How To Find Profitable Ecom Products & Their Facebook Ads That Are Making Money on Shopify

FREE Shopify Spying 101 & Competition Analysis Guide by iAmAttila

If you are into Shopify and Drop Shipping then you will love this guide. I am going to show you step by step how to uncover the winning products and all the ads used to promote it on Facebook.

I don’t recommend you Rip n Run the ads; as Facebook Algo knows very well who is the owner of the ad and won’t give you high quality traffic if you rip someone elses ads, thus you are doomed to fail.

Instead, use the ads for winning products to come up with your own variations and create similar ads.

To get started, you will need an account on the #1 facebook ad spy tool named MagicAdz.

You can get an account by visiting their website at

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NOTE: In order to get accepted to magic adz, you need to apply the same way you would at any CPA Network. They only accept real internet marketers to keep out fraud. So don’t be shocked if they ask for some information like your skypeID to have a chat wit
h you!

Got your account and logged in? Great

The next step is to look for the left menu bar. We want to select to search for landing pages. We want to identify shopify only ads.

To do this, what you want to do is click the down arrow, and set the search paramter to look inside Landing Pages.

We have to use footprints associated with shopify.

Here are a few, you can enter these one by one to get different results:
powered by shopify

Here are the results (NOTE: Not all of them are products, some people are actually running ads to blog posts made inside their shopify stores,some are clickbait) – They are sorted by most shared:

Here are 3 ads I picked that are shopify stores.

The first one is hair care product. It is targeting women who love to look beautiful and especially enjoy having awesome hair. They use this model under different names from what I discovered to test what name and influencer profiles work best for them. It’s an awesome, awesome store as they are white labeling stuff in China with their own brand and making at least 300% ROAS. See how the total number of likes is LESS than the actual number on the ad today? That means since MagicAdz saw it, the ad received much more engagement! That’s a great thing it means people are talking about this, and most likely buying it since the ad is still going strong.

Here is another add, this time of a dent remover tool people are selling online. This probably makes them a lot of money else they would not still be running the ad. When the ad was first seen it had just 6000 comments, and today it has 42k!! 4400 comments and has been shared over 17,000 times!

Home Care and Kitchen stuff has done real well on Facebook forever. Here’s an ad that had 5k likes, 2000 comments, and 10,000 shares when MagicAdz saw it! You can see that the angles they used, and their video ads, and also the lander they used and shopify page wording!

TIP: If you are into shopify you def heard the finding shopify stores using the IP address trick. If not I pasted it below… anyway that method reveals a lot of mega brands in the top 1000. They aren’t likely the ones affiliate like yourself are running, or new people starting out with shopify.

It’s way, way easier and faster to spy using the method I shared above than to open each site one by one on the list from the ip trick; then make a list of the fan pages from the ad review screen inside magic ads.

Here’s how easy it is, let’s take the Lange products. I went to their fan page, on the left selected Info & Ads, then selected the country I want to see all their ads in. I quickly learned that they have like 6 live ads right now!

This awesome trick lets you view every ad a page publishes and also what countries the ads are running in!

How many times have you asked a friend that does well on drop shipping with Shopify to show you one of their products so you ‘get it’ ? Only to receive their reply “SORRY MAN, I DON’T SHARE MY PRODUCTS” (this isn’t a ‘friend’ in my books) but not to worry.

With the power of MagicAdz spy tool you can uncover profitable ads (maybe even find theirs) and use it as inspiration to create your own ads, and also your own product offerings.

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1) Go to
2) Paste this IP address: and click ‚ÄúWhois Lookup‚ÄĚ.
3) Click ‚ÄúOther Sites on IP‚ÄĚ
4) Now you have thousands of Shopify stores to research
5) If you want to check the most popular stores, click ‚ÄúView All Records‚ÄĚ, ‚ÄúWorld Site Popular Rating‚ÄĚ
6) If you want to see the most popular products for each store, just type

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How To Find Profitable Funnels and their High Converting Ads on Facebook

Ever wanted to find out what the 7 or 8 figure internet marketers are running that they only show you screenshots off with the product/funnel name/or other useful information blocked out?

Wanted to learn WHAT their money ads are used to drive converting visitors to their Clickfunnels pages?

Sadly, you are not alone, EVERYONE that sees the huge success these guys brag about wants to know HOW THE HELL do they do it!! What is their funnel? What are their ads like on Facebook?


NO ONE Will give you their funnel.

NO ONE is going to give away their ads.

NO ONE is going to show you what niche or vertical they are running that’s making them rich.

BUT WAIT.. There is a way for you to find out, and it is easier than you think!

Some really smart hackers aka programmers got tired of the cold shoulder treatment. Getting rejected, or simply ignored when they asked all these successful Clickfunnels marketers to show them their funnel and ads.

SO they did something about it, created a tool that serves as due diligence to really find profitable funnels and all of their ads!

