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FACEBOOK: You are restricted from creating additional fan pages – how to work around this problem.

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Facebook, they can be a nightmare and your best friend at the same time. Let’s say you are running some campaigns, and you have a Facebook Agency with many accounts. They decide to ban a few of your accounts for policy violation, and with them ban your FB fan pages too. This triggers something in their system that will not allow you to create many fan pages, either restrict you to making 3 every 24 hours or remove your ability to make any for a period of week to a month or forever (if you’ve been very evil).

To every problem, there’s always a solution. For this particular problem, what you can do is make new facebook accounts, invite them to your fb business manager as admins, and create fan pages. If you use the same IP, it will trigger a ‘you created fb fan page too fast, so you have been restricted for 24 hours’ – usually after the 3rd created fan page you’ll do that. You can try from another ip, that is also a workaround. Again, they will block after 3.

You can also ask a friend to create fan pages for you, then you can claim these fan pages.

Or you can get someone to create fan pages for you, and they can share access with you.

So there you go, the work arounds. Enjoy.

Sharing is caring!

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