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Propel Media (formerly TrafficVance) Dynamic Tokens/Macros/Scripts

Here is a list of traffic tokens/scripts/macros whatever you want to call it for Propel Media formerly known as TrafficVance. This is a PPV traffic source that allows you to pay using CPC model as well as the CPV (cost per viewer) model very similar to CPM.    
These tokens are to be used with a 3rd party tracker or in the field of UTM tags if you are using Google Analytics to track.

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How To A/B Test Broadcasts & Subject Lines on aWeber in 3 Easy Steps

NOTE: This tutorial is for aWeber, my favorite email marketing tool I use to stay in touch with my blog readers.  If you don’t have an account yet,  get one here!

Split testing on aWeber can be a bit tricky since at the time of this tutorial, they removed the link under the Create a broadcast button to create one.  But not to worry; turns out its still available by accessing it via a direct URL.

I will now teach you all the steps you need in order to successfully create split tests in AWeber.

BTW, In case you don’t know what email marketing is;  or why it’s important to split test subject lines as a minimum when sending emails to a list this tutorial might a bit advanced and I really recommend you check out Frank Kern’s stuff on youtube about list building; or read Russel Brunson’s book called DotComSecrets to get familiar with the subject.

Here we go…

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[FREEMIUM Guide] $150+ per day on Facebook running sweepstakes offers

12/23/2016 – This was a premium post I did for STM earlier this year, this Xmas I decided to release it publicly, as my gift to you. This is a real, actual, working method to make big money on Facebook. It’s not a SCAM, or something other. Just read the post comments below, there are many guys making $1k/per day thanks to this guide I wrote and published on StackThatMoney premium forum. There’s a ton of other great guides like this one, that isn’t public yet, you can read here. All I ask is that you SHARE THIS by either tagging friends or pressing the share button! Happy Holidays

I’ve spent the last 8 months playing with Facebook, learning every targeting method possible and practicing and fine tuning the craft of optimization and finding passionate audiences.

Today I am going to share with you a method that can easily generate $150 bucks or more for you; if you do it right – this is an exact campaign that was making me $xxx per day on average, on auto pilot pretty much.

This method has to do with picking a popular trend in a country and then exploiting it in your favor and all the hype around it to BANK! This is going to be a long post; so go grab some popcorn!
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Quick and Effective Campaigns with Wiget

With Wiget, you can create Landing Page Ads which will be displayed as site-unders, pop-ups and mobile redirects.


If you want to create a campaign, first you need to create a Campaign Group.

On the left-side of your panel, click on Create new and from drop down menu, first select Campaign Group.

Give your group a name, for example if you want to advertise products for Weigh Loss and you will run many campaigns in this niche, give the group name “Weigh Loss”


After that, click on Create Group button:


When your Group is created, you can start Creating New campaign.

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Fast and Simple Guide to PropellerAds Campaigns

PropellerAds has been in the business since 2011 and serve 650 million of daily impressions. The minimum deposit for starting a campaign is 100USD and campaign can only be approved if deposit is paid in advance.

Ad Formats

  1. Onclick pop-under ads – an Ad that pops up after the user clicks anywhere on your website. It pop ups in a new tab or window, depending on the browser). This is a full page graphic ad or lading page, but it will remain hidden behind your man browser window, until you close or minimize the main window.
  2. Mobile web ads,
  3. Baner ads,
  4. Direct Links,
  5. Video Ads.

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