How to Make More Money Using A Highly Profitable Trick with Custom Audiences on Facebook Ads

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I am going to share a trick that we use with my team when launching brand new verticals/offers/products on Facebook.

For example we’re now launching some branded ecom product. I’ve never ran this product in my life, I don’t have any trained pixels, or experience which ads will work. Instead I just have experience and a system we follow every single time and TRUST.

Nothing is more important than trusting your system of launching campaigns.

Since we are starting from scratch, and we want to be profitable as fast as possible – we don’t have the time nor budget to test different flex targeting, multiple audiences, etc instead we want to target our “most likely to buy – ideal customer”.

BUT Attila, if you have no DATA and you have NO trained pixel, or experience in this niche/vertical then HOW!?

Here’s the trick, you ready for it?

You can hit up the advertiser and ask them if they can give you the emails of customers that bought their product already!! Some will happily shoot over a list of buyers, but others will hesitate and say ARE YOU NUTS!? I’ll never give you our buyers data!!

NO PROBLEMO!! Tell them OK, I understand you don’t wanna give us the buyers data, so how about this.

Make an FB account, in that create a custom audience, paste the list of buyers in the audience.

Then SHARE that custom audience with me.

<<99% of advertisers will say brilliant idea, and do it.

Why? Because this way you don’t see any emails or any data of their customers.

All you get is a custom audience on FB. And this is the magic, you generate Lookalike Audiences from this custom audience to start off your campaign on the right foot!!


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1 thought on “How to Make More Money Using A Highly Profitable Trick with Custom Audiences on Facebook Ads”

  1. Amazing ideas Attila,

    I have one nasty trick that can be used here. However, it needs a bit of research.

    Step 1: Just find an ad similar to your product (If you find ad of the same of then it’s even better). Step 2: Go to comments as far as you can possibly go. Find all the people who have “bought” and other keywords in them.
    Step 3: Find the facebook IDs of all these people
    Step 4: Copy and paste all these IDs to form a lookalike audience.

    Thank you for sharing value.

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