List of ePaket Countries for Shopify/Woocommerce/Drop Shipping 2021

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Australia Austria Belgium Canada Denmark Finland France* Germany Greece Hong Kong Hungary Ireland Israel Italy Japan Korea Luxembourg Malaysia Mexico Netherlands New Zealand Norway Poland Portugal Russia Saudi Arabia Singapore Spain Sweden Switzerland Thailand Turkey Ukraine United Kingdom United States Vietnam * France: Packages can be shipped to mainland France with zip codes that start with 01 to … Read more

Why I shutdown my shopify store [and what I learned from running one]


I created a shopify store 2 months ago,  wanted to get my feet wet and see how it is.  After all the free you just pay shipping and handling craze, and also the SAVE 80% off methods seemed so great, all tee-spring guys were switching from T to S.      Grass is greener right?   LETS TRY IT!

I registered a domain,  setup a site, and found some good suppliers on aliexpress.    These suppliers met my criteria,   over 98% feedback rating on minimum 1000 feedback,  items are good quality,  good price and in range.

Went ahead, had them added to my shopify store, and started launching ads and split testing them.  Orders started coming in, it was cool – but then I realized, FUCK I gotta fulfill these orders and not just do the marketing part (which is what im best at, and enjoy the most)

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