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Why I shutdown my shopify store [and what I learned from running one]

I created a shopify store 2 months ago,  wanted to get my feet wet and see how it is.  After all the free you just pay shipping and handling craze, and also the SAVE 80% off methods seemed so great, all tee-spring guys were switching from T to S.      Grass is greener right?   LETS TRY IT!

I registered a domain,  setup a site, and found some good suppliers on aliexpress.    These suppliers met my criteria,   over 98% feedback rating on minimum 1000 feedback,  items are good quality,  good price and in range.

Went ahead, had them added to my shopify store, and started launching ads and split testing them.  Orders started coming in, it was cool – but then I realized, FUCK I gotta fulfill these orders and not just do the marketing part (which is what im best at, and enjoy the most)

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How to find your demographic to target on FB using Insights Tool

Someone on STM asked how they can find their demographic using the insights tool, so I decided to help him out, but also decided why not share with you – because this method works, and really well for any vertical.

1) fire up audience insights tool
2) find the top VERTICAL-RELATED sites on google in the GEO you are working in
3) into the interest section on audience insights, start typing in their name, when you find a match add it, then add every single vertical-related site  in here
4) after you added all, click pages tab, and sort by affinity – you want the top 5 highest affinity fan pages on FB related to sites like these
5) setup new camp, targeting 1 interest per adset 18-65+ with 1 ad.

Teespring vs Shopify – A comparison by an internet marketer

It’s no secret many Teespringers have switched to Shopify.    There’s huge buzz atm you don’t read about on StackThatMoney when it comes to the FREE You just pay shipping and handling method everyone seems to be milking on Shopify.       How it basically goes is you pick an item from aliexpress/ebay thats 1,2,3 dollars including Free shipping, and post it on Facebook and say HEY we’re giving away 500 pieces of this item for the next 7 days!!  Get yours just pay shipping!  And shipping is like 7-10 bucks.

It sounds pretty kick ass right? I mean who wouldn’t want FREE right?   Well not so fast,  I tried this method and can tell you that it’s not all gravy.    People that wan’t free stuff are usually super cheap; so if they see they have to pay shipping they are going to report your ad and/or leave you negative comments on the ad like SCAM! or even worse -profanity filter on-

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$1000 a day on Facebook without Cloaking

If you are on my mailing list, you would’ve gotten this advice a while back; now I decided to share it with everyone because it’s that good. If you haven’t signed up yet, do so on the right hand side!

If you are struggling with affiliate marketing, then listen up – I have something for you that can help turn that around.

Alternatively, If you are cloaking, sick of accounts going down and getting banned then you will love this.

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How to Backup Your Photos and Keep Them Safe – A SyncToy Guide

PROBLEM:  I have two external 1TB USB hard drives I used to keep my families memories (photos/videos) safe.     We have one locked in a safe at another location, and another here we always saved photos to and kept updated.   Once a month we’d bring the backup home and manually copy stuff over – then I found out, we missed thousands of photos because my wife saved them inside another folder.

How to solve this problem?  How to ensure when you have 2 or more external hard drives (or folders) you keep as backups of your pictures/photos/files you will always have the exact same carbon copy on both?

SyncToy by microsoft to the rescue.  This app is totally free, and can be download at the microsoft website right here

NOTE:  If the files on HD1, and HD2 are randomly different, for example HardDrive #1 has Files AB,C,E but doesn’t have D,  and Hard Drive #2 has Files A,,C,D,E it will ensure BOTH will be an exact sync and missing files are going to be copied back and forth from each other.


This process is really easy to do,  here it is step by step.

1. Download the app for Windows here
2. Install it, and open it.
3. It will ask you to select Source #1,  and Source #2 you want to sync.
4. After that click on RUN, and a dialog box will come up.
5. Now you can go do whatever, and just let this run.
6. It will take HOURS to complete if you have a massive difference between HD1 and HD2,  or a couple of minutes if you don’t.

Once done, you will have an exact backup and copy of HD1 and HD2.