, How to Get Started in The World of Lead Gen as an Affiliate Marketer

How to Get Started in The World of Lead Gen as an Affiliate Marketer

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Lead Generation is the only type of internet marketing that will never die.   Facebook will never kill it, Google will never ban it.  Why? Because EVERY business in the WORLD needs customers!  And leads are potential customers.

This is why for years I’ve been very supportive and a firm believer that after all the endless policy updates make it near-impossible to run most affiliate offers;     the drop shipping from aliexpress model becoming over saturated and that coupled with high CPMs ending most opportunities there – lead generation will remain.

Now is the time to get into lead gen before everyone else gets into lead gen.

Lead gen, unlike traditional ‘scammy’ affiliate offers is the real deal.  It is true value.   It is a service that all businesses benefit from.

So the question is; how do you get started?  What is the first step you should take if you never-ever done any lead generation.

I know you might be thinking, make an agency website,  then put up some ads, and get some customers and just get them leads.     But this isn’t how the Pros do it,  lucky for me, I am great friends with Tim Burd (visit his page). And he has done a ton of lead gen, and understands it better than most.  So when I was getting started in the world of lead gen, Tim was there to teach me the ropes.

I am going to share the best advice and tips here for free; so you too can get a lead generation company going that won’t die when Facebook, Google or anyone else decides your offer is no longer policy compliant.    Who enjoys having to start from scratch after making $100,000 per month?  No one!!

If you want to get into lead gen, you need to sign up at some lead gen CPA Networks and start running traffic to a few different lead generation offers.

First – The goal is to find out where you can get the cheapest leads, and make the most profit margins.

> I started a case study on AdLeaks Premium forum here where you can learn step-by-step how to run lead gen campaigns on FacebookSign Up Here and read it now!

The second stage is to seek out the wholesalers, in other words the aggregators and start selling to them.

The third step will be to go direct to buyers, and setup a lead delivery system that emails or posts the leads to their CRM system in real time.



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    • Post updated on AdLeaks, we’re making some great headway with the not-so-saturated “weird” verticals research for lead gen.

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    They apparently delete the forum on adleaks and i don’t have the opportunity to read your case study.

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