
  • Optimize SEO 
  1. High-Quality Content

Your content can be an incredible way to gain B2B leads! But it is easier said than done. The first thing you need to make sure of is that it is actually of high quality. 

High-quality case studies, infographics, eBooks, and other content can take months to make. It takes a lot of research, data, analysis, and critical thinking to get useful information out. So don’t go into this thinking it’s something easy to do. It isn’t. But you should try to focus on quality. 

If you don’t have the knowledge and expertise to create some high-quality content. Hire some freelancers to help you out. There are hundreds of them for some affordable prices you can try out. 

  1. Focus On Your Results

Focus on what matters to your campaigns. You won’t have much success if you aren’t reaching short-term and long-term goals. Set your goals and keep to them as best as you can! Getting more leads or increasing profits is a great starting point.

  1. Ask For Feedback
Image6 2

You should always know what your customers like and dislike about your offers. 

Your customers have ideas that can help you improve your business. Maybe it’s some service you aren’t providing yet but they think you should. Maybe it’s a feature that is missing. Maybe, something you are doing is wrong and could be done better. 

Luckily for you, you have an audience that is happy to share this data with you. Just ask for their feedback!

  1. Use Digital Marketing Automation

Almost half of businesses use some sort of digital marketing automation. And you should too! Automating tasks like:

  • Data analysis
  • User behavior testing
  • A/B testing
  • Email marketing
  • Much more 

Automate as much as you reliably can. Use your time to do things that can’t be automated yet!

  1. Create Bundles

Selling packages, bundles, and deals are a lot easier than single items. People love to get a great deal for their money, and these should be just that!

You can combo some of your services or products that go together for a  lower price.  This is a great way to increase your sales.  People who would usually buy only one thing might walk away with 2 or more bundled together!

  1. Avoid Shady Practices

Do yourself and your customers a favor: Stay honest. One of the best business and marketing tips is to just stay real with your customers.

Shady businesses always end up in a bad state. Stay honest with your prospects and you will see how much people value that in the long run. Keep professional and don’t mess around with your customers’ trust!

  1. Boost Engagement With Email Marketing Sequences

You should search for the marketing software providers on the web and pick the best ones for you. Once you picked one based on your criteria, set up your email marketing sequence. You can create specific sequences for different parts of your conversion funnel. 

For example, you can create campaigns for the top of the funnel. These should focus on helping people to get to know your brand better and boost your engagement early on. 

You can include: 

  • Coupons
  • Webinars
  • Invitations
  • eBooks
  • And others on the latter part of these funnels. 

These should provide even more incentives to buy. 

  1. Create a Great Relationship With Your Prospects
Image5 2

Brands and consumers should have a healthy relationship. As a brand, you want to be a part of your leads’ life. A part of his community. 

Try connecting even more through other social media. Invite them to events. Share pictures, videos, and information with them. Be kind and give them a reason to always check you out in their spare time. Respond to their requests and messages, interact with their comments. Do everything you can to make them feel connected to you. 

  1. Partner With  Other Businesses

A good way to broaden your reach is to partner with businesses close to or in your industry. These kinds of partnerships cross-promote each business and help them find new audiences. If your partner is in an industry associated with yours, you can create special packages. Include some of their services into your sales and vice versa. This is one of the best small business tips for increasing leads. 

  1. Promote Your Deals On Social Media

Are you having some killer deals for your customers and nobody is buying? That probably means that they don’t know about it! So, what are you waiting for! You have access to your customers through social media so use it! Advertise your best deals and engage with your audience. 

More Things You Can Do To Become The Best

  1. Find Your Competitions Weakness 

Every company has some sort of weakness. Nobody can be good at everything. Make it your mission to find the weakness of your competitors and capitalize on them.

  1. Find Your Competitors Strength

Find out what your competition is unbeatable at. Approach your market from a different angle than they do. 

A good example of this was the battle between Burger King and McD’s. BK quickly realized that Mcdonald’s is unbeatable as a place for kids. Their happy meal, mascot, playground area was way better than BK. So BK decided to approach the market from a different angle. They marketed themselves as a place for grownups. No silly junk food for kids, only real and robust burgers. 

  1. Build Your Online Community

This is a good thing to have but it’s not that easy to execute. If you want to generate leads then don’t advertise as a brand at all. Name the group something else than your brand. 

Post as an individual, not a company. Get familiar with the people, and build your brand. 

Keep in mind that these types of communities need a long time to grow. 

  1. Organize Giveaways

A common way of getting more leads is by giving things out for free. One of the most popular methods is giving free:

  • eBooks
  • courses
  • other valuable online goods 

in exchange for your email and some data. 

  1. Run Promotions
Image4 3

Sales and promotions go hand in hand. Sometimes your prospects will be on the verge of buying or interacting with you. Maybe they need just a tiny push for them to convert. This is what promotions are for! They will help those on the fence to convert. 

You can make these promos regular things. People will gladly wait for these promotions to come. You can even give future-use coupon codes as brand loyalty rewards. [4]

  1. Host a Webinar

Webinars are quite popular as lead gen tools. They work by targeting reciprocity. You give your leads something, and they feel the need to give something back in return. Quite simple!

It also gives them incentives. You can give them coupon codes or discounts that will convince them to go ahead and buy something off of you. Maybe that was the push needed for them to convert. 

Webinars are also highly reusable. You can always post it to your blog as a lead magnet. With that, you can generate traffic by just leaving it there. 

  1. Try Guest Posting on Related Blogs

Guest posting is great for creating backlinks and in turn leads. All you need to do is find a friendly community with values like yours. You can then ask them to guest post. Some might say yes right away, and some might need some convincing. But the hassle is more than worth it in the end. 

You will cross-promote your brands, a win-win situation. You will gain new pairs of eyeballs that you might not have access to otherwise. 

To Wrap Up Our Top 50 Tips On How To Get More Customers for Your Small Business…

We hope that these 50 tips will help you get more customers. 

All you have to do is take action and you are bound for success!

Follow them closely and always keep learning new things! If you have any questions contact us or talk to people on prominent forums like iAmAffiliate for 1 on 1 help with lead generation for small business

Sources & References: 

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