5 Tips on How to Build Your Business Using LinkedIn Videos

Some still believe in the notion that LinkedIn is just an online CV, for freelancers to find jobs and get employed.

But the truth is, LinkedIn is a social network like any other. Like with others you can sell your products and promote your brand. You can find useful tips about Linkedin on this forum. In this post, I will focus on Linkedin videos.

Linkedin requires a specific approach to video creation. In general, you should create a different type of video for every network. Utilize the platform and find a way to market your business.

Every week there are over 9 billion impressions on Linkedin feed. Only 3 million is sharing updates. This means a lot of eyeballs and not a lot of competition.

What is specific about Linkedin is that ist a network for business people. So, your content will be in front of many important eyes that can change your business success overnight.

Posting good content and commenting is important to build your presence on Linkedin. However, videos have an even more significant impact.


Building Trust

Through your videos you are showing the person behind the brand. Authenticity is the new currency of business dealings. Companies want to know that they are dealing with a real person and that person is very active in his network. In general, you will always trust more and have more confidence in a person (and his business) that are out there and are getting great feedback. They truly are experts in their field. You will pick them over a company that doesn’t have anything beyond a website and some low-quality content on social networks.


  1. Show up in the comments. Your name shoving up as a contributor on the platform is making an impact on the network. People will appreciate you showing interest in their content and giving quality advice, sharing your own experience and such. Linkedin algorithms also love to see an active person, especially if you get replies, likes and such. So, show interest and people will show interest in you.
  2. Upload a video to provide value. You probably already have some community. So, give them some value and share your knowledge. Respond to every comment that your video is getting. Linkedin is not like YouTube, you will not have hundreds of comments. So, you will have time and you have no excuse not to comment.
  3. Optimize your profile. Make optimization for any search terms that you want to be found.
  4. Create a personalized hashtag. This is not just to leave hashtags on comments and posts. With your personal hashtag, people can find your posts. So, when people move around the platform and use your hashtag, you will get tagged not just by your name but your hashtag as well.
  5. Just start making videos. Yes, it sounds obvious but many people are afraid to do it. Prepper good content and start recording. You don’t have to and you won’t be perfect. You have to start somewhere and the sooner you do, the sooner you will start making an impact. Because the audience that will see your content will actually care and it will have the impact. Unlike any other social media.

How can I make my video viral?

Well, at the moment, there is a perfect opportunity that Linkedin is offering to marketers. Linkedin algorithms really like marketing content and you have the opportunity to get a ton of organic promotion with a quality video. This opportunity will not last forever. Use the opportunity right now.
The Linkedin algorithm has a much slower decay than the other networks. This means that your content will last for a much longer time than on social networks. If it’s popular it will stay for weeks in people’s feed.

The LinkedIn algorithm works on velocity. The more content you make, the more you are rewarded. So, treat your Linkedin posting like a longer version of Tweeter. Even better if you use videos for a longer continuation of what you wrote.

While we are there. You need a copywriting hook at the beginning of your post. The first one or two sentences. This is the first thing that people will see in your post. You need to hook them so they will read the rest.

Promote your video on other channels. As general advice, share your Linkedin URL wherever you can. Put it in signature and description of YouTube videos or other networks, on forums…


The relatable story will always get attention. Something like – How most people are terrible at sending sales messages on Linkedin. Most users have experienced this and will talk about it. You can do even more than others. Because usually, this is all that people will talk about. For additional engagement and content quality, add your tips on how to make a good sale massage or how to approach people.

Make an interview with an influencer, a person that is known as an expert in their area, just whoever you can find. People know how important it is to have media exposure. Plus it’s nice when somebody asks you for an interview because they think you are an expert in some area.

Share a controversial point of view. Your post has to have some level of professionalism, so do not talk about politics, religion, some other sensitive topics. It’s best to share some different points of view in your industry. Something that would spark a conversation among affiliate or digital marketing professionals.

How to Boost Your Business Using LinkedIn

Most people still have a perception that LinkedIn is just your online biography. I can’t stress enough just how wrong that opinion is. It’s a social network, therefore it has to be interactive and intrusive. Also, a great promotional tool for everyone involved in digital marketing and sales. 

From a marketing perspective, a similar strategy is required as for any social network.

  • Creating a strategy for communication, presence, and marketing.
  • Publishing content with a goal in mind.
  • Interaction with other LinkedIn users.
  • A search of relevant topics under hashtags.

LinkedIn has more than 650 million users. More than 70% of users are not from the US. It’s a global business network. 

So, Let’s see how you can profit from the power of the Linkedin social network. 