Now that the intro text is done so you understand the BENEFIT of all this:


In this guide, I am going to teach you for free how you can spy on your competitors in CF, and find their winning funnels and all their ads.

1. Claim Your (14) Day FREE Trial HERE and Login to The Spy Tool

NOTE: Enter the coupon iamattila50 on checkout to receive the FREE trial! This coupon also saves you $50 every single month when you use the tool!

2. After you logged in, look for the SEARCH box in the left menu bar.
3. Click the DOWN arrow and select Landing Pages. This will make sure that we’re searching for content INSIDE the landing page the ads link to (so in the Clickfunnel).

The amazing feature of this tool, is that it looks in the actual programming code, so it can check for patterns which is how we will expose the funnels no one wants to tell you about!

4. Now that we selected that we want to search inside Landing Pages. Enter the following into the search box: and select the country or countries you want to search. I selected United States. Next, click the SEARCH button.

NOTE: If you leave the country blank, the results will come back way faster. If you select the country, it might take a few minutes to load the results because the tool is going through it’s database and checking the source code of every funnel it archived only to return the ones that are indeed ClickFunnels based.

Here are some of the funnels no one wanted you to see!

Look what we already found; the money making funnel and many profitable ads of Kevin David. 2 Coma Club Winner, and creator of Amazon FBA Ninja & Shopify Ninjas This truly impressive and highly skilled young marketer has generated over 8 Figures thanks to his Amazon FBA Coaching & Shopify Coaching services. With the power of the spy tool you can get ALL his paid ads and base your OWN ads off of; as well as take his funnel and create one just like it. He done all the tests, A/B, multivariate so you best believe it that his live funnels are making him money!

Here’s this smart kid Kevin David accepting the 2 coma club award from Russell Brunson!

Here’s another very popular ad that’s definately making it’s Clickfunnel creator a lot of money (logical thought explains that if it didn’t they wouldn’t have ran it for so long so it can amass this many likes and engagements, because who wants to throw away money on expensive paid ads if it doesn’t work right?

This is their money ad

The money ad is a video ad, it has received over 3200 likes and 373 comments and 2400 shares. This ad is MAKING MONEY.

The ad links to a TWO page clickfunnel that basically gives a discount coupon so the person can purchase this product on Amazon.

MagicAdz makes everything available, it shows you the link to the actual post on Facebook, and it also gives you the links to the actual funnel so you can go through it yourself as if you were a customer. You can grab EVERYTHING that no one wanted you to see – so easily!!

TIP: If you sell on amazon, this is an AMAZING way to grow your amazon organic rank and get more sales and reviews without breaking any kind of policies on Amazon FBA!

The overview page where everything is revealed. When you click an ad inside MagicAdz, you will arrive at this page. It shows you the funnel landing page, the ad, when it was first seen, how long it has been running. What is the URL of the clickfunnel, what is the link to the Facebook Fan Page & the ad itself with comments. Simply Awesome!

How about for a single page style ECOM ad?

Using this awesome spytool, we were able to uncover a single-product style ecom sales funnel too! This is epic; because Shopify and Drop Shipping is getting harder and CPM prices on Facebook Ads is getting super expensive – the only way to survive is to switch to 1 product sales funnels just like this one. It allows you to laser target, and make sure that your visitor is focused at buying your product. Just watch, soon all the Shopify Gurus who were preaching how to create a store this and that will be saying this is the next best thing, single product click funnels!

This is the ad that’s working for them, it’s been running for 28 days!!
Here is what we can learn about the ad on FB. It’s targeting Females, All Ages and in the USA. So they are going Broad.
This is the clickfunnels landing page, it’s a simple lander with testimonials and option to buy it now, and that’s about it.
You can always go to the actual funnel pages the way I did, and check it out – it’s on the summary screen after you click an ad.

There’s Hundreds of Ads to Go Through, I just quickly picked 3 that I found interesting. The biggest benefit to using this tool is you will be able to get ideas and find a niche you are passionate about, then create a funnel and already have the ads needed to drive the right visitors that will convert and make you money.

ADDED BONUS TIP from iAmAttila:

Did you know there’s a super easy way to see ALL the Ads someone is running? Let’s circle back to our lil genius Kevin David!!

Inside MagicAdz, We clicked on his Ad, that brought up the Summary Page, next we click on the FAN PAGE link to arrive on his page, on his fan page, we click on Info & Ads.

On the next screen, Facebook is going to show us EVERY SINGLE PAID AD his page is running. And here’s that screen… I counted 13 ads from Kevin David.

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial, this spy tool is a MUST if you are serious about making money online. Due diligence and competitive analysis helps know what you are up against, and get ideas for your own funnels and performance marketing campaigns.

All the best,


PS: Remember to use the coupon IAMATTILA50 to get 2 weeks for FREE, and save $50 each month when you use the tool!  Click here to go to MagicAdz website >>