Quick To the Point, No BS Guide on How to Run a New Geo/Offer Combination When You Have NOTHING ready.

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How to Jump Into A New Geo When You Have No Landers, No Offer Pages – Just the Advertiser Direct, and they Take API submits…

media500 reached out to me, and said that I should run a new geo with them (pm your rep to get the inside info)

problem is we have no landing pages, no offer pages, nothing to send traffic to… they said..

but we can take leads via API…. (API which is how i prefer to run stuff, because it allows me to create my own niched offers..) SOUNDS GOOD I SAID!!

sidenote: i only go to lengths of ordering offer pages, writing copy, and testing new angles when i see an offer/geo is working well..

so since this is new, i fired up adplexity and started spying..

i found some landers, creative ads, and also offer pages..

i sent it over to my coder at B&L to rip, clean and integrate with the API of media500..

while he prepares that, i went over to namecheap to register a domain for my offer page

then i added this domain to my host

since i have full control over the offer domain, the landing page url – i’ve logged into redtrack, and added the offer, added the prelanders, and created the campaign..

when the coder finishes the stuff he’ll upload everything to the right place, then i can quickly throw it up on our a few traffic sources (ZeroPark Push, works dope for crypto, SMS, and natives)

and let the testing begin.. this is not a long post filled with blah, blah, its just a quick update to show you how we do things when we have nothing to work with. ultimately it boils down to how fast you jump when they give you the chance .. first movers advantage == huge moat !!

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