, How to setup Voluum Tracker + Facebook Custom Tokens

How to setup Voluum Tracker + Facebook Custom Tokens

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Tracking your conversions with Voluum for Facebook is possible.   The only difference here is that it requires a lot of work from your side.   You manually have to specify for every single ad the adset/adID so you know where your conversions came from; and in order to be able to effectively track,  put 1 interest per ad set – otherwise this method won’t work effectively.


Step 1) Login to voluum

Step 2) Click on Traffic Source in the top menu


Step 4) For name type facebook

Step 5) Click the Advanced gear button,  and fill in two custom fields as this:


Then press save

Step 6) Create your campaign, and grab the voluum link.

Now you want to trim from where you see the ? and all that comes after it.

Step 7) Go create your ads on FB, and link them to the voluum link (without the ? and all that stuff that comes after it)

Step 8) In the advanced section on your ad,  paste the stuff that comes after the ? mark and change it to reflect your adset name/adname.

Save your campaign, launch it, and your adset/adname should start showing inside voluum.


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  1. It’s very cool… But, how you update the indivual cost? Ad for ad? Because if you not work with CPC fixed, this is a bad problem (I suffer from it here)… with CPC variable, when you update the cost in voluum, you can not update the cost of the entire campaign … you agree?

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