Easy Way To Cloak Affiliate Links on Facebook and Other Social Networks

Easy Way To Cloak Affiliate Links on Facebook and Other Social Networks

Probably all of you know that affiliate is not looked upon kindly by big social media owning companies. So, we have to constantly fight with obstacles. Facebook page is closed, your ad or whole account flagged, can’t place raw affiliate links, you have to be creative with copy and visuals… You have to understand them. They want to show quality content to their users. No one wants to see a sales post with an affiliate link on the news feed.

Still, it’s worth it. With a real good affiliate product, if you do your marketing well, you can bypass many steps that a regular entrepreneur has to walk on. No employees, creating a product, creating a website, sale page… All you have to do is promote the product and divert the traffic to your offer.

Even if affiliate marketing is one of the easiest ways to start earning money online, many people are not that good at it. Most would just promote a link on their social media or their website. Well, they are missing on so many sales opportunities by not putting more effort into it.

I will show you how to go around a Facebook policy by cloaking your links and how to use a marketing software that lets you place links anywhere you like.

Easy Way To Cloak Affiliate Links on Facebook and Other Social Networks

Cloak Your Links With ClickMagic

First, if you ever put a regular affiliate link you know that nowadays it is automatically band. You can’t even post it on most networks. It will tell you that they cant download or extract data from the link.

Link looks ugly and it is hard to convince someone to click on it even if your post is allowed. It looks so unprofessional. Hence the need for cloaking the link.

I use a software called ClickMagic for a few months now and it does a fantastic job of cloaking links. You can try two weeks for free. So, ClickMagic will cloak your links everywhere, information about all your click placements, you will see witch campaigns are generating most clicks, link monitoring and so on. I sound like a sales professional now, just need to give you the link to their website.

WordPress Plugins

Cloak for Free by Using Redirect Links

There is another way to turn your affiliate link into a nice and friendly redirect link. There is a WordPress plugin called The Redirection. Of course, you need to have a WordPress hosted website to use plugins. This is completely free to use. Once you install it, all you have to do is paste source URL and write the target as you like. Click a button and that is it.


ThirstyAffiliates is a really good affiliate link management plugin. It is designed with an affiliate in mind. It will give you complete management control over your links. This means you can use different names for one affiliate link or if (like most affiliate marketers) you have more products that you are promoting. You can organize links for every product in categories.

The Pretty Link

This little plugin allows you to shorten your URLs. Premium version allows you automatic link tracking. There is also an option of following every hit on your affiliate links.

WooCommerce Cloak Affiliate Links

If you have a WooCommerce store, you can simply hide affiliate links. This plugin also allows you to redirect links to either 301, 302 or 307.

Simple URL

In contrast to the name, this plugin will redirect outbound links. It installs a new option on the WordPress admin board. There you can easily manage links using custom post types and 301 redirects. Like Pretty link, it will count hits and present data on a custom field.

Easy Way To Cloak Affiliate Links on Facebook and Other Social Networks

Create Excellent Content

Instead of just writing a short copy and put a link, it’s better to deliver great content about the product that you are promoting.

Try to write something that is in tone with your page. Actually, your content can be in any form. From the Facebook post, blog, Pinterest Pin, video… Of course, it helps if you buy and use the product by yourself.

Use Image

Images are more interactive and fun than text. You should not just make your article look prettier but use images for affiliate link promotion. For example, at the end of an article, you can post an image of the product you mentioned in the article. Then put your link underneath the image. You can even ask people to get on your email list and you will send them a link with some type of discount (depending on the offer).

Shorten Your Links

You need to be smart and careful with services that allow your links to be shortened. It’s all good with regular links but most of those services like Bit.ly or goo.gl, do not allow Clickbank and some other affiliate links to be promoted. However, some of them like tinyurl.com are open for affiliate links, so far.

As you can see, there are many ways to hide affiliate links. Most are free and are tide to WordPress. Still, it’s pretty good for a semi-legal activity. Let me know if you know any other software of plugin?

5 Essential Tricks – How to Create a Successful Native Campaign

5 Essential Tricks - How to Create a Successful Native Campaign

Yes, having concrete knowledge about your audience and having solid content are important factors in running a campaign. But it doesn’t end just there, you also need to place your ads right and target the right audience.

This is one of the reasons why digital marketers love native ads. Still, like all online ads, they are only effective if you use them in the right way.

To make sure your native ads will become successful you need to satisfy these criteria:

  1. Pick the right native ads publisher (platform).
  2. Choose the right content for the platform.
  3. Use different content for different audiences.
  4. Build quality ads with great copy and visuals.
  5. Make sure that the channel is visited mostly by your audience.
  6. Ads A/B testing is really helpful.

From my experience, those are the areas that will influence the success of your native ads!

In tone with platforms audience

People who will click on native ads have different behavior and a way of thinking from those that spend time on social media or search on Google.