Build your reputation and authority


The best way to get them is to give them to other people. Most of them will gladly return the favor. Recommendations can do wonders for your reputation.

Give your opinion and answer questions in your area of expertise 

Be active on posts of your industry colleagues. If you demonstrate good knowledge, people will take note. Your reputation and with it, your brand’s reputation will grow. 

Linkedin Groups 

There are many groups where you can connect with people. Try to be active and build a reputation. This way you will meet important people in your industry, get information about new trends and develop deeper business connections. From time to time share your own content, just be careful how you promote it. 

Promote your article or a blog

There are few options for promoting your content on Linkedin. Put a link towards your website or mention your business. Create a post and share it on your network. Write an article directly on Linkedin and promote it. 

Research your competitors

Linkedin has a powerful search engine and you should definitely use it. For example, you can find great freelancers. By checking their background and knowledge you can get an idea of how good they are pretty fast. 

Spying on competitors is even more useful. You can learn many useful pieces of information. How fast their employees change jobs? How good are people that work for them? If you are interested in partnership, learn everything you can about the manager you are going to contact. What do their clients think of their products or services?

Don’t try to sell anything in the first message

Just because a person accepted your connection, does not mean you should immediately send your proposal and bombard them with CTA massages.  

This type of communication is unacceptable in a live meeting, let alone with a person you don’t know online. Like in real life, try to establish a good connection and learn more about that other person. Only then you can propose something business-related. 

Self-promotion going wrong

I mentioned that you can establish yourself as an expert by commenting on other people’s posts. Still, there are good manners that you should always present. Answer only if a poster is asking a question or would like to hear people’s opinions.

One such annoying person, that you will surely encounter, is someone who constantly tries to spark a debate. The only reason for such a behavior is to ‘’break’’ Linkedin’s algorithms and increase the popularity of its own profile. That person tries to force the narrative that it’s an expert who constantly comments on other people’s posts or articles. Don’t be that person!

Follow hashtags

Similar to Instagram, on Linkedin, you can follow people and hashtags. Follow hashtags for your industry or ones related to your product or service. That way you can learn what is new in the industry and give your opinion when necessary. 

Be creative with your content 

Share articles, videos, write posts, share other people’s posts, visuals… There are many things that have an influence on how many people will see your content. Demographics, time zone, post tame, hashtags… all those things can have some influence. 

Advertising on LinkedIn

Linkedin Ad manager is not nearly as sophisticated as Facebook’s. Still, it can be a useful tool for many purposes. 

First, step is to pick a goal for your ad. Those are the type of goals that are available: Brand awareness, Website visits, Engagement, Video views, Lead generation, Website conversions, Job applicants.

There are 8 types of ads that you can create: Sponsored Content, Text Ads, Sponsored InMail, Video Ads, Display Ads, Direct Sponsored Content, Dynamic Ads, Lead Generation Forms.

There are some ads specific to LinkedIn: 

Sponsored Content Ads – It allows you to promote your business page content. Content will appear on LinkedIn feed as regular looking content. You can choose CPC or CPM type of conversion. 

LinkedIn Text Ads – It is similar to Google search ads but on Linkedin, they will be displayed as a set of 3 ads. They will only be shown on desktop devices and again you have PPC or CPM options.

LinkedIn Sponsored InMail Ads – Advantage over regular massage is that you can send it to anyone outside your network. Because they are sponsored massages you can send only one per month. The limit is there because LinkedIn wants to ensure that there is no spam on the network. Another advantage is that your massage will be received only when a person is online, to ensure that your message is the first one that they will read. 

All other ad types are familiar to anyone that used online ads before, so I won’t go into detail.

More LinkedInTips:

  • Export data from your network contacts  

Go to My network/Connections select See all then Manage synced and imported contacts. That is it, just click Export contacts.

  • Advanced search options

If you want to search for people that hold two positions at once, put AND between the terms. Marketing AND Economy

To search for one or the other position, just put OR in between. Marketing OR Management

You can also put a term NOT if you want to exclude something from a search. Speaker NOT Consulting

You will learn how strong and influential your Linkedin profile is.

A good trick to get more followers is to change the Connect button into Follow

  • Import your post to your website

Click on the upper right of your post and choose embed this post option. Now you will get an HTML code that you can copy to your website.

In your profile settings, you can choose to hide viewers of this profile also viewed option. This is because when people view your content, on the right side of the page a recommended content will appear. Usually, your competitors with similar content will be displayed there. You don’t want to send your viewers to your competitor’s content. 

Go test on those tricks yourself, and see how helpful LinkedIn can be for your business!