[EASY & FAST] Step by Step Guide on How to Setup Voluum from Scratch

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iAmTeacher by iAmAttilaPart of my new FREE iAmTeacher series, I bring you another kick ass & long guide to help you setup your tracker (a must for affiliate marketing), get your CPA Network + Traffic Sources added to it, and setting up postback pixel tracking in this first part.

If you are new to affiliate marketing, or you have been using iMobiTrax, CPVLab, Prosper202 or something else and want to switch to Voluum, this guide will help you step by step get setup in no time!

In the second, third, and fourth part of this series, I will show how to setup a campaign from a specific CPA Network in Voluum, how to set the postback URL, and how to organize the link codes needed to set it up on your traffic source.

Setting up your tracker domain with Voluum

1) Click here to go to namecheap & register a domain name

2) Sign up for an account at DNS Made Easy

DNS Made Easy
3) Sign in or sign up for a new voluum account

Go to voluum
4) After you logged in to voluum, click on the gear icon on the top right

Voluum Gear Icon
5) Next, click the DOMAINS tab and copy the subdomain voluum gives you to a text file for later reference – it will look something like iamati.trackvoluum.com

Domains tab

6) Now login to your DNS Made Easy account here, and click DNS > Managed Services from the top menu.

DNS Made Easy

7) Next click the Add Domains button on the top right just under the top menu.

Add Domains DNS Made Easy
8) Type in the domain name you registered at Namecheap and click OK

DNS Made Easy
9) You should get a popup that tells you the DNS servers to point your domain to at Namecheap (they might be ns0.dnsmadeeasy.com, ns1.dnsmadeeasy.com, ns2.dnsmadeeasy.com, ns3.dnsmadeeasy.com, ns4.dnsmadeeasy.com)

Dns Made Easy Name Servers
10) Go back to Namecheap, and click the domain you registered, then on the left menu click Domain Name Server Setup (in some cases it might be named Transfer DNS to Web Host) and type in the name servers you received in the previous step from DNS Made Easy; when done press Save Changes – Namecheap is now all set!


Back to NameCheap
11) Go back to DNS Made Easy, it should auto load the edit screen for the domain you just added in step #7 + #8. If it doesn’t find the domain, and click on it to open the domain edit management screen.

12) Now look for the CNAME Records section, and click the + sign.

13) In the Name field you need to come up with a subdomain for your tracker, I personally just put trk here.
14) In the Alias to field, you want to put the domain you saved in notepad in step #5) – Copy it and paste it in here, making sure you ad a period at the end of it. For example my voluum link was iamati.trackvoluum.com. (note the period on the end)!
15) Change TTL from 1800 to 60 and press SUBMIT

Name Server Setup CNAME for Voluum
16) You are set, now your tracker domain is setup and ready to go.
17) Next, we still have things a few things to do – Adding CPA Networks + Traffic Sources & Their Tokens

Adding your CPA Networks to Voluum

1) Go back to Voluum and click on Voluum logo to return to the main screen if you are under the settings still.

Adding Networks to Voluum
2) Click on the AFFILIATE NETWORKS tab on the top menu

Add network
3) Click the green button named New Affiliate Network

4) Type in the name (for example iAmAttila) and make sure to check the Append Click ID to offer URLs

5) Click SAVE

Adding your Traffic Sources to Voluum

1) Click on the Traffic Sources tab on the top menu

Adding traffic source to voluum
2) Click the green button named New Traffic Source

How to add traffic source to voluum

3) Type in the name of the traffic source

4) In the custom variables section is where you want to put the tracking tokens/macros/scripts – I have a very extensive list of them available here for each traffic source, and you can also find detailed guides for each traffic source here.

Traffic Source to Voluum
5) After you are done, press SAVE

Did You Know? CPA Networks use different software to manage the offers, and tracking of traffic you send them – the biggest difference in my experience is that from platform to platform the names of the postback URL tokens (like aff_sub, S2, etc) are different.

That is why you always have to watch out that you know what platform you are, and that you double check that the subIDs are for that exact platform, to ensure you won’t run into problems.

The top two most popular platforms in use by CPA Networks today is HasOffers & Cake, but there are many kick ass networks out there that use their own custom made platform.

I am going to show you how to setup an offer in Voluum using the two most popular platforms cake & hasoffers, as well as a custom platform that MundoMedia uses. Ā  Links are below:

Setting up a mobile offer on Voluum + HasOffers Platform (Yeahmobi)Ā 
Setting up a sweeps offer on Voluum + Cake Platform Ā (ClickDealer)Ā 
Setting up a CPI offer on Voluum + CUSTOM Platform (MundoMedia) Ā *Coming Soon*

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4 thoughts on “[EASY & FAST] Step by Step Guide on How to Setup Voluum from Scratch”

  1. hey Attila,

    4) In the custom variables section is where you want to put the tracking tokens/macros/scripts ā€“ I have a very extensive list of them available here for each traffic source, and you can also find detailed guides for each traffic source here.

    where can we get a hold of the extensive list you have available, and also the detailed guides for each traffic source? Thanks.

    • Happy New Year IAMATTILA,

      I was also unable to locate the list of tracking tokens for the different traffic sources. Is it listed somewhere on your site? Can you point me in right direction?

      Thanks for all your help,
      C.T. Austin

  2. I hope you can help. I am familiar with CPVLab but not Voluum. Had subscribed to Voluum and not stuck with how do you add pixel from Voluum to CPA Network? How do you set the global pixel. I also appreciate if I you can point to me where to get extensive list of tokens/subids for each traffic sources/CPA networks.

    • the problem you describe is where most people get stuck. There is no easy way to get around this, unless you have great support from the traffic source you work with or the affiliate managers who are familiar with such issues. this issue is really what we tried to solved at trackingdesk, by integrating both traffic sources and affiliate networks in our applications, so you never have to manually setup any custom variables or build a postback url. good luck!

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