People who search for some term on Google search engines have a clear intention. They are asking a question and expect a satisfying answer. No matter whether they are searching for information, product or a web address.

On social media, people are searching for news, recommendations, content, people, particular posts or brands. This is why Facebook audience insights are so effective for audience targeting.

People who are going to look at your native ads have a different way of thinking. They want to search this website for something new or specific. So, content on those pages has to be interesting, informative and really well made.

Choose the right type of content

There are 4 specific types of content on websites with native ads: content marketing (including blogs, portals, and news), images, video, and others.

In my experience, images and videos are producing the best results.

5 Essential Tricks - How to Create a Successful Native Campaign

Different content for a different audience

In order to be effective, content needs to be tailored for specific audience groups. The pure quality of your content is not the only thing that is important in native advertising.

Just because your niche is fashion does mean that the audience is the same for every product. Your store usually has different categories. So, you need to create articles for every product category or a platform owner has to. The point is, you can’t market all of your products with one type of content.

Making effective ads

All that we discussed so far doesn’t matter if you can’t divert people’s attention with your ads.

As already mentioned, you need to combine text with images or video. All this content has to be relevant for a product that you promote.


You need to include the main keywords and effectively explain your product’s uniqueness and quality. Copy, especially for a headline has a big influence on diverting people’s attention and improving CTR.

Keep in mind that some words have a potential for a high CTR but many marketers are already using them. Also, keep in mind the tone of the website and keywords that can be appropriate.


Your ad visuals have to present a product in the best possible light. A spotlight in fact. Pick quality images, at least 800×800 pixels. Colore and a tone can depend on the website and type of content. Test what gives the best results: black and white image, text on the image or not, illustrations, a combination of image and illustration… General advice for images with people on them is that they have to look happy and have smiles on their faces.


Stakes are a bit higher when it comes to a video ad. Simply because images are easy to produce and you can test different options. Video production is more expensive and most don’t have a budget and therefore room for mistakes.

To maximize the effectiveness of your ad, think about what the fans of your products or the visitors of a website with your native ad would like to see. Follow industry trends! Make sure that your video is short and effective. Also, make sure that content is interesting and engaging.

The characteristics and context of your video have a big role as well. If its a fashion website with a serious tone, don’t put humor and illustrations on your video. So, think about the tone and where will your native ads be placed.

5 Essential Tricks - How to Create a Successful Native Campaign

Audience targeting

Audience targeting for native ads looks a bit different than for other types of ads.

For your own analytics, give it at least a week to get good statistical data. Then try to segment your audience and make ad adjustments accordingly.

Also, analytics will give you results on what type of ads or templates are more effective.
Learn who is your audience and how they consume your content. The audience for native ads is different than for other types of ads. The key is to be open for tasting new ad types, placements, and audiences.

Therefore, measure and test everything. That is the only way to know the best headlines, images, video content and effectiveness of your copy.

Advice for better testing:

  1. The headline should have at least 40 characters.
  2. Test 9 sets of ads – with every campaign combine and mix 3 headlines, texts, and images.
  3. Your videos should be shorter than 60 seconds.
5 Essential Tricks - How to Create a Successful Native Campaign

Rules for effective native campaign

  1. Pick the right platform or partners.
  2. Invest money and time in creating quality content.
  3. Tailor the content to suit the audience and platforms.
  4. Do not push for promotion, mention your brand as little as possible.
  5. Make the designs interesting and well optimized.
  6. Make sure that you have powerful CTA-s.
  7. Test and optimize as much as you can.

Learn How to Create Unique Marketing Angles Based on Customer Reviews

Learn How to Create Unique Marketing Angles Based on Customer Reviews

Coming up with new marketing angles isn’t easy, so I thought I’d share with you two tips on how I find inspiration for different angles for Facebook ads. 

The one thing I always do is test out two to three angles, because that way I have higher chances of finding the one that brings me a huge return on ad spend, makes a ton of sales, and ends up being very successful. So, even if the other two angles don’t work, the third one most likely will. This is also one of the reasons why two people testing the same product can have completely different results — it’s all in the angle.

NOTE: For the first tip, I’ll be using a random waterproof Bluetooth shower speaker from Amazon (I just picked the one with the most reviews; I absolutely know nothing about it) to show you just what it means if you take a different approach when promoting an offer.

Learn How to Create Unique Marketing Angles Based on Customer Reviews

Now, what most people would do to promote the speaker is highlight its unique characteristics — it’s a really cool shower speaker that allows you to listen to your favorite tracks while you’re in the shower. This is an angle that you can most definitely use and that will probably work.

However, if you do a bit of homework, you can come up with a couple of other angles that will allow you to potentially target different groups of people, as well. How can you do this? Easy.

Tip #1: Go Through Customer Reviews

Scrolling down to the bottom of the page, you’ll see customer reviews for this speaker. If you take some time to go through them, you’ll realize that they offer so many different angles for you to use for your ads. 

For example, take this review into consideration:

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