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[CASE STUDY] Horizontal Scaling Mobile to 10 Different Traffic Sources

I spent $500 dollars trying out 10 different traffic sources to scale horizontal running an offer for mobile CPI over at AppFlood [sign up here]     Many gurus out there say, if you have a winning campaign you can just cut n paste it to other traffic sources and you will be stacking that money.

I wanted to put that “simple and easy cut n paste method” to the test , so I took one of my killer, strong campaigns where i spent high xxxx on data, and had optimized on my favorite traffic source and decided to load up $50 bucks into 10 different traffic sources and bid everywhere the minimum CPM or CPC they require.    Now on some traffic sources this was $2.50 CPM,  on others 0.05 CPC, and so on so forth.

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Tapit Dynamic Tracking Tokens/Scripts/API


Tapit Dynamic Tracking Tokens/Scripts/API

[site]Displays the Site ID of the app/site your ad was clicked on
[channel]Displays the Channel (category) that the click originated from
[transaction_id]Generates a unique click id, used for conversion tracking
[carrier]Displays the phone carrier of the user that clicked your ad
[platform]Displays the OS Platform (Android, iOS, RIM, etc) of the phone that the click originated from
[version]Displays the OS version of the phone that clicked your ad
[phone_brand]Displays the Brand of the device that clicked your ad
[phone_model]Displays the Model of the device that clicked your ad
[creative]Displays the creative name of the creative/banner that the user clicked on
[adsize]Displays the size of the ad that the user clicked on
[environment]Displays the environment (App/WAP) that the click originated from

for Voluum, CPVLab, ImobiTrax,Prosper202,STM Mobile Tracker,etc.

See My Office & Meet my Media Buying Team

3/3/2015 – We’ve moved to our new office – The Castle; at the end of November of last year.  We are currently having the exterior finished and when it will be,  I’ll be posting up photos of the new and improved team.   My media buying team has trippled in size since the move, now I have 21 full time employees running campaigns.   Why?  Because it is necessary to stay ahead.

When I started media buying, I started right away with 1 full time assistant, and one full time designer.    So knowing nothing, I was in the hole a couple grand a month even before I executed my first mouse click to login to my CPA Network.      Some might say I was crazy,  but I was under the belief that as long as I approach affiliate marketing like a business,  I will succeed, and I did – big time 5 months in.. but that’s another story.

Guys from The Team Having Fun!

I was down and in the red over $20,000 by the time I figured out how to make money buying ads, and then it hit – really hard.   Instead of saving all that cash, or buying fancy toys (like a nice car, or bigger house, or going to the cocoa islands) I reinvested all that cash, rented an office,  hired more staff and coached & trained my employees how to run campaigns so we can Stack That Money!     And it WORKED and continues to work to this day!

It’s no secret that making high $XXXX/day requires a lot of work not only that; now it takes SPEED,  SYSTEMS and ORGANIZATION!

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