The fake world of instagram

I’ve been focusing a lot of efforts on IG to learn how it ticks, how it works, etc.

So far I’ve realized, girls that show tits, and cleavage, or pose in thong bikinis get the most likes. They own instagram.

When it comes to guys, showing off with nice cars, and houses,  showing materialistic things is the second best in line.

This is so fucking sad.   If you are real, yourself you won’t get many likes on Instagram… wait, I am wrong, you will if its funny, but if its a typical picture from your typical life it won’t be a like collector of a IG post.

This whole fake it on social media got me thinking; most of the shit you see out there is fake.

Do you really want fake people as your friends or people who tell it how it is?

I am all about the people that tell it how it is.

That’s all for now.


MOBE Shutdown by the FTC – There goes the dream?

I’ve heard of MOBE for a long, long time.  I heard about it from John Chow first; who was living the high life blogging and traveling.    He was making his buck from promoting this MOBE thing; but after looking into it – it seemed like just fluff, nothing was behind it just refer more people, get paid more.   Same shit as AMWAY, QUICKSTAR,  and the list goes on.

I hate MLM, I remember in 2001 (wow a century ago). When I was working at Netnation, there was a guy named Arnell; who worked in Billing.    We became good friends, used to goto Lunch.  Arnell was a smart guy who finished university of accounting; he therefore worked in the Finance branch at the company.     He was shocked that I at age 17 was getting paid more than him who had a degree;  I was in Sales, getting new biz so our base salary + commissions came out to like 10k more a year then his flat salary.   Anyways, we had awesome talks, took the sky train home together every day, was good friends.

Then some moron, introduced him to Quixtar and fed him the bullshit that he will have a dream house;  he will drive a HUMMER, and all this shit.  He one day invited me to his house and his other friends and had said moron give a presentation.  After this presentation, I spoke my mind and told him this is pure bullshit, and all the crap they fed him will never materialize because the guys on top make the most money (aka the top earners), that’s this is just Multi Level Marketing scheme.   He got SO angry at me,  stopped being my friend, and all that.          He believed the bullshit like many people do; while I didn’t.        Today he’s still broke, and has no hummer or dream house.     Me on the other hand, well that’s another story.

Point of my personal experience with MLM is that when I heard John Chow always recommend it , and all this shit I knew it was total BS.  And now, it seems the truth is coming out.

Their website is offline;   Matt LLoyd, the pharaoh at the top of the pyramid is no where to be seen and the shit has hit the fan.

Affiliate marketing is not MLM,  what I blog about and technical how to do guides, are not scam.   But when they promise you the moon, and say you don’t have to work for it just collect checks and sip cocktails by the beach – you know something is up.

Sadly, most people are lazy fucks who just want the life,  not many are willing to work Sundays, or get to work after their 9-5 to make a difference.    It is how it is 🙂 I was one of those who worked 24/7, so much so today I have a lot to show for it.

Where do you stand?   What do you think about this MOBE FTC investigation?

PS: Here’s a great article to read about MOBE investigation!


He generated $300,000 with shopify, took various super affiliate guru courses, and still not living the dream?

There’s an affiliate that generated $300,000. He took every course so far you probably heard of and many others you didn’t hear off and he’s still not making the kind of money he wishes (at least 1k a day).

This might sound odd, after all he took the lessons from super affiliates, who said if they take his course, he too can drive a Bentley, or fly a private jet plane or sip margaritas working from his laptop by the beach.

He went off on my latest post about my million dollar campaign framework; instead of blocking him (something most people would do, because they can’t handle it) I decided to reach out and ask him about his experiences.

What he told me was at the same time shocking, and also quite interesting!

He told me all these gurus take his money, say it’s so easy if he follow’s the system (like my campaign guide which I gave away for free) yet it’s not easy at all, it’s fucking hard and he feels the reason why he’s not making it is because he still didn’t see it from a birds’ eye view.

Whats a bird eye view? I know, so let me tell you. It’s when he’d sit next to you, and you’d explain why you click here, or do this, or do that to develop what’s called a foundemental understand of WHY it’s done that way.

I have tons of experience doing this with my team. For example, when I assign some tasks in my kick ass new project management tool, I always write a footnote that says WHY DO WE DO THIS? and also, potential questions the employee would ask related to the why and what’s. I’ve only been doing this since I read that book how to be an imperfectionist, because it pissed me off how stupid people are, and even if they know how to do something, they don’t know why they are doing it.

So I thought fuck it, I don’t care if they [my employees] will think I’m an ass, talking down to them like they are some sort of dummy (Remember the hit book series called __________ for Dummies) well yes, I started doing the WHY WE DO THIS for DUMMIES with my team, and it had a MIRACLE EFFECT.

Now they are coming to me, and saying hey we could do this because I UNDERSTAND the process!!

To make a long story short, I reached out to this guy and I told him, listen if you want birds eye view, if u want to sit next to me, and see how I do million dollar nutra campaigns from farming FB accounts, warming them, then starting and optimizing, we can arrange it.

It will cost you MORE than any other Bentley renting GURU course money grab, but it is the way we really make big money (ASK THE NETWORKS for a confirmation) . The ball is in his court…..

BTW: Out of that 300k only 50 was clear profit after all expenses, it was ecommerce – something he learned after taking a $150 dollar course. All other guru courses, no dice.